What a pleasure it’s been to  put together this issue of the magazine.  We welcome three new contributors to the Quarterly, Steve Bogash from Penn State, Chris Wien of Cornell, and Bonnie Marquardt, American Takii. These horticulturists are familiar to ASCFG members, considering their long affiliations with the organization. Steve is a multi-faceted researcher, with his  thumb in everything from pond management, small fruit and vegetable production to cut flowers, his favorite. He’s been a speaker at ASCFG Conferences and Regional Meetings, and was an able moderator of two Growers’ Schools.  His columns will focus on weed control.
Chris Wien has been at Cornell since 1979, also working with fruits and vegetables, but saving his best work for cut flowers. He’s received grants from the ASCFG Research Foundation, allowing him to provide us results on his sunflower work.  His contributions are always appreciated by ASCFG members.
Bonnie Marquardt is American Takii’s flower seed sales manager. She has been the industry liaison to the ASCFG Board for two years, and a co-chair of last year’s National Conference in San Jose.  She will present her views on the floral industry and how ASCFG members can be involved beyond their own organization.
We’re also pleased to see new faces on the advertising pages.  Please contact North Creek Nurseries, DripWorks, JetRam,    and Eat Local Food for your plant, irrigation, sleeves and promotional materials needs, and let them know you saw their ad in the Quarterly.
What can I say about the front cover?  Jeriann Sabin’s generous contribution is by far the most beautiful image to grace our magazine.  We are planning how to use this print in further celebration of our anniversary.  Read her Regional Report to find out how she created it, and please take a minute to thank her for work.
The evolution of The Cut Flower Quarterly, as illustrated on the back cover, has been twenty years in the making.  From the six stapled pages of “The Georgia Report”, to this full color, 76-page issue of the Quarterly, its development followed the growth of the organization.  I think it’s the part of the ASCFG that I’m most proud of.  So proud that I ended the previous sentence with a preposition, just to celebrate. Even Grammar Queens take a break now and then.