I have just returned from the spring Board meeting and I just have to say WOW! Ray Gray opened his house to us for the meeting and took good care of us. Thanks to Ray’s whole family for tolerating a house full of strangers and being so nice. I don’t know if everyone realizes how many very talented and special people are currently on the Board. I must say that this is a great group of people to be associated with and every person brings something special to the meetings. All the members should be very pleased because this Board is working very hard for your best interest.
Thanks to the very, very few who returned the Research Foundation survey. I just don’t get it, we have over 500 members and a dismal 22 responded to the survey. Is it that you just don’t care? I can’t believe you don’t care about an organization that has helped so many. Is there some other way we need to be reaching you? I am always happy to listen to new ideas and suggestions. Send them my way!
When I returned from the Board meeting I was very happy to see a lot of snaps, freesia, ranunculus, anemones and lupines flowering. By the time you read this we will be right in the middle of major harvests from the greenhouses and planting in the field will be in full swing. The days, where do they go? It is still rainy and cool which is good for the freesia (the cool part). At least I don’t have thousands of freesia blooming all at once like we have had years we hit 90 degrees in February. Who knows what March and April will bring? Personally I’m hoping for some dry weather so we can get into the field. I haven’t been able to get in the field since November and it’s making me crazy.
Well, everyone in this Region (everyone who has talked to me anyway) has requested an earlier time for the Regional Meeting, so that’s what you are going to get. How does May 21st sound? The Regional Meeting will be May 21 in Dallas, Texas. I have scheduled the morning to visit American Agroproducts, a wholesaler that loves to buy locally grown flowers. They are a member of ASCFG and have just moved into a new facility which will impress everyone, I’m sure. I haven’t finished out the rest of the day yet, but will very soon and the whole schedule will be posted on the bulletin board. So, before the season gets just absolutely crazy, plan on attending the Regional Meeting in Dallas. Come see a fantastic facility and how they treat the flowers, plus have all your questions answered early in the season.
While you are planning, put the National Conference on the schedule too. It’s going to be really great this year and I’ve already talked to quite a few who are planning on being there. It will be in Lancaster Pennsylvania, September 27-29. The schedule looks like a lot of fun with some great talks. Cramers will be on the tour and if you haven’t seen Cramers, then you are really missing out. There will also be a post-conference tour to Longwood and Chanticleer with Allan Armitage which I don’t want to miss. I do hope everyone has a great spring and you get off to a great year. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Dallas in May and again at the National Conference. Please let me know if I can do anything for you and happy planting.