Having just returned from the National Conference, I have a lot to report. The Conference was great, I enjoyed meeting lots of new members and everyone working on the Conference did a terrific job. I must applaud several in our Region for an outstanding job. Being involved with the Research Foundation and working on the Research Auction  keeps me personally very busy at the conferences. This year we held a design competition for flower arrangements to be put around the hotel and for the banquet. Cynthia Alexander kindly volunteered to be in charge of our Region for the competition and got in touch with everyone who was planning on attending the conference. Cynthia and Suzie McLain had a plan for a design and got the materials together and got it put together. The end product was beautiful and won them first place, Yeee-Haaa. Way to go Cynthia and Suzie!!! I think Josie Crowson helped them too. Cynthia and Donna Burdick were also honored for their other designs.  What a great job everyone did and I am so very happy for you. The South Central Region rocks! Go get ‘em next year too. (That was a challenge.)
On a more serious note, we did learn that several members’ farms in Texas were damaged by Rita, and I’m sure the members in Louisiana are in bad shape. When Josie left Nacogdoches for Lancaster, her home still had no electricity and it was over 100 degrees. Yikes.  Paula Grote and Donna Burdick from Texas Bloomers in Pearland  had some damage too. I haven’t heard about or from anyone else at the time this was written. Please keep our members and friends who had their farms and homes damaged in your thoughts and prayers. Farming is tough enough without a major weather event.
I hope everyone had a good summer in general and will be ready for a new season. Next October the National Conference is in San Jose, California and it’s looking like it will be fantastic. Brenda Smith is working very hard along with Bonnie Marquardt from Takii and Jeannine Bogard from Goldsmith to make next year’s Conference a great one. Make your plans now to attend and have a lot of fun plus learn new things.
To all the members from the South Central Region who attended the Conference, it was great to see and visit with each and every one of you and I hope you enjoyed the meeting.  Have a restful winter and remember to always think prosperous thoughts.