I would like to personally thank all of you who attended the National Conference in Tulsa this past November.

It would not have been a fraction of the Conference it was without you there to participate. I hope every one of you had a great time, learned something new, and is happy you attended. I certainly appreciate all of you being there, and was just sorry I couldn’t visit with everyone. And to all of the speakers, a heartfelt thanks for being there to give excellent presentations. Our national conferences would not be the caliber they are without our speakers and their willingness to share information.  Thank you so much for that.

We tried to do something different this year with the meeting, beginning with having it in November after almost everyone had had a freeze. The second thing we tried to do was shorten the length so you wouldn’t have too many nights of hotel bills, and wouldn’t be gone from your farm for too long. In doing that, we had to cut some things out because we just didn’t have the time, like the flower design competition.

I would love to know how you, the members, feel about these changes as a whole. It’s very important to us as the next conference is already being planned and for future conferences as well. Whether you start a Bulletin Board thread about conferences or email your Regional Director, let us know what you want to keep, what you don’t, and your general feelings about the conferences. It’s the only way we can make them better.

Thanks again for attending the conference in Tulsa. We are glad you were here and hope to see you this year in Reston, Virginia.