All I can say is “Wow, is it summer already?”  This has been one crazy season for a number of reasons, yet it has been a good one.  Everything in the field is running 3 to 4 weeks behind normal because of cool, rainy weather.  We have not had the days upon days of rain like last year but it’s been raining about every week or two and when it does rain, it’s usually two inches or more. Our first planting of zinnias, bless their hearts, endured two frosts after they were in the ground. They survived and are now finally blooming. And because of the late frosts, we still have not seen a sunflower and my customers are getting restless. With all the weather issues, flowers blooming late, and days when I feel like all I have to sell is air, I cannot complain because business is great.
As you know from past Reports, I do try very hard to keep very positive about my business and my life in general. Naturally we all have our days but doing everything possible to remain positive about business and life brings more of that to you. I know, I’ve seen it happen time and time again. I recently received an email from Marilyn Jenett, who has a business called Feel Free to Prosper.  This particular email posed the question, “Are you a positive or negative impact on your business?” This caught my attention and I read what she had to say on this topic.  I thought it was so interesting and true, I wanted to pass a few important points on for you to use during those trying times.
Look at your business and your clients and pick out those things that you can be truly thankful for. For whatever reason, it seems we all have the tendency to focus on the problem clients, the problem employees, or the business problems. Instead, focus on what is RIGHT about the business and be grateful for all your customers that you DO have. I personally do several things when I get up every morning. I picture all my customers buying flowers from me that day, I picture my whole day going perfectly:  no traffic problems and all green lights, I picture receiving money for my flowers and I picture everything running smoothly at the farm and all the things that need to be done for the day are finished and everyone is happy. Sound crazy? Try it and see how things change for you.
“I love my business and my business loves me.”  Repeat that either to yourself or out loud as much as possible. I know when I say it, any negative thoughts or feelings I am having about any aspect of the business just disappear and more positive things happen.
“I can’t wait to see what good comes from this.” If an apparently negative thing does come up, you can turn it around by thinking this. It’s hard for us to remember that an apparently negative event may be happening to guide us in a different direction that is better for us and for our business. I say apparently negative because we just think it is something negative, yet it all turns out positive for us. We have nothing to lose by assuming the attitude that great possibilities await us, even when the rest of the nation/world is having a pity party.
Instead of constantly wondering how we can get more business, let’s put our thoughts on what we can give at a time like this. This doesn’t mean give for free. What service can you provide right now that people need and will gladly pay for? This really gets those creative thoughts going, doesn’t it?
I have found this to be so very true when dealing with my customers. When I am happy, laughing, excited about my business, giving them service that no one else will and am positive, I sell more flowers. Don’t get caught up in the whining and griping about gas prices, politics, weather, employees, and the number of other things it is so very easy to complain about; it’s all negative and you will project that to your customers.
So, on that note, have a very prosperous season. I hope everything turns out how you want it to. Right now I am picturing myself at the Portland Conference and having a great time and learning a lot I can use for next season. I’ll see you there!