Gomphrena ‘Audray Pink’ and ‘Audray Purple Red’
Can be used both for fresh and dried arrangements. It is an excellent tall specialty cut flower that withstands hot and humid conditions. Plant height: 30-40 inches.

Sunflower ‘Sunrich Lemon Summer’
This was bred to produce top market quality, pollen-free flowers even under hot summer conditions. ‘Sunrich Lemon Summer’ flowers 5 to 10 days earlier and is 15-20% shorter than the standard ‘Sunrich’ varieties. Plant height: 31-51 inches.

Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas Series’
A quick crop (9-11 weeks) available in 3 bright colors: ‘Pink’, ‘Purple’ and ‘White’. Although a knee-high hedger, try it as a field grown cut flower using close spacing. Plant height: 16-20 inches.

Lisianthus (Eustoma) ‘Vulcan Purple Picotee’ II
Selected for its high quality, large cup-shaped flowers on strong, sturdy stems. It also has a uniform and stable purple rim. The extra thick, firm petals are more durable in shipping and give a long vase life. Plant height: up to 48 inches.

Physostegia ‘Crystal Peak White’
A 2010 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. Its deep leaf color and non-fading bright white flower spikes do not brown as they age, setting it apart from the competition. Plant height: 16 inches.

Rudbeckia ‘Denver Daisy’
Selected for its extreme heat tolerance, summer-long flower power and ability to stand up under extreme weather conditions. Extra strong stems will not flop over in wind. Plant height: 18-20 inches.

Zabo Plant

Oriental Lily ‘Ariosto’
By far one of the largest and nicely-shaped white flower Orientals you can find on the market. It can have a very soft pink blush on the edges of the flowers in lower light levels. Stems are strong and leaves are dark green, with no scorch at all. This variety is for exclusive top market growers only! Floral designers love this one for large dramatic arrangements. A 16/18 size bulb will give you 3-5 blooms but an18/20 can provide about 4-6 blooms.

Oriental Lily ‘Zotina’
Another exclusively large-flowerer but in the pink-white color range. This variety is quickly becoming a favorite in Asian markets due to its flower size and color. ‘Zotina’ forces in 105 days and provides 3-5 blooms from a 16/18 size flower bulb and the flowers are upright on sturdy stems. You might be the first one introducing this in your markets.

LA Lily ‘Pirandello’
‘Pirandello’ has large, deep pink flowers, and finishes in 95-days. The 14/16 size bulbs provide you with 3+ upright blooms. This variety is part of the new generation LA hybrids that provide larger and more substantial blooms than the first and second generations of LAs we have come to know.

LA Lily ‘Swansea’
Many have enjoyed ‘Salmon Classic’ over the years, but take a look at ‘Swansea’. It might not bloom in 70-days like ‘Salmon Classic’ but in 95 days you have another excellent salmon color LA hybrid that does provide 3-4 blooms on a 12/14 size bulb. The salmon color is special because of the dark orange stripe in the center of the flower.

LA Lily ‘Timaru’
‘Timaru’ is the purest white LA hybrid available. Although the flowers are a little outfacing it does out perform all the other white LAs in our test greenhouse. A 3+ bud count is produced from bulb size 14/16 and bigger and ‘Timaru’ can be forced into bloom within 95-days. This one is in the market for the long run.

LA Lily ‘Trebbiano’
Known for its high yields, ‘Trebbiano’ is named after this vigorous growing grape variety known across the Tuscany region of central Italy. It produces strong stems with 3+ blooms from a 12-14 size bulb and bigger. Coming form the same breeder as ‘Timaru’ this variety also has a bit of outfacing flowers, but the cool green color is so unique that it makes it stand out in any arrangement or floral display. Cool-green is the fashion color now specially in western Europe, and it is coming our way. This Zabo exclusive variety is worth your trying, you will not be disappointed.

PanAmerican Seed

Dianthus ‘Sweet Red with White Eye’
Suitable for cut flower greenhouse and tunnel production, this addition gives professional cut flower growers strong and straight stems and shiny leaves. No vernalization required to produce unique, sweetly fragrant flowers. The flower head is packed with vibrant, red-with-white-eye, lasting blooms. Field-grown plants are very uniform in height (18-36″) and flowering time. Taller growth is achievable from early fall-transplanted, greenhouse-grown plants. It makes an excellent focal flower as well as bouquet filler, and has a long vase life.

ABC Lisianthus
PanAmerican Seed lists six exciting new additions to its ABC series of double lisianthus. ABC series consistently demonstrates less rosetting sensitivity in both plug and finish stages, increasing the total number of salable plants and reducing or eliminating the need for GA spraying. These include ‘1-3 Misty Blue’, ‘2-3 Misty Blue’, ‘2-3 Misty Pink’, ‘1-3 Green, ‘1-3 Yellow,’ and ‘2-4 Yellow Improved’.

Goldsmith Seeds

Dianthus ‘Fandango Crimson Picotee’
This interspecific cultivar adds texture and volume to bouquets. Plants grow to 16-18 inches, and are tolerant of fusarium.

Sakata Seed

Mariachi Yellow Improved
The Mariachi series from Sakata Seed America offers an innovative “quadruple” flower for more volume in mixed or solid bouquets. With an intricate flower shape, strong stem, more effective plant habit, strong peduncles and an impressive number of large flower buds, this series is a preferred selection. Reaching 3 to 4 feet tall, ‘Yellow Improved’ is the most recent addition to the series.

American Takii

Snapdragon ‘Chantilly Yellow’
The Chantilly series is an open-faced, Group I-II snapdragon, with a longer vase life than other varieties. It is extra early and blooms 110 to 130 days after sowing. Stem length is 4 to 4.5 feet (120-140 cm). Yellow is the newest addition, bringing the number of colors available in the series to eight.

Kale Lucir Series
This new series introduces shiny-leafed cut flower kale to the market. Lucir has round leaves that have a distinctive shine. Bred for cut flower use and similar to the cut flower kale Crane series, Lucir is available in red and white.

Lisianthus ‘Arena III Red’ and ‘IV Arena White’
Two new colors are being added to the Arena series, including red, a difficult color to find in a lisianthus, and white. The Arena series is less sensitive to short stem length under long-day conditions, is less sensitive to rosetting in plug cultivation, and has very double flowers on strong stems. The colors that make up the series are classified by group, with group I being the earliest to flower, group IV the latest.

Lisianthus ‘Vulcan F1 II Deep Purple’
With the addition of ‘Deep Purple’, the Vulcan series now has 5 colors. The Vulcan series is less sensitive to short stem length under long-day conditions, is less sensitive to rosetting in plug cultivation and has thick, cup-shaped flower petals which improves its transportability.

Callistephus Nina Series
This new spray-type aster series features an abundance of semi-double blooms on vigorous plants. Excellent for mixed bouquets. The series is releasing with three colors: rose, salmon pink, and white.

King’s Mums

‘Evan’s Dream’
A huge, attractive, light pink spider with a white center, this impressive cultivar was developed from a Japanese seedling by Ted King. It attracted constant attention at the 2008 and 2009 King’s Nursery display in Clements. Tall. Best grown as a disbud.

Rich golden yellow spider of large size developed by Ted King. Strong stems hold blooms erect. Disbud to crown for earliest blooms.

‘Judith Baker’
Lovely deep bronze quill hybridized by Irv Baker in California. Ease of cultivation and exhibition size blooms will make this plant a popular addition to your collection. Flower to crown or terminal bud.

‘Klamath Falls’
This bright yellow anemone has a small dark center which provides an interesting contrast. Used as a cascade, it provides a beautiful yellow carpet of flowers. Medium height. Flower to sprays.

‘Mancetta Sunrise’
An introduction from the U.K., this lovely anemone has bronze-colored ray flowers and yellow disc flower. Tall. Disbud to terminal bud or flower to sprays.

‘Norton Vic’
A seedling from John Nevill in the U.K., this compact, purple intermediate incurve with silver back will be an attractive addition to any collection. Flower to disbud on second crown.

‘Pearl Edward Shaw’
A large blush pink intermediate incurve. Paler and more pink than the color of ‘Blushing Bride’. Strong grower, medium height. Flower to disbud on crown or terminal.

‘Peter Magnus’
A very attractive pinkish-lavender anemone seedling from Ted King, covered with blooms for a perfect cascade. Medium height. Flower to sprays.

The glow on the horizon before sunrise and after sunset has a name in the Russian language: Zaryah. This beautiful bronzy-orange spider originated in Japan and was selected by Ted King. It is sure to became a favorite both for the show table and as a focal plant in the landscape. Medium height. Disbud to terminal bud.

Jelitto Seed

Alcea Spotlight Series
Four colors available including purple-black, red shades, yellow, and white with an egg-yolk eye. Height including flowers is 72 inches. Flowers May-October, first year flowering from seed. Zones 3-9.

Asclepias purpurascens
Brilliant purple-pink umbels, three feet tall, flowers May-August, zones 3-8.

Echinacea ‘Magnus Superior’
An improved strain for the 25th anniversary of ‘Magnus’ introduction. 40 inches tall, July-September, zones 3-8.

Eupatorium ‘Ivory Towers’
Large ivory umbels, 80 inches tall, flowering July-September, zones 4-8.

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen Strain’
Brilliant light yellow blossoms, healthy foliage, late season (August-October) bloomer, 72 inches tall, zones 4-9.

Lilium nepalense
Large greenish yellow flowers with a purple throat, 20 inches tall, flowering July-August, zones 6-10.

Typha minima
Almost round, blackish brown cobs May to September, zones 5-8.

Verbesina helianthoides
Golden ray flowers, winged stems, flowering June-August, zones 4-9.

Fred C. Gloeckner & Co.

Amaranthus caudatus ‘Mira’
Exciting new red and green bicolor amaranthus. Height 40 inches.

Setaria italica ‘Red Jewel’
Easy to grow and extremely productive millet. One planting may harvest up to 6 weeks. Long leaves mature from green with a hint of red to a red brown. Height up to 4 feet.

Sweet Pea Sunshine Series
A Gloeckner Seed Exclusive. Premium cut sweet pea series. Stronger, longer stems, with more fragrant flowers. In three flowering groups: spring, summer, and winter. Pictured are ‘Spring Sunshine Peach’ and ‘Spring Sunshine Cerise’.

Karma Dahlia ‘Karma Fiesta’
An exciting new addition to the Karma dahlia line, ‘Fiesta’ is bright orange with a yellow base. These vegetatively-propagated dahlias are virus indexed and come from a certified, clean mother stock program resulting in faster and higher production. The Karma Dahlia series is characterized by its strong, uniform stems, upright flowers, long flowering period, and high productivity.

Asiatic Lily ‘Summer Breeze’
While not a unique color in this lily division, ‘Summer Breeze’ is remarkable due to the fact that it is pollen free. A desirable trait in lilies and one not often seen in such superbly formed flowers.

Dutch Iris ‘Silvery Beauty’
This beautiful two-toned silvery blue iris has a very large flower size and is especially suited to outdoor cut flower production. This variety comes from the Dutch iris group that answers the question “Who says iris have to be blue?”.

Asiatic Lily Rushmore
‘Rushmore’ brings back a long-missing color in hybrid lilies. Each plum/purple flower is brilliant and unspotted, which really makes this a unique color in the current lily color palette. As the name implies, ‘Rushmore’ is extremely strong and tall.

Dutch Iris ‘Rendezvous’
This new variety displays very large flowers that are almost iridescent purple and adds a new color to the color range for greenhouse production that has been missing until now. ‘Rendezvous’ is also well suited for outdoor cut flower production.

Oriental ‘Marmara’
These brilliant true pink flowers have a creamy center and are held upright on sturdy stems. Flowers have exceptional substance and are very long lasting.


‘Beverly’ has a wonderful fruity fragrance that has earned it a Silver Medal in Japan. An easy-growing, hardy rose. Productive and vigorous.

‘Eliza Freelander’
‘Eliza’ is a productive, long-stemmed pink rose with few thorns. The petals on its long-lasting, large, hybrid tea blooms are doubly reflexed.

‘Impala Freelander’
Uniquely copper-colored blooms and foliage. ‘Impala’ is a very good producer of large blooms on moderately long stems.

‘Laguna Freelander’
‘Laguna’ has a lovely sweet fragrance. Good production of lavender-pink blooms on healthy plants. The small to moderate sized blooms have a 10 day vase life.

‘Mandy Freelander’
‘Mandy’ is an elegant hybrid tea with moderately long stems, few thorns, and a deep, velvety red blooms. Growth habit is vigorous and upright. Vase life is 10-12 days.

‘Mon Petit Chou’
Literally translated, a French endearment: “my little cabbage”. It has uniquely shaped buds which open to reveal large, very double, quartered blooms. With a delicious fragrance and great plant vigor, ‘Mon Petit Chou’ is an exciting new addition to our collection.

‘Red Fruitilia’
Extend your sales season with this proven performer, which produces gorgeous red hips to provide color long into the winter. Great for fall- and winter-themed arrangements. ‘Red Fruitilia’ grows vigorously, flowers in large sprays, and is very productive. Lasts 4+ weeks in the vase.

‘Red Giant Freelander’
Classic high-centered hybrid tea rose. Large red blooms are showcased by glossy dark green foliage. ‘Red Giant’ has good production and is one of our longest-lasting varieties in the vase.

‘Samba Freelander’
‘Samba’ is a good option for growers looking for longer stem length than ‘Magma’ provides. Yellow, tinged with red, the large blooms have a vase life of about 10 days. It produces moderate numbers of stems.

‘Sweet Antique Freelander’
Like all ‘Antique’ varieties, this fragrant new selection is reminiscent of an English garden rose. This light pink rose yields large sprays of quartered blooms, which can transform any floral arrangement. A vigorous grower, ‘Sweet Antique’ produces numerous large, multi-flowered stems with good vase life.

North Creek Nurseries

Alstroemeria ‘Tangerine Tango’
An absolutely vibrant array of tangerine-colored flowers blanket sturdy, upright stems from spring through late fall. Creamy yellow throat and deep speckling accentuate flowers. ‘Tangerine Tango’is proving to be a tremendous cut flower and garden performer as it puts on quite a show in well-drained, humus-rich soil under full sunlight. Grows to 30 inches. Zones 6-9.

Baptisia ‘Midnite Prairieblues’
Features an elegant, vase-shaped habit and a profusion of deep violet-blue flowers on 24″ racemes. Secondary stems extend the bloom season to 3-4 weeks! Primary stems are strongly erect and hold the inflorescences well above the fine textured foliage. Vivid, pea-like flowers produce a striking vertical accent for seasonal arrangements. Zones 4-9.

Echinacea purpurea ‘Milkshake’
Gorgeous, double white pompon blooms are touched with a caramel-orange eye and last from June into September, with color persisting as the season progresses. The sturdy, well-branched stems grow 30-36 inches, and hold between 10-15 blooms creating a wonderful addition to the mid-border or summer centerpiece, ‘Milkshake’ lasts up to 8 weeks as a fresh cut flower. Zones 5-9.

Helianthus × multiflorus ‘Sunshine Daydream’
Reaching nearly 2½ inches in diameter, vivid yellow pincushion flowers sit atop sturdy, dark green foliage and stems, creating an upright habit. Fully rounded, dahlia-like blooms gently re-curve toward the stem as it follows the sun across the summer sky. A stunning burst of color; ‘Sunshine Daydream’ produces an abundance of flowers from summer through autumn while long, leafless stems lend themselves well to seasonal flower arrangements. “…I got you in the morning sunshine…now come on over daydream…” Grateful Dead

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Blues’
Consistent grey-blue, ribbon-like foliage takes on hues of orange and red as the season transitions to autumn. This warm-season grass has sturdy, narrow stems and upright habit. From Jelitto Perennial Seeds, Schizachyrium ‘Prairie Blues’ is an improved selection of one of the most prevalent native grasses in the eastern US and thrives in hot, dry regions. Foliage provides a striking vertical element in decorative arrangements throughout the seasons; feathery seed heads emerge in autumn. Zones 4-8.

Ednie Flower Bulb

Calla ‘Captain Prado’
The vivid color of this Dutch calla is not seen elsewhere. Cut flower growers are using Dutch callas for their taller, stronger stems producing much larger blooms and many more flowers. The short production time and long vase life are additional advantages. Tubers size 18-20 cm will produce about 5-8 stems, 20-30″ tall.

Calla ‘Captain Romance’
The large flowers on these Dutch callas far exceed California calla flowers. Taller and stronger stems make them ideal for cut flowers. Production time is only 6-8 weeks. A must-have for bunches and floral arrangements. Tubers are virus free. Size 18-20 cm tubers grow 20-30″ tall and produce 5-8 stems of flowers.

Calla ‘Captain Safari’
No two flowers are identical in these new Dutch callas. Cut flower producers prefer Dutch over California callas because of the very large flowers on tall, strong stems and long vase life. Additionally, rooting and growing time is quicker. An 18-20 cm tuber will produce 4-8 stems, 20-30″ tall.

Gladiolus ‘Dynamite’
This new variety is a must-have for cut flower production. The antique plum color, complemented by the yellow, will look eye-catching in a vase or arrangement. Plant height is 55-65″ and production time is 80-85 days.

Gladiolus ‘Pink Event’
Note that the petals are less recurved and more showy on this new bicolor pink variety. The deep pink blush accents each petal. Production time is 75-80 days and total plant height is 45-55″ tall.