The Midwest Regional Meeting in Wooster, Ohio on August 8 is going to be a great learning opportunity for anyone able to attend. The tentative list of topics is very interesting. We always attend meetings, both regional and national, with anticipations of getting questions answered and refilling our ‘idea box’. I thought that I would help get you started by putting some things into your ‘idea box’. With that in mind, I have come up with some ‘lists’ to help us make some of those decisions.

Money-making crops:
1. Celosia 
2. Delphinium ‘Blue Guardian’
3. Dahlias from Swan Island
4. Peonies (especially early ones raised in the hoophouse)
5. Lisianthus (‘Mariachi’, ‘ABC 3-4 Purple’)
6. Stock
7. Sunflower
8. Tuberose
9. Hydrangea
10. Woodies and grasses, once they are established.

Our favorites to use in bouquets:
1. Lily
2. Hydrangea
3. Peony
4. Delphinium
5. Celosia
6. Lisianthus
7. Sunflower
8. Tuberose
9. Eucalyptus saligna
10. The Unique (grasses, flax, pussy and curly willows, pods, bupleurum, looseneck goosestrife, cosmos for foliage, amaranthus, green wheat, and hairy balls.)

Easiest crops to raise:
1. Sunflower (direct sown)
2. Zinnia (direct sown)
3. Peony
4. Celosia grown in the hoophouse.
5. Dianthus (‘Amazon Neon’ and Sweet series)
6. Amaranthus (direct sown)
7.  Grains (direct sown) 
8. Tuberose
9. Dahlias from Swan Island (with the exception of digging and dividing in the fall)
10. The Unique (grasses, flax, pussy and curly willows, pods, looseneck, goosestrife, cosmos for foliage, amaranthus, green wheat, and hairy balls.)

Favorite flowers of the customers at the Des Moines Farmer’s Market: 
1. Lily
2. Peony
3. Celosia
4. Dahlia
5. Hydrangea
6. Lisianthus
7. Sunflower
8. Campanula 
9. Star of Bethlehem & tuberose
10. The Unique (grasses, willows, bells, bupleurum, amaranthus, eucalyptus and hairy balls.)

Florist favorites:
1. Delphinium ‘Blue Guardian’
2. Tissue culture sinuata statice
3. Lily
4. Lisianthus
5. Celosia
6. Eucalyptus
7. Allium
8. Campanula
9. Sunflower
10. The Unique (grasses, grains, pods, looseneck goosestrife,   and hairy balls.)

1. Figure out ‘props’ to compensate for bending.
 (e.g. Pottiputki).
2. Try to enlist God’s help in controlling the weather.
3. Be smarter than your problems, or blame the employees or your spouse.
4. In a small community, a real bouquet will trump any written advertisement.
5. Don’t be afraid to spend money to make money, but use common sense.
6. Get email addresses of your customers and contact them with new or special items or services.
7. Go the extra mile to resolve customer problems. The customer is always right!
8. Keep accurate records.
9. Take time to attend ASCFG events! You will be richly rewarded.
10. Take time to ‘smell the roses’.

And the most important tip – have a great year. You are raising happiness and goodwill. Appreciate the good things in life.

Quinton Tschetter

Tschetter's Flowers

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