Where in the world did the summer season go? Now the Conference is right around the corner. We are concentrating on the Growers’ School that will be held at Bear Creek Farms. Let me tell you a little about it.

We will be starting early, because we have so much information to cover, with seed germination and growing-on with Todd Cavins. Todd studied under John Dole at OSU and NC State and currently works for Sun-Gro. He’ll be able to answer any growing questions and will give everyone great growing information.

Next John Dole will cover succession planning and planting. I remember when I began growing flowers and John taught me how to succession plan and plant in 30 minutes and he will teachyou too. Succession planning and planting is such a valuable tool in cut flower production.

Then Eric Rebek and Tom Royer, with OSU Extension, will discuss insects and diseases. They will teach you what to look for and where to look. You will look in Bear Creek’s greenhouses for insects and Eric and Tom will also show you how to properly release beneficial insects. For all you bug people, this is going to be fun!

We will all go to lunch at 11:00 at Hideaway Pizza. They will have a buffet ready for us including vegetarian selections. Hideaway has been a Stillwater mainstay since 1956 and I think you’ll really like it.

After lunch it will be back to the farm and Steve Upson from the Noble Research Center will talk about various greenhouses and hoophouse options plus the infrastructure needed for them. Steve will show you the different greenhouses and hoophouses at Bear Creek, their benefits and talk about others he’s built. Steve will be able to answer any question about greenhouses and hoophouses.

Next John Dole and Gay Smith will talk about postharvest, what to do and the importance of postharvest to the flowers. John and Gay will have the answers you need regarding any postharvest question so come with your most difficult postharvest problems and see what they say.

Next Holly Pasmore from Bear Creek will discuss her record keeping, what she keeps track of and why it’s important. You will see forms she designed and uses and she will be able to tell you how we use the information to help with growing from year to year.
Finally, we will answer any questions you have and have a quick tour of Bear Creek answering more questions as we go. Then back on the bus to Tulsa, where you can hopefully catch a quick nap before attending the reception at the hotel that evening.

I also want to talk about the bulb crates we will have available. Once you see how we’ve put together our crate growing system, you’ll want some! We have 1700 bulb crates available and the Research Foundation will be selling them for $2.00 per crate. If you want crates but don’t want to pick them up at the Conference, you are welcome to pick them up before or after the Conference at Bear Creek. So please, come get some bulb crates or we will be very busy figuring out how to best use 1700 crates!

Join us in Tulsa for lots of fun, learning, sharing and networking! I hope to see you all there.