What a great Conference.  Thank you to the Conference Committee for all the hard work, and thank you participants for sharing and making the National Conference so great. I want to congratulate Polly Hutchinson as the new Northeast  Regional Director and wish her well during her  3-year tenure.  I want to thank you all for your support during the past three years.  I have truly enjoyed serving as Regional Director and helping the ASCFG to better serve the membership. Since in the Northeast we are all enjoying a bit of down time I thought I would share some experiences I’ve had over the past year at the farmers’ market.  I am sure you’ve all heard similar comments and I would love to hear them.  Doing 4 markets a week is a challenge and taxes my ability to be helpful and cheerful.  Often in the heat of selling, a comment is made that just baffles me by its ridiculousness.  Remembering the absurdity of these comments makes me laugh and helps me to deal with customers.  I hope you enjoy them also.

Chas’ Farmers’ Market Favorites

“Oh I wish I could buy some flowers but I live in a condominium, and you know, cut flowers don’t last in a condo.”

“I want to buy some cut flowers, but I have a daughter.”

“Do these smell in the house?” (referring to tuberose)

“Did you just cut one?” (Not sure what was meant with this comment.)

“I need a perennial that will come back every year.”

“Are these cut flowers?”  (person then touches a lily petal),  Oh they are artificial.”

“These peonies won’t open—there are no ants on them.”

“What is that tall, short plant?”

“What is the best annual to buy?”

Person describing a plant: “Yeah, it gets big, you know like a regular plant

“Is that a dog-friendly plant, because I have a cairn terrier, you know—like Toto.”   

These are a few of the comments that made it into my market book.  I am sure we all could come up with many more.  Have a relaxing “Summer Vacation” and enjoy the down time you deserve.  Keep in touch.