Setting prices for floral material can be challenging, especially for new growers. There is no “one size fits all”, as prices vary among markets, across the country, and most importantly, according to each grower’s production costs and desired profitability.

Below are several tools designed to help growers create their own effective pricing strategies.

Wholesale Prices

The USDA/AMS posts a weekly price report from the Boston Ornamental Terminal Market. These are wholesale prices; buyers of these flowers will likely sell them to other wholesalers, or to retail florists. Use these prices only as a starting point. Note: you will be redirected from Members Only. 

View weekly price report

Pricing Specialty Cuts

By John M. Dole, North Carolina State University, Raleigh and Vicki Stamback, Bear Creek Farms, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Information on record-keeping, cost calculations, and expense accounting are included in this publication, as well as useful worksheets that may be adapted to your specific crops.


The $64,000 Question: What Price?

Presented by Jennie Love, Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

Effective Selling Techniques

Pamela Arnosky, Texas Specialty Cut Flowers
Lisa Ziegler, The Gardener’s Workshop

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Price Guide

Using the input of a small number of ASCFG members across the country, this is a compilation of average prices for several commonly-grown specialty cut flowers. Growers are encouraged to use these numbers as unscientific guidelines, supplemented by the calculated cost of production of their flowers, to determine a starting point for sales to consumers, retail florists or designers, or mass market retailers.