Lisianthus F1 Arena Series

Arena is a new series featuring large and very double flowers on strong, sturdy stems.  Arena exhibits less sensitivity to short stem length under long-day conditions and appears less sensitive to rosetting in plug cultivation.  The series consists of 5 colors: Green (Group I), White (Group II), Pink (Group III), Yellow (Group III) and Rose (Group IV).

Lisianthus F1 Vulcan Series                                                                                                                                                           

Among the desirable characteristics of the new F1 Vulcan series are large cup-shaped flowers and strong stems.  Flowers have thick petals so they hold up well when shipped.  Vulcan also has better top flowering when compared to other varieties.  The series consists of the 3 colors: Pink Picotee, White and Yellow (all Group II).

Stock ‘White Wonder Improved’

‘White Wonder Improved’ is an extra-early, bright-green leaved variety that produces well-formed spikes.  Its stem strength and flower shape have been improved.  Stem length is 24-32 inches/60-80 cm.


Aster cordifolius ‘Avondale’

Do you have a shady corner of your field that needs a crop?  Aster ‘Avondale’ is a shade native that tolerates up to a half day of sun, so it is a great choice for a spot partly shaded by trees or buildings.  Long upright stems reach   24-30 inches with hundreds of pale blue flowers in early fall.  Great as a filler with its soft texture and neutral color!  ‘Avondale’ is a quick grower and a long-lived perennial.  Zones 3-8.

Echinacea ‘Pink Double Delight’ PPAF

‘Pink Double Delight’ is a vegetatively-propagated selection that is very free flowering.  Flowers are consistently double and the stems are sturdy and numerous.  ‘Pink Double Delight’ is shorter than ‘Razzmatazz’ and ‘Double Decker’ and blooms sooner, with double flowers from the first one.  Flowers from July to September and reblooms with cutting.  Zones 5-9.  Height 24-30”.

Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’

This North American native has undeniable potential as a cut flower with its unique appearance, sturdy straight stems and long vase life.  Basal leaves appear in early spring and flowering stalks begin their ascent in June, reaching 5 to 6 feet and full flower by August, often staying in bloom into September.  ‘Henry Eilers’ has finely quilled flowers of true yellow, not gold, and adds a whimsical touch to arrangements.  The leaves of Rudbeckia subtomentosa are sweetly scented with a subtle vanilla fragrance.  Zones 5-8.


OR Hybrid ‘Crystal Blanca’

This extremely reliable white Oriental has replaced ‘Casa Blanca’ in most all markets.  ‘Crystal Blanca’ has by far the best stem strength and bloom quality of any white Oriental.

LA Hybrid ‘Eyeliner’

Talk about new & unique, this is a MUST TRY.  Eyeliner has a cherry-red lipstick edge and produces plenty of flowers in the smaller sizes.  You might be the first one introducing this in your market.

AS Hybrid ‘Latin Red’

We have been awaiting a good red replacement for ‘Monte-Negro’ and ‘Latin Red’ might be up to the task.  A great true red color with enough flowers, producing 5-7 days faster than most AS+LA varieties.

OR Hybrid ‘Mondriaan’

Special and unique tricolor flower—this variety is a MUST HAVE in your color selection. ‘Mondriaan’ is upward facing with a very strong stem and very usable for summer production.

LA Hybrid ‘Serrada’

This new LA hybrid has a nice deep yellow color with average flower size.  ‘Serrada’ has a great flower presentation and strong vase life, so it is a safe variety to produce throughout the year.
OT Hybrid ‘Shocking’

Absolutely shocking because of its color.  No similar variety with this kind of contrast is on the market.  Even though it is an OT hybrid, the appearance is more like an Oriental flower stem.

OT Hybrid ‘Valparaiso’

Variety has very big flowers and huge up-facing buds. ‘Valparaiso’ is an easy variety for handling and very easy to grow.  Strong yellow color and will force in 95 days.


Echinops bannaticus ‘Star Frost’

Dramatic, bold and architectural are words that have often been used to describe the commanding features of globe thistles.  Echinops are highly regarded for their spherical prickly blooms and broad, thistle-like, but not so imposing, foliage.  Jelitto’s ’Blue Glow’ and ’Arctic Glow’ are select, highly regarded seed strains. Besides decorative cut flowers and distinct ornamental value, they are easy to grow in average soils in full sun and are cold hardy to zone 3.  ’Star Frost’ is a significant, white-flowering new Jelitto seed strain that has taken over ten years to bring to market.  It is slightly shorter than E. bannaticus ’Blue Glow’, with a profusion of golf-ball sized, pure white blooms—more plentiful than the species—that make lovely cut flowers.

Eryngium leavenworthii

This wonderful cut flower has wow factor.  Standing about 2 feet high, this annual eryngium has stiff, highly colored bracts—silver and purple—that work in fresh or dried arrangements. The seed takes a period of warm, and then cold to germinate, so it is best begun as a crop in late summer.  Natural flowering time is July-September.

Gaura lindheimeri
‘Summer Breeze’

Who could have imagined twenty years ago that Lindheimer’s bee blossom would be the phenomenally successful perennial that it is today? But a wild species, carrying a billowing cloud of white blooms, over a very long flowering season, was bound to catch the attention of every gardener.  The current Royal Horticultural Society’s Plant Finder lists over 25 different selections. We’ve paid attention to this phenomenon but have previously noted Gaura lindheimeri’s questionable hardiness. Yes, it is a perennial hardy to Zone 6, native to small area in east Texas and Louisiana, but it has been tricky sometimes to get it through cold winters in the garden and, especially when small or in containers.  Christian Kress of Sarastro Nursery in Austria selected a robust, hardier but sterile Gaura and work was begun at Jelitto to use this as the basis for breeding a reliable hardy seed strain.  ’Summer Breeze’ has impressed us on several fronts. It appears to be more cold hardy and better able to handle overwintering in containers after several years on trial. Plus, it is a considerably more robust plant growing to an impressive size of 150 cm (59”) tall and spreading to 160 cm (63”) within 3 years. Slender, sturdy wands with pink buds open into white fluttering blooms in July and continue non-stop until frost. ’Summer Breeze’ will flower the first year from seed and grows up to 80 cm (32”) this first season.  This Gaura lives up to the Greek origin of the name gauros (superb).

Rudbeckia grandiflora ‘Sundance’

Just when you thought you had seen the last, and the best, of the black-eyed Susans, along comes another excellent one.  Rudbeckia grandiflora is a not-so-common, drought-resistant species of black-eyed Susan that grows in a few scattered sites around the southeastern, midwestern and central United States.  It is an elegant species with oblong basal leaves and a narrow, upright habit, featuring prominent parasols of golden yellow with tall brown cones. ‘Sundance’ is Jelitto’s select seed strain.   A side-by-side comparison between a few black-eyed Susans might be useful since this species is so little known.  ‘Goldsturm’ is round, medium-sized, solid and remains the clear champion of mass plantings.  Rudbeckia laciniata is very tall and has extra large flowers with very good cut-leaf foliage.  Rudbeckia grandiflora ’Sundance’ is long and lean and represents the best qualities of both.  ‘Sundance’ will work in any border and is a stylish, new selection that can be planted as an accent plant or in smaller groups together with Echinacea ’Magnus’ and Andropogon ’Prairie Blues’.  ’Sundance’ is sturdier than the species with strong flowering stems to 120 cm (48”) that have fewer stem leaves, allowing the lovely, big blooms to stand majestically above the basal foliage below. Dozens of long, slender stems each yield a single flower and make this a worthy cut flower candidate, too. Cold hardy to Zone 4.


Dahlia ‘Karma Chocolate’

Amazing dark red, almost black, new color now available as a virus-indexed cutting, strong uniform stems, long flowering period, high productivity.

Dahlia ‘Karma Royal’                                                                                                                                                                        

Dark red, new color now available as a virus-indexed cutting, strong uniform stems, long flowering period, high productivity.

Lisianthus Advantage Series

Colors: Yellow, Green, Purple, and Cherry Sorbet.  Group 2, summer-flowering improved Super Magics.  Compare to ABCs and Mariachi series.  Stronger stems, more double flowered, and uniform series.

Panicum elegans ‘Frosted Explosion’

Exciting new ornamental grass bouquet filler.High germination, good uniformity, and high production rate per plant. Field or greenhouse production.

Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Series

Exciting new premium cut sweet pea series.  Stronger, longer stems, clearer colors, more uniformity, with more flowers.  Fragrant.  The earliest flowering cut strain available.  Excellent resistance to bud drop.  Colors: Lavender, Light Pink, Rose, White.


Aster Idyll Mix

We trialed this new ‘needle type’ aster this past summer at Harris Seeds, and were so impressed with the quality of plant, stem and bloom.  Growers can expect strong, 28-30” well-branched plants that produce multiple stems and large 5” flowers composed of attractive quilled petals. Once cut, the 25” stems are long lasting and provide good vase life.  A formula mix of cream, pink, rose, red, lavender and dark lilac.


Achillea millefolium ‘Flowerburst Red Shades’

Mainly red shades ranging to violet.  Habit like ‘Summer Pastels’ with 30” stems.  Excellent for containers, borders and cutting.  

Ageratum  ‘Blue Planet’

Straight, 20” basal branching stems bearing flower clusters on top.  Best substitute when ‘Blue Horizon’ is in short supply.

Amaranthus cruentus
‘Autumn’s Touch’

Pistachio and cream tipped with bronze, broad 3’ spikes over deep green foliage.  Long-lasting cut flowers, easy field-grown specialty item.

Dianthus Fandango Series

Fragrant double flowers on 18” stems.  Strong upright stems stand well in landscape and for cut flower use.

Eryngium leavenworthii ‘Purple Sheen’

Annual eryngium with fewer and softer spines. Flower, stems and bracts develop to a vibrant metallic purple in late summer. Wiry stems are well suited to drying.

‘Double Quick Orange’                                                                                                                                                                  

Orange double flowers, 5” sunburst with distinct green disc.  Single-stemmed, pollenless.  Matures in 65 days, early for a double.

Helianthus                                                                                                                                                                                      ‘Peach Passion’

Pollenless cultivar in a unique peach color.  Broad petals with green-gold disc on
3-4” flowers.

Ornamental pepper
Cappa Series

Base branching, cut flower type. Quick setting. Three to seven strong, wiry single stems set loads of high colored fruit. Long shelf life. Colors: ‘Topfruit Red’ (conical fruit set in terminal cluster cream to orange to red); ‘Round Red’ (round oval fruit set in sprays green to red); ‘Conic WhiteRed’ (fruit set in sprays white to orange to red).

Scabiosa atropurpurea
‘Black Knight’

Strong 30” stems . Exotic black flowers tipped with white pin dot stigmas.  Excellent field-grown cut flower.