If I had a nickel for every time someone has recently said to me, often with a knowing wink and a nod,  “Now that the Conference is over, guess you’ll be able to sit back and relax!” I’d be a rich girl.  Chocolates and chaises longues have been mentioned.

In fact the opposite is true.  The amount of post-Conference wrapup work is just as overwhelming as before the meeting, but not nearly as fun.  The anticipation of seeing old friends again, the pleasure of making new ones, and the satisfaction of watching members interact and share is past, replaced with the drudgery of paperwork, bill paying, and financial analysis.

But!  At the same time, we’re able to begin preparation on two future Conferences; next year’s in Portland, Oregon, and 2009, likely to be in New York.  Nothing is more fun than traveling to a potential meeting site, checking out the hotel and tour selections, working with a whole new committee and imagining how to make “next year even better than the last one”.  We’re lucky to have two terrific groups who are determined to make “their” conference the best ever.

We’re also lucky to have a wonderful Board of Directors to help them realize this dream.  If it seems to you that the current Board has been more active and involved than others, I think I’d agree.  I’ve worked with lots (some day I’ll count them all up) of great people on the Board since the inception of the ASCFG but this recent group has been particularly proactive, creative and communicative.  Everyone gets along with everyone else, there’s not a bloviater in the bunch, and they are all sincerely interested in the success of the ASCFG and its members.

It will be hard to lose this year’s turnover of Regional Directors: Chas, Joe and Leah, and the great Howie Lubbers as Vice-president.  I’ll miss their humor as much as their commitment to the ASCFG.  But I know their replacements (Polly, Andrea, Susan, and Joan Thorndike) will work just as hard and be just as much fun.  And I think one or two of them might be a future ASCFG President.

Thank you for your patience with us while we created this issue of the Quarterly during post-Conference wrapup, pre-Board meeting preparation and everyday association management.  Honestly, we had planned to have it finished much sooner than this, but it was just too hard to get out of the chaise longue without spilling the bonbon box.