Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click’
Unusual double blooms in a range of colors. Tall plants with large, fully double and semi-double blooms. Shades of carmine, pink, and white make this a great cut flower and garden addition. Ht. 42-46”. 100-120 days harvest.

Nigella damascena ‘Albion Green Pod’
Decorative green pods for fresh or dried arrangements. Double, white flowers fade to large, solid green pods resembling fairy lanterns that are held aloft on long stems. Perfect for cutting. Ht. 12-24”. 63-84 days harvest.

Helianthus annuus ‘Pro Cut Yellow Lite (F1)’
The newest addition to the Pro Cut Series. Flowers have yellow petals, surrounding a green disk. Tall, with strong stems. 3-4” blooms. Pollenless.  Ht. 60”.  50-60 days harvest.

Calendula officinalis ‘Triangle Flashback’.
The latest color to be added to the Flashback palette. Unusual peach-pink blooms. Works well in gardens and containers, and has the nice long Flashback stem for use as a cut flower. The pastel tones offer a hint of relief from the bold colors at the end of summer. Ht. 18-24”.  Organically grown seeds.  55 days to harvest.

Ocimum basilicum ‘Ararat’
Lovely bicolor basil. Unique appearance with mottled green and purple leaves.  Mild, classic basil flavor. This versatile basil can be used as a garnish, a filler in fresh bouquets, or a dramatic focal point in ornamental gardens. Ht. 20-28”.  60 days to harvest.

Goldsmith Seeds

‘Soleil’ Cut Flower Ranunculus
‘Soleil Purple Picotee’ is the most uniform single color of ranunculus on the market in terms of height, flowering and very stable color pattern.  This variety combines two long-time consumer favorites – the color purple and a variegated color pattern. Feedback from grower trials in California confirms the breeding goals for strong stems in combination with stem lengths of 50 – 60 cm, and a good diameter for easy harvesting.  Buds at harvest are attractively plump and open to display large, fully double blooms that exhibit a long vase life. ‘Soleil’s’ earliness offers the opportunity to get a jump on early spring season sales. A cool season crop, this stunning hybrid is easily grown from seed.  Unlike tuberous Ranunculus crops, this seed produced crop offers growers the advantage of uniform flowering, and dependable yields of high quality stems and flowers.  Unlike tubers, there is no need to plant ‘Soleil’ into sterilized beds. This advantage should be attractive to organic growers or those who haven’t the equipment to sterilize beds. Average crop time is 30 – 33 weeks from sow, or 19 – 21 weeks from transplant.  Ranunculus is typically sown in August/September for flowering to begin in March/April.  The length of the harvest season is dependant upon environmental conditions.  Cool moderate temperatures will prolong the harvest season.

Jelitto Seed

Echinacea pallida ‘Hula Dancer’
The low-maintenance, drought-tolerant Echinacea pallida grows primarily in sunny, rocky sites in the eastern portions of the prairies of the Great Plains in the United States.  It is the only coneflower species with white pollen.  The dramatically reflexed, very narrow, white petals (with a pink tinge) drooping from orange-brown cones, conjures an image of swaying dancers and south Pacific breezes.  The blooms are slightly fragrant, attract butterflies and would be a nice addition to a cut flower arrangement.  Elegant ‘Hula Dancer’ grows on single, unbranched slender stems to 80cm (32”) and is perfectly cold hardy to –25 C (-20 F). Plants are deer resistant and hardy to Zone5.

Gaillardia aristata ‘Amber Wheels’
‘Amber Wheels’ flowers from early summer until frost.  It is a truly long-lived perennial that actually improves with age. Plants persist in the garden where others perish in soils that are not perfectly well drained in the winter. Expect the first flowers in its second growing season. This impressive perennial will grow from 75- 80 cm (30”- 32”), prefers full sun and well-drained soils, and can withstand dry conditions. ‘Amber Wheels’ is winter hardy in Zone 4.

American Takii

Brassica oleracea  ‘Bicolor Crane’
Joining the existing White, Red and Rose, the new Bicolor makes the fourth color offering in this uniform and unique series of cut flower.  Bicolor Crane features a rose center surrounded by cream white with green outer “petals.”  Stems range from 20 to 30 inches.  When sown in July-August (June in cooler areas), plants will be ready to harvest by mid-October.  Temperatures of below 60oF are required in order for the heads to color, but even when green these long lasting “blooms” add beauty to arrangements and bouquets.

Delphinium elatum ‘Aurora Light Purple’
Uniformity, excellent color and bloom quality are attributes of the hybrid Delphinium Aurora series.  Light Purple is new to the Aurora series which includes Deep Purple, Blue, Light Blue and Lavender.  Aurora blooms in about 4½ months (18 weeks) from sowing, with a garden height of approximately 4 to 4½ feet.  The large flowers are densely packed on sturdy stems.  With its many outstanding characteristics, this series has great consumer appeal.  

Helianthus annuus ‘Premier Lemon’
A second color joins Light Yellow in this extra-early blooming series.  Lemon has a stronger yellow color in comparison to the creamy yellow blooms of Light Yellow.  Plants reach between 48 and 60 inches.  Premier’s flower petals are round and over lapped and they keep their shape even after harvest.  Best sown in spring and summer with harvest in summer and fall.  

Helianthus annuus ‘Sunrich Orange Summer’
A new, earlier maturing variety, ‘Orange Summer’ has been added to the Sunrich series of ‘Gold’, ‘Lemon’ and ‘Orange’.  ‘Orange Summer’ flowers 5 to 10 days earlier than ‘Sunrich Orange’.  This series has a height of approximately 2 to 2½ feet, with flowers 5 to 6 inches in diameter.  Under long-day conditions, ‘Orange Summer’ will be earlier and shorter than ‘Sunrich Orange.’  


Eryngium planum ‘Blue Glitter’
Aptly named for its unique color and stature, Eryngium ‘Blue Glitter’ brings a distinctive sparkle and uniqueness to cut flower arrangements.  Reaching heights of 36-40”, ‘Blue Glitter’s’ silver blue stems emerge from basal rosettes before forming a globe-like flower head.  Part of Benary’s FastraX program, this perennial first-year flowering eryngium provides durable color for years to come.  ‘Blue Glitter’ is a fantastic filler, lending a natural air to mixed bouquets and arrangements.  A Fleuroselect gold award winner, ‘Blue Glitter’ brings an elegant mystique to the vase or the garden.

Antirrhinum majus ‘Animation Royal Purple’
‘Animation Royal Purple’ is the newest addition to Benary’s popular Group II Animation snapdragon series.  The large, deep purple flowers of ‘Animation Royal Purple’ are showcased exceptionally well on long, thick flower stems.  A wonderful contrast to the existing Animation color range, ‘Animation Royal Purple’ provides a fresh, springtime appeal to the vase.  This Group II cut series is perfect for winter or early spring flower forcing.  The durability and long-lasting shelf life of ‘Animation Royal Purple’ and its counterparts make this series a sure winner in any season.

Helianthus annuus ‘Solara’  
Benary is proud to introduce its first ever pollen-free cut sunflower, ‘Solara’.  This variety has been tested extensively in field and greenhouse conditions against current market varieties by ASCFG members and found to be a winner. A dense array of rich golden yellow petals surround ‘Solara’s’ dark center forming large 6” flowers on long, sturdy stems.  ‘Solara’ brings the beauty of summer to the vase without the mess or staining of pollen, which is commonly associated with sunflowers.  Easy to grow and early to flower, ‘Solara’ can be direct seeded or transplanted from plugs.  With crop times between 55-60 days, ‘Solara’ reduces production costs, which leads to higher profit margins for growers.  With its long, non-branching stems and pollen-free habit, ‘Solara’ is sure to bring top market prices and unmatched beauty to retail.

Delphinium hybrida ‘Benary’s Pacific Giants King Arthur’
‘King Arthur’ is the newest addition to the ‘Benary’s Pacific Giant’ line of tall garden delphiniums. At 60” (150cm), ‘King Arthur’ adds stature to the garden and dimension to large bouquets.  Bright periwinkle flowers set off by white star-shaped centers abound on long, sturdy stems.  A perfect complement to the ‘Benary’s Pacific Giant’ series, ‘King Arthur’ provides a deep rich color hue that contrasts exceptionally well with the rest of the series.  Striking en masse or as an accent within the vase ‘King Arthur’ is sure to draw attention.

Bartels Stek

Phlox Missy Series
After years of intensive breeding and selection work, Bartels Stek introduces a new Phlox line in the market named the Missy series. Next to the successful Miss series of Bartels Stek these new varieties are adding value to the market with their excellent vase life with an average of 14 days.  The typical petal drop image of Phlox will hardly occur, and the flat canopy flower structure with  small flowers is ideal for bouquets.  The assortment contains five colors: ‘White Missy’, greenish white; ‘Sugar Missy’, soft pink; ‘Sweet Missy’, mixed pink; ‘Bright Missy’, dark pink;‘Lilac Missy’, lilac.


Dianthus barbatus ‘Sweet Scarlet’, ‘Sweet Mixture’
New to Sweet series, ‘Scarlet’ and ‘Mixture’ provide first-year flowering and uniform heights.  No vernalization requirements allows for year-round scheduling.  Flowers are fragrant and long lasting, stem length is 18-36 inches.

Dianthus barbatus interspecific ‘Bouquet Rose Magic’
Blooms start white and mature to a light pink, then to a deep rose color.  Tall, sturdy plants have a “wispy” informal look with strong, well-branched stems that don’t require staking.  Good for field production; greenhouse-grown plants produce longer stems, up to 24 inches.

Lisianthus Double-Flowered ‘ABC 2-3 Green’
Introduced last year by combining the best early, mid-season and late varieties from the Avila, Balboa and Catalina series.  ABC varieties are proven to be less sensitive to rosetting than the competition.  A unique feature of PanAmerican’s new lisianthus series is the “seasonality numbers”.  These numbers simplify the choice of the most suitable varieties for specific climatic conditions.  The first number, “speed guide”, tells whether the variety is faster or slower to flower.  The second, “versatility guide”, indicates whether the variety can be grown over a longer or short flowering period.

Lisianthus ‘Laguna 2-4 Purple’
Re-introduced last year by combining the best varieties from the Laguna & Malibu series plus new genetics, for 2007, we are adding an additional purple variety with truly exceptional, versatile performance.  Laguna finishes fast as plugs/young plants: 1-2 weeks faster than the competition.  Finished stem height is 33 to 45 inches.  Nice big single flowers with overlapping petals that stay long in a cup form, increasing presentation life.

Matricaria ‘Vegmo Sunny Ball Gold’
Double flowers are held above lacy, fragrant foliage.  Long-day flowering plants need a daylength of 16 to 18 hours to flower, and to achieve height using night interruption.  Blooms 8 to 10 weeks from transplant.  Perfect variety to be used as filler for mixed arrangements.  ‘Sunny Ball Gold’ the first darker yellow with the same qualities as ‘Snowball’ and ‘Yellow’.

Matthiola ‘Aida Cherry Blossom ‘
Begins as a darker cherry and lightens as the bloom opens, with classic stocks fragrance.  Spring-flowering series selected for doubleness.  Aida is the group 2 selectable Matthiola series for transplant in northern Europe in January/April, followed by flowering in April/June.

Harris Seed

Aster ‘Hulk’
This most unusual aster gives the illusion of ‘green’ with green bracts surrounding a yellow central disk. Its well-branched habit is quite floriferous, producing a number of sturdy 20-24” stems, quite suitable for cutting. The 4-4 ½” flowers exhibit excellent shelf life as well.

Sunflower ‘Pro Cut Yellow Lite’
An excellent choice for large scale sunflower cut production, the Pro Cut series is joined this year by the new ‘Yellow Lite’. Lemon yellow, 3-4” flowers with pale green disks grow on 5 foot, single stemmed plants. This daylength neutral variety will mature in approximately 50 days.

Echinacea ‘Primadonna White’
This North American native is such a natural. Due to its prairie heritage, Primadonna thrives in hot and sunny conditions and withstands drought conditions more so than most other perennials. Large, creamy white, 5-6” daisy-like flowers with a russet central button are produced on vigorous, robust plants. Cut flower producers will like this series for both its fresh and dried cut applications. Flowers July-September.

Ammi ‘Graceland’
This new variety is an improved selection of ammi for the cut flower grower, with more uniform germination, and an even production of large umbels on strong, upright stems. The secondary umbels do not overpower the main flower, allowing a main harvest per sowing. Suitable for both field and greenhouse cut flower production, plants reach approximately 3 to 5 ft. tall. An excellent item for wholesale and retail markets.

Aster ‘Daylight Mix’
This early-flowering cut aster grows to 28-32”, producing sprays of attractive, small, clean blooms. Colors include purple, red, rose, violet, and white.

Kieft Seed

Celosia cristata ‘Bombay  Figo’, ‘Bombay Firosa’
With the addition of these two new colors the Bombay Fire Series has grown to a total of six strong tones, all with the same unique performance: very uniform in growth habit and flower shape, excellent stem quality with strong flower necks and small leaves. The Bombay Fire series produces cut flowers with a good stem length, both in high and in low-light climates. And the retail and consumer level can benefit from easy processing and long vase life. ‘Firosa’ has bright rose-pink flowers. ‘Figo’ has brilliant golden-yellow combs.

Delphinium consolida ‘Sydney Blue Picotee’
Awarded with a Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2006 in the cut flower class, the new ‘Sydney Blue Picotee’ underlines the unique cut flower qualities of this award-winning larkspur series. Strong flower quality combined with uniformity in production and strong vertically branched stems make Sydney the only true professional larkspur. ‘Sydney Blue Picotee’ has fully double flowers with a unique blue and white bicolor.

Eryngium planum ‘Silver Salentino’ FSN
‘Silver Salentino’ is the first Eryngium planum from seed with pure white flowers. It adds an important color to the large cut flower market besides the existing blue eryngium. The white-flowered ‘Silver Salentino’ opens new possibilities and markets Especially for mixed bouquets.

Zabo Plant

Lilium ‘Crystal Blanca’
This is Zabo’s Top Choice, an improved Casa Blanca, with better vase life. Outward facing flowers, excellent presentation.

Lilium ‘Conca D’or’
This Yellow OT hybrid created lots of excitement at the OFA short course in Columbus Ohio in 2004. The attendees’ favorite lily to smell the fragrance on. All those who did were nose-marked for that day. Need to grow 16/18 or 18/20 bulb for a quality cut stem.
Lilium ‘Montezuma’
The most dark-red Oriental Lilium on the market. Very good bud presentation. 5-7 buds on a 16/18 Bulb size. Good balance and real red flower buds. One of the most favorite lilies at the ASCFG Conference in Lancaster.

Lilium ‘Visaversa’
‘Visaversa’ is the only red OT hybrid on the market.  Cutting stage in 85 days with up-facing flowers.  Excellent production with 16/18 and 18/20 size bulbs.

Kordes Newflora

Rosa ‘Carmel Antique’
Buff yellow blend, large ‘old-fashioned’ shaped blooms, born singly and in sprays.  Light fragrance. Plants are vigorous and productive.  Stems 16 – 20 in. (40-50 cm), upright. Foliage:  Abundant.  Large dark green leaves. Vase life:  Very good.  Ave. 12 days.  One of top sellers in Europe.

Rosa ‘Cinderella’
Classic Pink. Flowers are large, high-centered hybrid tea flowers.  Petals double reflexed.  Light fragrance. Plants are vigorous and productive.  Limited thorns,  Stems 20 – 28 in. (50 – 70 cm). Foliage:  Abundant.  Large green leaves. Vase life:  Very good.  Ave. 8 – 12 days. Combines excellent plant vigor with classic blooms.

Rosa ‘Fantasia Mondiale’
Apricot cream blend.  Large, elegant buds on upright stems.  Lightly fragrant.  Very productive.  Upright long stems 16 – 28 in (40 – 70 cm).  Limited thorns. Foliage:  Abundant, leathery, and dark green. Vase life:  Very good.  Ave. 10 – 12 days.

Rosa ‘Ice Girl’
 Pure white flowers with intense spice fragrance.  Classic shaped, finishing in a quartered rosette.  Medium-sized flowers. Productive upright grower.  Stems 16 – 24 in. (40-60 cm).  Foliage is a medium green.  Vase life:  Ave. 6-8 days.

Rosa ‘Magma’
Vibrant yellow with red on the petal margins and reverse.  Large full-sized flowers.  Slightly rounded. Plants are vigorous and productive.  Stems 12 – 20 in (30 – 50 cm). Upright grower.  Few thorns and abundant, glossy green foliage.  Very good vase life, averaging 12 – 14 days.

Sakata Seed

Antirrhinum Calima Series
The Calima series was developed for day neutral area growers for year round production.  This new series provides for faster production for earlier flowering for the grower.  Superb quality strong, thick flower stems and large flower spikes mean exceptional “shipability” as well as retail and consumer satisfaction.  Calima is introduced with key colors yellow, pink and white.

Eustoma Excalibur Series
Sakata introduces Excalibur ‘Pure White’ for the lisianthus market.  This Group II cut flower provides exceptional stem quality and top flowering to lessen the challenge of botrytis.  In addition, this variety produces fewer excess flower buds and provides less risk of rosetting for the grower.

Helianthus ‘Sunbright’
This pollenless sunflower is very uniform and vigorous even under low temperatures and short daylength conditions.  The Sunbright variety produces high quality cut flowers with a short crop time for economic and profitable production.

Ednie Flower Bulb

Lilium ‘Benfica’
A new Asiatic introduction, which has large vibrrant orange flowers with dark green leaves on strong stems. The flowers are larger than ‘Brunello’, with a good bud count. It can be grown year round, and holds up well in the summer. It is about 40 inches tall, and takes about 12 weeks to force. Limited availability

Lilium ‘Novita’
A new LO introduction, with large pink flowers with a slightly white and green heart. Flowers are outward facing, it has sturdy thick stems with fairly dark green leaves. It is about 36” tall, can be grown year round and takes about 15 weeks to force. Limited availability.

Lilium ‘Cyranno’
A very new LO introduction, it is a sport of ‘Triumphator’, with dark red centers. It has sturdy stems with dark green leaves. It can be planted December to August. It is about 48 inches tall and takes about 15 weeks to force. Limited availability.