The ASCFG Mentor Program is undergoing redevelopment. Applications for Mentors and Mentees will be accepted in late 2021.

These growers will be working together during in 2020 and 2021.

Mentor Renee Clayton, Wild Scallions Farm, Timberlake, North Carolina, and
Mentee Noma Brueckner, Elk Creek Flower Farm, Lawsonville, North Carolina

Mentor Rita Anders, Cuts of Color, Weimar, Texas, and
Mentee Christin Campbell, Clementine Botanical Art, Austin, Texas

Mentor Jeanie McKewan, Brightflower Farm, Stockton, Illinois, and
Mentee Linda Dwyer, Andorfer Acres West, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mentor Brenda Smith, Smith & Smith Farm, Hines, Oregon, and
Mentee Kelly Gregory, Fiddlin’ Frog Flowers, Marysville, California

Mentor Janet Foss, J. Foss Garden Flowers, Chehalis, Washington, and
Mentee Kimberly Lango, Prairie Sky Farms, Cheney, Washington

Mentor Dave Rubino, Plumb Farms Nursery & Flowers, Prospect, Connecticut, and
Mentee Kelci McIntosh, Island Time Farm, Shelter Island Heights, New York

Mentor Tanis Clifton, Happy Trails Flower Farm, Dennis, Mississippi, and
Mentee Andrew Moman, Twin Rose Farm, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Members will be notified of the next application process.