Well, folks, it’s been a great ride.  I’ve served on the ASCFG Board for 7 years – three as Mid-Atlantic Regional Director and four as President.  It’s been fun. It’s also been challenging and infrequently frustrating.  Aren’t those the qualities of any good job?                                         

I’ve managed to do this only because I’ve had the support of other great Board Members and the pleasure of working with two dedicated individuals – Linda Twining and Judy Laushman. They truly do run this organization, and they do it very, very well.                                    

Having just returned from Lancaster and our yearly Conference and Trade Show it is easy for me to reflect again on what a great organization the ASCFG is for all of us. It’s well run, it sticks to its goals, and the members are wonderful.  Did I learn a whole of new stuff to take back to my farm for next year?  I don’t think so, although sometimes it takes a while to really let it sink in. (By the way, what was that lily-of the-valley on a stick that John Dole told us about?)                                            

What really is important to me is seeing friends and meeting new members – all of whom share the love of what they are doing and share the same addiction to growing cut flowers while facing the vagaries of mother nature and the frustrations of what is, at best, a low return business. Above all, I have come to understand that we do this because we really don’t know what other things give our lives such satisfaction.                                        
I usually try to write this column to fill a whole page.  As a farewell I’m going leave lots of space so you can see the picture of me and the presumptive next President (since he’s running unopposed), Dave Dowling. I feel so comfortable about leaving the Board leadership to Dave. He’ll do a great job. I look forward to seeing you all at a Regional Meeting or next October in San Jose.