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It’s Been a Blast

I really can’t describe how much being an ASCFG Regional Director has meant to me over the last three years. I have traveled far and wide (BWI airport hotel anyone?) and laughed so hard. I have stayed up late talking farm issues and made fast friends in the process. And of course, I have made immeasurable improvements to my business through those little tweaks and big investments based on advice from fellow growers.

Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of being your Regional Director. We had a good National Conference last year in beautiful eastern Long Island, and many of you helped to make it a success. This summer’s Regional Meeting in Ithaca (thank you AGAIN Chris and Alison and Audrey) was just over-the-top perfect, and a happy way to finish out my term.

Now, on to the future. Tulsa looks great, and I hope many of you will be there this November. Vicki has hustled some of the great South-Central talent together for a jam-packed two or three days, and I think all three are worth the trip! I can’t wait to see it all, and to see where the Midwest starts to become the West in the Tulsa area.

My future is definitely in flower farming. Many of us in the Northeast have had a phenomenal growing season, and the heat-loving crops have been amazing, especially after last year’s anemic weather. I am seeing farmers’ markets on an upward climb, and consumer interest in “different” kinds of flowers (“We prefer ‘specialty’, my dear.”) is really strong. I just love hearing them tell me they’ve never seen the flowers I grow before. My answer is “That’s what we do!”

Thanks for being specialty cut flower growers, because I wouldn’t want to hang with any other crowd.

Polly Hutchison

Polly Hutchison Robin Hollow Farm [email protected]