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October 2021

Understanding Your Farm and Your Market

PRESENTED BY Adrianne Gammie, Marilla Field and Flora

Adrianne discusses farmers' markets, grocery stores, subscriptions, on-farm sales, and wholesale.

July 2021

Woody Cut Stems

PRESENTED BY Karl Vahrmeyer, Green Park Nurseries

Karl covers pussy willow, snowberry, rose hips, weigela, Physocarpus, and farming with kids.

June 2021

California Summer Trials Virtual Tour

PRESENTED BY Scott Rusch, Dave Dowling, Mary O'Connor, Reid Snyder, Bloom Studios

Straight from the breeder's greenhouse: snapdragons, dianthus, grasses, matricaria, and more.

Garden Rose Growing Basics

PRESENTED BY Felicia Alvarez, Menagerie Farm & Flower

Felicia walks us through her California rose farm, highlighting her favorite cultivars, harvest methods, and test plants.

Growing Wonder

PRESENTED BY Felicia Alvarez, Menagerie Farm & Flower

More from Felicia about her garden roses.

April 2021

Natural Dried Flowers

PRESENTED BY Heather Henson, Boreal Blooms

Dried flowers are back! Learn how to use them effectively.

Soil Testing and Other Farm Hacks

PRESENTED BY Andrew Kay, Good Hope Blooms

Andrew takes a deep dive into soil science for flower farmers.

Ask an Aussie Farm Hacks

PRESENTED BY Andrew Kay, Good Hope Blooms

Tools, fencing, windbreaks, cover crops, and more!

March 2021

Wholesaling Cut Flowers

PRESENTED BY David Dahlson, Patrick Dahlson, Heather Cook, Mayesh Wholesale Florist

If you're considering selling to wholesalers, you'll learn from these pros.

Cut Flower Production on a New Zealand Island

PRESENTED BY Christy Ralphs, Nourish Gardens

Christy may be on the other side of the globe, but she has great tips for farm and building layout.

February 2021

Postharvest for Foliage

PRESENTED BY Laura Beth Resnick, Butterbee Farm

Laura Beth talks about herbs, willows, forsythia, and even sweet pea foliage.

December 2020

Grant Writing

PRESENTED BY Miranda Duschack, Urban Buds

You may be surprised how many grant projects you're eligible for.

October 2020

Foam-free Floral Design

PRESENTED BY Julio Freitas, The Flower Hat

Yes, floral foam is not always necessary in a design!

September 2020

The Secrets of Bouquet Making

PRESENTED BY Erin McMullen, Rain Drop Farms

Shanti Rade joins Erin to discuss flowers, foliage, and design tips.


PRESENTED BY Michael and Catherine Genovese, Summer Dreams Farm

One of the largest dahlia growers in the country talks varieties, pest control, cultivation, and much more!

More from 2020


PRESENTED BY Janis Harris, Harris Flower Farm

Our Canadian Regional Director covers seeding, weeding, varieties,


PRESENTED BY Carolyn Snell, Carolyn Snell Designs

Plugs vs seed, netting or no netting, colors - Carolyn touches on several topics.

Integrated Pest Mangement

PRESENTED BY Stanton Gill, University of Maryland

Stanton's favorite topics: Japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, predatory mites, slugs and snails.


PRESENTED BY Ed Coughlin, Southern Eucs

A little summer rain didn't stop Ed from presenting his eucalyptus varieties.


PRESENTED BY Jennie Love, Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Learn Jennie's keys to dahlia success.

Evaluating New Opportunities

PRESENTED BY Lennie Larkin, B-Side Farm

When is it time to assess your company's success, and make decisions about its future?

Farmer Cooperatives

PRESENTED BY Christine Hoffman, Twin Cities Flower Exchange

Christine describes the practices of her Minnesota flower cooperative.

Sweet Pea Production

PRESENTED BY Bailey Hale, Farmer Bailey

Mr. Sweet Pea himself.

More from 2019

Winterscaping and Wreaths

PRESENTED BY Janis Harris and Karl Vahrmeyer, Harris Flower Farm and Green Park Nurseries

Janis and Karl team up to demonstrate how to make holiday wreath with fir, white pine, cedar, and other greens.

Urban Farming

PRESENTED BY Megan McHugh and Denise Richter, Pistil and Stamen Flower Farm

Megan and Denise produce cut flowers in the heart of New Orleans with intense plantings.

On-farm Research

PRESENTED BY Brenda Smith, Smith & Smith Farms

Brenda breaks down the process of applying for an ASCFG Grower Grant.

WWDDD? What Would Dave Dowling Do?

PRESENTED BY Dave Dowling, Ball/ColorLink

Dahlia, peony, and lots more.

Selling to Florists

PRESENTED BY Ellen Frost, Local Color Flowers

Ellen is renowned for buying flowers only from local growers. Hear what she and other florists want from those farmers.


PRESENTED BY John Dole, North Carolina State University

The nation's leading expert on postharvest handling shares results of his essential research.

Plant Diseases

PRESENTED BY Brian Hudelson, University of Wisconsin

How do you submit samples for disease testing? Root rots, aster yellows, southern blight - Brian touches on a bit of everything.

Planning for Winter Production

PRESENTED BY Mimo Davis, Urban Buds

Scheduling production, labor, and purchasing for cut flowers in the "off season".

Retail Marketing

PRESENTED BY Carolyn Snell, Carolyn Snell Designs

Carolyn answers questions about sellling at farmers' markets,

Succession Planting

PRESENTED BY Linda Doan, Aunt Willie's Wild Flowers

How do you calculate seeding to bloom time? How long is a plant productive? Benefit from Linda's experience!

Seed Starting and More

PRESENTED BY Lisa Ziegler, The Gardeners Workshop

Lisa answers questions from growers around the country about germination, transplanting, and much more.

More from 2018

Forcing Bulbs

PRESENTED BY Val Schirmer, Three Toads Farm

Combining horticulture with art, Val creates beautiful holiday designs.

Overwintering Dahlias and Fall Seeding

PRESENTED BY Linda Doan, Aunt Willie's Wild Flowers

Linda suggests you consider freezing lines before you try to overwinter dahlias