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If you are not already included in the group, it’s easy to join! Click here and request to join or navigate by entering “ASCFG Members Only” in the Facebook search bar and request to join.  Please note: business profiles will not be accepted. If your individual profile name does not match the name we have for you on file, please let us know. Email us at [email protected] if you need assistance.

Opinions expressed by ASCFG members on these pages or in recorded material do not necessarily reflect those of the ASCFG, its Board of Directors, or staff. The use of brand names, and any mention or listing of commercial products or services on this site does not imply endorsement by the ASCFG, nor discrimination against similar products or services not mentioned.

About the ASCFG Member Facebook Group

The ASCFG Member Facebook Group is one of the most valuable services of your membership, and we feel sure you will benefit from reading and participating in the discussions shared here.

We are fortunate that our members are so generous with their knowledge, and thankful that since the group’s inception, discourse has been respectful and honest. However, in the very limited chance that a discussion may include offensive material or unauthorized advertising, the Admins of the group will quickly take action.

Please read—and follow—these guidelines about the standards of acceptable behavior:

  • The page is available only to current ASCFG members; lapsed members are automatically removed.
  • When posting on this platform, please use the same courtesy we hope you would exhibit when speaking in person to someone. Racist, discriminatory, homophobic, transphobic, and personal insults or attacks will not be tolerated. The posts will be removed and evaluated by the Admins. If necessary, the author will be notified that she or he is banned from the group. Further action will be determined by the Admins and the ASCFG Board of Directors.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a forum for cut flower farmers and allied businesses, and align your messages to relevant topics about cut flower growing and marketing.
  • Before you ask a question or post a response, first do a little research. Perhaps someone has already asked or answered the same question earlier. Use the Search function to look for a keyword. The archives for this page are immense.
  • Bear in mind that what you write will be read far and wide. Don’t write anything that is libelous or could otherwise cause a liability issue for the Association. Even comments that are not libelous can be unfair, and can do significant and long-lasting damage. Don’t take complaints about suppliers to the page without first being certain of your facts. If you got one poor shipment of plants, don’t write that the supplier is bad. Don’t spread gossip, as in “I heard they declared bankruptcy.” These rules about fairness and validation don’t preclude the very valuable exchange of information about bad suppliers or buyers.

Advertising Policy:

  • This page is not intended to be an advertising venue for suppliers, except for those contracted through the ASCFG Virtual Advertising system. For example, don’t post your price list or availability list. However, if you read that someone is looking for a service or product you supply, you are encouraged to respond to that person privately with your information.
  • Members may not use this page to sell any products or services. If you have something to sell like a piece of equipment or an abundance of product, submit a classified ad. This is a free service for members. If you have a service to promote, use the advertising insertion order form to purchase a “sponsored content” post.
  • Members may not promote their own workshops, meetings, groups, and social media, or those of other organizations. Please contact the ASCFG office to make a request if you have found an event you think the Board should consider sharing with the Membership.

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