Pack Trials Have Something for Everyone

What an amazing world we live in!  Generations past would likely never fathom where we are today.  The world has evolved with new technologies making for massive changes in our lives.  While technology can make things easier and more efficient, the rate at which everything comes at us can be overwhelming.  Simply put, business has always changed, but how we change with it is one of our measures of success. If you’ve never taken the time to visit the California Pack Trials, perhaps this is the year to make a change and experience it.  The event runs from March 29th through April 6th with participating companies setting their opening and closing dates within that time frame.  The National Garden Bureau website,, is a good source to check on specific dates for the participating companies.  The trip along the California coast for Pack Trials is a valuable investment.  You don’t want to miss a vital event that could help grow your business. Pack Trials is so much more than just finding out what new varieties are being unveiled.  The only way to understand the amazing benefits is to experience it yourself.  Prepare to have an intense week if you do the whole tour!

Traveling up and down the coast of California can be a treat in itself.  Gilroy, Watsonville, San Juan Bautista, Salinas, Arroyo Grande, Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Santa Paula, Somis, Oxnard, Bonsall, Vista, and Encinitas each have their own charm and personality.  Is there any better excuse for visiting coastal California in early spring than on business?  The entire route for the 2008 event comprises 34 companies. I don’t want to overwhelm you, so allow yourself the options  of a slower pace visiting either the Northern trials or the Southern Trials.

Pack Trials is a time for breeders and producers to showcase their new introductions along with their tried & true varieties.  It is a time to educate industry specialists about products.  This is your chance to spend time with the people who have the best understanding of the varieties they’ve created and grown. For years Pack Trials was about seeing the newest genetics.  Today, a big part of the information shared is connected to marketing.  The biggest trends in our industry can be seen during Pack Trials.  

The amount of information received is endless, including catalogs, CDs, brochures, pamphlets and more.  It’s a time to re-connect with friends and colleagues, and to develop new contacts and friendships.  It’s a time to have intense discussions about products, ideas, and business opportunities.  What you can attain in a week’s time CANNOT be found anywhere else in the industry, including trade shows and conferences. Stunning displays created from mature plant material that is grown on site and hasn’t been bumped and bruised by shipping, comparisons, hard goods, signage, and most importantly the opportunity to speak with the people who have bred, grown and are most closely connected with their varieties.  

My comments can only begin to describe what can be gained from the one change you make by taking time to visit the California Pack Trials…like I said at the beginning, you have to EXPERIENCE it yourself!  The limitations are only what you make it.  Hope to see you this year!

Bonnie Marquardt

Flower Seeds Sales Manager

Bonnie Marquardt is Flower Seeds Sales Manager at American Takii. Contact her at [email protected]