Greetings from frozen Oklahoma. Winter has definitely settled in for us for a while. The past several years have been so warm, this is a welcome change even with high gas prices. Now everyone in my area is just looking for some moisture.
By the time you read this, the poinsettias will be gone and we will be planning for the coming season in a big way. The seed catalogs are pouring in and my mind is racing thinking about what I want to grow this coming year and what things we will be doing differently at my farm. I love all the seasons for different reasons and we are so lucky to have all the seasons here. I must say that spring is my favorite though. We will have freesia by Valentine’s Day this year and the ranunculus and anemones are already blooming. It’s always exciting to actually have crops like that, things I never dreamed I could grow. So very many things to be grateful for, everyday. I can’t even begin to list all the things I’m grateful for, it would be a very long list.
I hope everyone in the South-Central region will plan on attending the Regional Meeting in May. The plan is still to have the meeting at Texas Bloomers in Pearland (Paula, I will be calling you soon), and we’ll see what else we can do in the area. When we have everything finalized, we’ll get the information out as soon as we can so everyone can mark their calendar and make plans to attend. Have something special you’d like discussed at the Regional Meeting? Let me know. One suggestion has been to actually run a soil sample test, show how it’s done and discuss the recommendations based on the readings. That will be fun. So kick those brains into gear and let me know what other fun things you’d like to see/discuss.
Does everyone know that ASCFG funds grower grants for small research projects? This year we had two entries, which is great. I know that everyone has ideas for a project to find out something they’ve always wanted to know or gather more information about. Do you want grant writing to be covered at the Regional Meeting? Every single person in ASCFG has the potential to get a grant, go for it.

Did everyone read Pat Zweifel’s column in the last Quarterly? His top 10 list was great. Pat, you crack me up. All of your statements were very true, I especially liked your #10. Happy 10th anniversary in the flower growing business Pat.
I wish a very prosperous growing season for every-one in 2006 and remember, be careful what you ask                                 
for because you will actually get it.