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Wow, how the seasons have changed! We’re already into the swing of things at WildThang Farms. The harvesting of tulips is right upon us! I want to give a few lines here to Madame Martha. She has done an outstanding job in putting specialty cut flowers into the hands of everyday consumers. She has taken bulbs, branches, berries, twigs, and flowers to a whole new level and many of us have had business growth opportunity because she exists. She has challenged us to look for the unusual (seeing how most of the plants in her magazine you can never find in a catalog). Ms. Stewart definitely widened the array of what we view as specialty cut flowers. Even in her downfall, there will be lessons to be learned.
I for one will be watching her branding. Can her branding outlast her? Branding our products is something we should all be moving toward so that when a customer sees your brand, they automatically associate your brand with high quality, freshness, and great customer service.
The ASCFG board meeting was held in Orlando and I had the opportunity to spend a couple of extra days there. Wow! If you’re not thinking of bringing your kids to the National Conference and staying a couple of extra days, you should seriously give it consideration.
Back to more regional events: on August 23 the Midwest Region will hold a meeting at Sherman Nursery in Charles City, Iowa. We are very excited about this event because Sherman Nursery is one of the largest woody and perennial plant materials nurseries in the Midwest. Feel free to contact me through email. Have a good growing season and happy branding!

Mimo Davis Duschack

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