My term as Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of the ASCFG will be completed with the close of 2004. It has been an interesting and rewarding experience working with other growers in the region as just about everyone’s cut flower business has evolved during this time. I’ve seen new growers get off to a busy start while some long time members have retired or cut back on their growing operations. It still amazes me how many growers there are in this region.

Your new Regional Director is Joe Caputi with Charlotte’s Garden in Louisa County, Virginia. Joe worked with ASCFG President Bob Wollam several years before venturing out with Charlotte Milford to create Charlotte’s Garden in Central Virginia. I’m confident Joe will be an effective and active Regional Director.

I’d like to thank Leon Carrier and Lisa Ziegler who were also on the ballot with Joe. Both of these growers should be commended for stepping forward and offering to serve on the ASCFG Board.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting was held Monday, July 26th in La Plata, Maryland. Over 80 people were treated to a tour of Dave Lines’ very productive fields. If someone didn’t learn something new that day, they must have been sleeping. A huge THANK YOU to Dave and Ann Lines for hosting such a great meeting.

If you haven’t received the Short Cuts newsletter in your email in box, be sure and update your email address with the ASCFG office. This new informational email will be sent out occasionally to members to keep you informed on matters that are important to your business.

I hope to see many of you in Orlando in November and in Lancaster is September 2005.