The 2006 Northwest and West Regional Meetings will merge to become one terrific West Coast Regional Meeting   you will not want to miss.  The location is right on the California/Oregon border in Brookings, Oregon.  Thanks to Peter Mitchell who organized this adventure.  Why not plan your summer vacation now and see this beautiful part of the country?            

“America’s Wild Rivers Coast Flower Farm Tour” will include tours of four specialty flower farms, as well as the Easter Lily Research Foundation. Located in or near Brookings, Oregon, all of these sites are adjacent to each other (except for Sun Valley, just across the California line). We are blessed with a unique coastal climate. For those hoping to mix business with pleasure, America’s “Wild Rivers Coast” is a summer play-ground for camping, hiking or just enjoying cool ocean breezes.         

The day begins with a tour of FloraPacifica in Brookings.  FloraPacifica is a flower farm and wild harvest operation that offers fresh, dried, and preserved floral products.  Coastal hydrangeas, fresh and dried, are a specialty.  The next stop will be Strahm’s Lilies, a producer of Oriential lily bulbs and cut flowers.  Then, on to Oregon Hydrangeas, a supplier of unrooted hydrangea cuttings that grows 89 varieties of hydrangea.  The morning tours will end with a visit to the Easter Lily Research Foundation.  The Foundation provides field disease control and cultural practices guidance to Easter lily bulb growers.  After lunch, the tour continues to Sun Valley Floral Farm in Fort Dick, California.  Sun Valley is one of the largest grower/distributors of cut flowers in the United States. The final stop will be Stout Grove Redwood Forest.                 

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