We took some time recently to make a few minor changes to our magazine.  The goal was to refresh the look of the layout without losing any of the character of the publication.  Poring through the stacks of periodicals that come through the office, and checking out others in libraries and waiting rooms (a great place for reading material), we discovered that most other industry publications have lots of white space on their pages.  We have too much information to include in every issue to spare much empty room.  So we’ve tightened up the headers a bit, changed a few fonts around, and dropped what we thought were unnecessary text and graphics.
Don’t worry, there is still as much valuable information as ever on new varieties, trials results, marketing prospects, research and pest control.  Regional Reports continue to be well-written and insightful.  News, reviews and updates are still here.
Please take time to read Dave Dowling’s report on the progress of the Floral Marketing Funding Initiative Coalition.  Dave and Vicki Stamback played a significant role at the Development Committee meeting late last year.  If the Funding Initiative passes, it will have an impact on our member growers, and it’s important that everyone understand the purpose, process and progress of this program.
As more large growers, particularly in California, get out of the cut flower business, growers like you will continue to make up the American market.  Do your best to remain educated, committed and involved in all parts of the floral industry.  Look beyond your own field and your local market to understand the changes happening now.  And don’t forget to share your experiences with other ASCFG members—at a Regional Meeting, National Conference or online.  You’re more important than you may think.