American Takii

Callistephus chinensis
‘Daylight Blue Frost’
and ‘Daylight Rose Frost’  
American Takii Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of ‘Blue Frost’ and ‘Rose Frost’ to its Daylight series.  The Daylight series is a mixed bouquet spray-type aster.  ‘Blue Frost’ and ‘Rose Frost’ are very special new colors in the series as their petals change colors from white to blue or rose as each flower matures.  In the series, these new “frosty” colors are more tolerant to disease.  

 Brassica oleracea ‘Red Crane’
New for the American Takii Inc. cut flower kale assortment is the cut flower kale variety ‘Red Crane’.  Joining the existing ‘White Crane’, and ‘Rose Crane’, ‘Red’ expands the series for an even wider selection of color choices.  The Crane series has a compact round head with plant stems 2 to 2½ feet in length and a very uniform upright habit  In addition to providing a dramatic, long-lasting statement when used as a cut flower, the Crane kales also provide color, texture and height when used as a cool-season accent plant in the garden.


Antirrhinum majus Animation series
Our popular Group II cut snapdragon series has been improved.  Three additional colors, deep orange, red velvet and rose, combined with the improved yellow and pink give growers five new developments to meet their needs.  The improved Animation mix includes those additional and improved colors.

Callistephus chinensis ‘Hulk’
This new aster presents unique [email protected] without colored petals.  Dense crowns of leaves gather around the yellow center of >Hulk= flowers.  A floriferous habit with strong sturdy stems, producers can count on high yields.  Green-flowering >Hulk= has a very long vase life.  The unique character and green color make this a Aspecial [email protected] product at the retail level.

Echinacea purpurea ‘Primadonna White’
‘Primadonna White’ graces the garden with 4-5” (10-12 cm) pure white petals around a dark eye.  With broad petals that “reach out”, ‘Primadonna White’ does not hide from its North American prairie heritage.  Slightly more compact than ‘Primadonna Deep Rose’, at 28-32 in (70-80 cm), ‘Primadonna White’ has the same strong stems that make this duo a versatile combination in the garden or in the case.  Plants form dense, long-lasting clumps, and are butterfly attractants.

Lobelia speciosa ‘Fan Salmon’
Abundant, rich warm salmon-colored flowers abound above the bronze leaves of this season-long performer.  At 24” (60 cm), ‘Fan Salmon’ makes an excellent specimen in the garden or cut flower.  Well-branched but columnar habit.  Grown as a tender perennial or as an annual in hot climates, it prefers hot sunny locations.  Long lasting in the vase.

Penstemon digitalis ‘Mystica’
This is a true solitaire perennial with deep red foliage and big lavender flower spikes.  It provides lucrative sales opportunities because of high consumer interest. Elegant eye catcher in every garden, container planting, or as a cut flower.


Antirrhinum ‘Overture II Orange’
‘Overture Orange’ is the newest addition to the Overture II series.  This is a lively, cheerful color that extends the color range for this up-and-coming series.  ‘Overture Orange’ will fit well into fall-themed bouquets and harvest-orientated color schemes.  Overture II is a late-winter/spring- blooming cut flower series that is easy to flower under short days and low to moderate temperatures. Overture fits well into regions where night temperatures can be maintained at 50-55F.  Engineered for strong, thick stems that support tall colorful spikes, Overture raises the standard for all cut flower snapdragons in terms of stem strength, flower quality, and ability to consistently harvest top quality stems.

Eustoma Cinderella
At the 2004 ASCFG conference, growers went out of their way to stop by the Goldsmith booth and rave about how much they like Cinderella lisianthus.  The high quality of Cinderella’s strong, thick stems make this crop a joy to harvest and bundle.  Bred for small lower leaves; disease pressure is reduced due to improved airflow through the beds.  Minimal spurring and single straight stems allow for easy harvest.  Cinderella is less prone to rosetting and easy to grow for Group II and early season Group III sowings.  The frilly double flowers of Cinderella are available in blue, ivory, pink and yellow.

Harris Seeds

Campanula ‘Heavenly Blue’
This new annual campanula (C. rapunculus) will make an agreeable addition to cut flower growers’ product mix. Gorgeous pale blue, starshaped 3/4” flowers are produced on multiple branching, 30-32 inch stems (under greenhouse conditions). ‘Heavenly Blue’ exhibits an excellent extended vase life, and is suitable for both wholesale and retail cut flower markets, where it can be sold separately, or used as filler in mixed bouquets.

Dianthus ‘Sweet Mix’
This new hybrid Sweet William is a new cut flower variety. Flowering first year from higher than normal germinating seed, plants grow to 18-36” in the field (36-39” in the greenhouse), producing large, fragrant flower heads that bloom uniformly across all colors. Mixture of coral, purple, red and white.

Larkspur ‘Chorus Violet’
The first spraytype larkspur, ‘Chorus Violet’ makes a great novelty cut flower. Dark violet, 1 to 1-1/4” flowers are borne at the tips of numerous sprays per plant. Plants reach 48-60” in height, making it ideal for cutting. Buds continue to open after cutting, allowing the vase life to extend up to 10-14 days. An excellent item for both wholesale and retail cut flower markets.

Jelitto Perennial Seeds

Chrysanthemum maximum ‘Brightside’
Until now, there were few Shasta daisy selections that grew as easily and reliably year in and year out as >Becky=.  Luther Burbank, the legendary California breeder, introduced the original Shasta daisy (named for nearby Mt. Shasta) to USA gardeners over one hundred years ago.  After years of breeding and selecting using ‘Becky’ parentage, Jelitto finally has a wonderful seed alternative to this awardwinner. ‘Brightside’ can be easily produced from seed and shows all the valuable characteristics known only from its parents. ‘Brightside’ is a vigorous grower, displaying very healthy leaves all the way down its sturdy stemsa characteristic not often seen in Shasta daisies. Dozens of brilliant mediumsized blossoms are held on top of durable, branched stems and make a compact bushy habit up to 80cm/[email protected] After flowering from June to August the foliage remains

Helenium bigelovii ‘Tip Top’
Nobody seems quite sure where the unflattering common name of sneezeweed came from. It doesn=t seem to contribute significantly toward nasal problems, but in the unlikely event that it does this to you, may we offer “Gesundheit” (Bless you)! Jelitto has been working on this strain for almost seven years. We think the breeding and selection work has been worthwhile. It has the similar lowgrowing and early summer flowering characteristics as the popular relative Helenium >The Bishop=, a vegetative hard to propagate selection.  But ‘Tip Top’ is more free flowering, easy to grow from seed, stays shorter (60 cm/[email protected]), and possesses a more compact habit overall. A lovely spherical blackbrown cone highlights the deep yellow ray florets with their notched petals. This is a flower color combination almost missing in the late summerearly fall garden. Folklore suggests that tears from Helen of Troy moistened the dry soil around Helenium, a favorite plant of the mythological Greek Sun God, Helios.  But we=ll never know whether Helen sneezed.

Johnnys Selected Seeds

Cynara cardunculus ‘Porto Spineless’
‘Porto Spineless’ is a tropical-looking cardoon specially bred for cut flower use. Serrated, silver-green leaves add dramatic flair to arrangements or deserve a prominent position in the gardenscape. Foliage can be harvested anytime but this tender perennial will not bloom until the second season. Zones 6-10. Height 36-48”. 120-150 days.

Digitalis purpurea ‘Camelot Mix’
‘Camelot Mix, is an exciting new foxglove for growers! A combination of four lovely colors: cream, lavender, rose and white. Flowers bloom the first year from seed to create a dazzling display. Center spikes are large and full, and side shoots fill out the plant. Great for bouquets! Zones 3-9. Pelleted Seeds. Height 42-48”. 135-150 days.

Eragrostis tef ‘Ruby Silk’
‘Ruby Silk’ is an elegant ornamental grass. Great for containers or for use as a cut. Rich burgundy seed heads drape over compact clumps of upright grass. Long bloom time. Keeps its color when dried and looks great in dried arrangements.

Helianthus annuus ‘Pro Cut Peach’
‘Pro Cut Peach’ is our earliest blooming sunflower. Tall and strong, these stunning sunflowers bloom early. A single-stem bicolor nicely rounds out the color choices for a commercial cut. Beautiful peach colored flowers for your lineup. Pollenless. Daylength neutral. Height  60-72”. 50-60 days.

Helianthus annuus ‘Bashful’
‘Bashful’ is a wonderful dwarf sunflower! Petals are pale yellow with a pink blush. Branching plants have an abundance of flowers and a long bloom time. Pollenless. Height 24-36”. 55 days.

Helianthus annuus ‘Strawberry Blonde’
‘Strawberry Blonde’ features ruby red sunflowers that hold their petals. Flowers have burgundy, sometimes pink, petals with lemony tips and dark centers. Branching plants have long, strong side stems for cutting. Pollenless. Height 60-72”.
55 days.

PanAmerican Seed

Antirrhinum ‘Cool Orange Bicolor’
The best, most uniform winterflowering snapdragon (Group 1 to early/mid 2) available, the Cool varieties are uniform across the series and within each color for timing, height, and spike and stem quality.  The long, tapered, “nongappy” spikes have lots of flowers. The grower-friendly series can be produced under cool conditions for energy savings. ‘Cool Orange Bicolor’ has a color unique to cut flower snapdragons: orange blends with a yellow bee & white tube. Other colors in the Cool series include bronze, coral, pink, rose, salmon, white and yellow.

Antirrhinum ‘Potomac Cherry Rose’,
‘Potomac Red Improved’
The Potomac series snapdragons are ideal for production during periods of high light, long days and warm temperatures. They produce tall stems with long, beautiful spikes. This series can be grown year-round with supplemental high intensity lighting. ‘Potomac Cherry Rose’ is a new and unique color for the series. It matches other Potomac (3,4) members in timing and height. The medium long spikes are covered in very large, plump buds. The stems are very hard and resist breaking, a quality very appealing to growers at the time of harvest.  ‘Potomac Red Improved’ has a rich velvety color and matches the original ‘Potomac Red’ for height and timing.  It has a medium long spike and strong, sturdy stems.  Many other Potomac colors are available.

Eustoma ABC Series
Now you can send beautiful double-flowered lisianthus to market year-round with just one series! PanAmerican Seed has simplified its double lisianthus offering into one series with simple “usage group” descriptive numbers. The all-inclusive new ABC series offers the best early, mid-season, and late varieties in a range of the most profitable colors. ABC varieties finish fast as plugs/young plants and are proven to be less sensitive to rosetting. All bloom uniformly within the color, displaying outstanding double flower form with high petal counts. Finished stem length can be as long as 36 to 45 in. (90 to 115 cm). Lisianthus groupings cover a broad spectrum of world environments and growing conditions. A group 1 indicates fastest to flower for early transplants and a group 4 indicates the slowest to flower for late season transplants. Ranges (13, 23, 24, etc.) indicate the versatility of the variety. For example, ABC 13 Purple is a fast-flowering variety suitable for early transplanting for winter production, but can also produce high quality stems through spring and early summer in most environments. A wide range of color and planting groups are available.

Eustoma Laguna Series
As the ABC Lisianthus series can cover all your needs for double lisianthus, the new Laguna series offers all the same benefits with single-flowering varieties. These varieties are very uniform in flowering within their color. Again, the plugs/young plants finish quickly and are very resistant to rosetting, a common problem with older varieties. The Laguna series is also organized using the simple “usage groups” as described above with the ABC varieties. Colors range from lilac and purple to ivory, deep rose, rose and blue rim, and peach.

Trachelium ‘Lake Forest Purple’
The Lake Forest series produces nice umbels with numerous smaller side umbels or satellites. This series was bred to flower under conditions of shortening daylength; however, ‘Lake Forest’ still needs a daylength of 16 to 18 hours to flower and make the large central umbel. Finished stem length for the series averages 27 to 40 in. (0.7 to 1.0 m.). The new ‘Lake Forest Purple’ is the first purple available for winter flowering. Use in combination with ‘Lake Louise Purple’ and ‘Lake Michigan Purple’ for year-round availability. Other colors in the Lake series include ‘Lake Forest’ (winterflowering) blue and white; ‘Lake Michigan’ (spring/fallflowering) blue, purple, violet, white and wine red; ‘Lake Louise’ (summerflowering) blue, white and purple.

Seedsense LTD

Sunflower ‘Cherry Rose’
The fastest-maturing sunflower we have seen –  only 40 days to flower with beautiful cherry red flowers with lemon tips. . Height around 4 feet and fully branching, flower size around 3-4”. Seed available NOW.

Sunflower ‘Pro Cut Green Disc’
A new color in this remarkable series, plants are single stemmed with yellow flowers and a green disc maturing in around 55 days, height around 56 feet, flower size dependent on density of planting. Ideal for small and large growers alike who require a quality bloom. Seeds available November 2005.

Sunflower ‘Pro Cut Peach’
Plants are single stemmed with flesh peach-colored flowers and a dark disc maturing around 55 days.  Plant height is around 5-6 feet, flower size dependent on density of planting. A unique color which will be adored by all. Ideal for small and large growers alike who require a quality bloom. Seeds available NOW.

Sunflower ‘Pro Cut Red/Lemon BiColor’
A new color in this remarkable series, plants are single stemmed with dark red flower with lemon tips and a dark disc maturing in around 55 days. Height around 5-6 feet, flower size dependent on density of planting. Another unique color which will only increase and enhance the popularity of sunflower. Seeds available November 2005.