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Winterscaping and Wreaths

Janis Harris, Harris Flower Farm Karl Vahrmeyer, Green Park Nurseries

Urban Farming

Meghan McHugh and Denise Richter Pistil and Stamen Flower Farm

On-farm Research

Brenda Smith, Smith & Smith Farms

WWDD (What Would Dave Do?)

Dave Dowling, Ednie Flower Bulb

Selling to Florists

Ellen Frost, Local Color Flowers


John Dole, NCSU

Plant Diseases

Brian Hudelson

Planning for Winter Production

Mimo Davis, Urban Buds City Grown Flowers

Retail Marketing

Carolyn Snell, Carolyn Snell Designs

Succession Planting

Linda Doan, Aunt Willie's Wildflowers

Seed Starting and More

Lisa Ziegler, The Gardener's Workshop

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Forcing Bulbs

Valerie Schirmer, Three Toads Farm

Overwintering Dahlias and
Fall Seeding

Linda Doan, Aunt Willie's Wildflowers