First I want to thank all those attendees of the Northeast Regional Meeting held August 5 in Maine. We had 45 people from very diverse locations, from northern Quebec to Pennsylvania. After tours of my farm, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and Jim and Linda Mercer’s Sheepscot Flower Farm, we enjoyed a potluck summer complete with garden fresh produce, and  beer donated from Matt Gerald and the Atlantic Brewing Company.  Special thanks to Ednie Bulb for providing breakfast, and to Johnny’s for the great lunch.  I look forward to planning a meeting next year. Anyone with suggestions please do not hesitate to call.
It has truly been a challenging year in the Northeast and the season is close to an end. The light is visible at the end of the tunnel. I had a few new successes that I would like to share.
Three new crops have made it into my planting list for next year after going through a vigorous testing this year. Cosmos ‘Double Click’ is a double cosmos with a good color range and good vase life. Growth habit is a bit irregular but with an early pinch I think it would be better. I also loved the Celosia cristata ‘Bombay Figo’ from Kieft Seeds. I received a packet as part of the ASCFG Seed Trials and was very impressed with the 24”  large-headed plants. Only one cut per plant but having this robust and dependable variety eliminates my feeling of inadequacy when it comes to crested celosia.  The ‘ABC Green’ was also a great trial. The stems were 8-10 inches longer than ‘Echo’ and the color was crisp and the stems were very strong. I was selling the stems for $2.50 at the farmers’ market.
I look forward to seeing many of you in San Jose and hope you have a good fall and not too early a frost.