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King’s Mums

‘Annie Girl’
This lovely pinkish purple decorative was discovered in 1996 in a New Jersey back yard and was just recently made available for the commercial trade. Height is about 4 feet. While it can be grown either as a single stem disbud or as a spray, it is most impressive as a disbud. Each plant can be pinched to produce 5-7 single stems. Blooming time is mid-October.

‘Don’t Start’
This beautiful light pink UK import gets its name from the British exclamation, “Don’t Start!”.  Height is about 4 feet. ‘Don’t Start’ can be grown as a single stem disbud or spray, but again, it shows off most nicely as a single stem. Blooming time is November 1st.

Bright orange ray flowers and a yellow disk make this anemone mum an attractive cut flower or potted plant. Height is about 3 feet grown as a spray, but B-Nine will keep it to pot plant size if you’d prefer. When grown as a cut flower, pinching at the end of June will yield multiple sprays.  Blooming time is mid-October.

‘Hedin’s Sun’
An interesting spoon developed in sunny southern California by long-time customer Ron Hedin. The blossom has bright orange rays becoming yellow near the disk. Height is about 3 feet and it is best produced as a disbud. Blooms mid-October.

‘Jefferson Park’
This lustrous light purple incurve is named after an awe-inspiring alpine valley on the north side of Oregon’s Mount Jefferson. Strong erect stems and intense color make this plant an ideal showy cut flower. Height is about 4 feet and blooming time is late October.

‘Primrose Tennis’
A light yellow tennis ball on a stick would be an appropriate description for this early bloomer. Strong upright stems and very long-lasting blooms will make this a great cut flower for florists or farmers’ markets. Height is about 4 feet. Blooming time is late September to early October.

Plants Nouveau

Hydrangea ‘Everlasting™ Revolution’
‘Revolution’ will revolutionize your hydrangea growing. Amazingly strong blooms are held on sturdy stems covered in super thick, latex-looking foliage. The flowers begin baby pink or soft blue and fade to magical color combinations of deep pink, maroon and true blue, adding green highlights as they age over a long period of time. This is the one of the most attractive hydrangeas ever! Pair ‘Revolution’ with lavender or white roses for a magical bridal bouquet. Each plant will produce up to 12 blooming stems the second year.

Hydrangea ‘Everlasting ™ Amethyst’
‘Everlasting Amethyst’ has incredibly sturdy, long-lasting blooms held high on thick, upright stems that begin fuchsia-pink or violet-blue, depending on the acidity of the soil. They age to a reddish pink with lime green markings and last for weeks in a vase, finishing with their final color, lime green, a new favorite of many brides. Pair this gem-colored bloom with dark pinks, white, lime greens and purple for stunning combinations.  Each plant will produce up to 12 blooming stems the second year.

Hydrangea ‘Everlasting™ Ocean’
‘Everlasting Ocean’ is the perfect flower to give to someone who has just welcomed a brand new baby girl into his or her life. Long-lasting, super tough, baby pink, cup-shaped flowers with ruffled edges give the appearance of a bundle of pink umbrellas tied in a bow. The blooms are held high atop sturdy green branches, and as they age, the flowers settle into a darker shade of pink and creamy white, and finally settling into lime green with dark pink edges. Each plant will produce up to 12 blooming stems the second year.

Hypericum ‘Everlasting™ Indian Fall’
Indian Fall is covered in huge clusters of tightly formed fruit making a stunning display in any arrangement. Indian Fall has fruits the color of a fine cognac in a warmed sipping glass. Pair this new variety with yellow or red roses or blue hydrangeas for a show-stopping combination. Each stem produces 10-12 clusters of fruit and provides long-lasting color in any fresh flower display.

Hypericum ‘Everlasting™ Pink Fall’
‘Pink Fall’ has huge clusters of tightly formed pink fruits. The long-lasting berries are a soft, feminine pink and go well with any summer, fall or holiday arrangement. This is the perfect color to pair with white and pink roses for a stunning bridal bouquet. Each stem produces 10-12 clusters of fruit.

Hypericum ‘Everlasting™ White Fall’
‘White Fall’ is the quintessential bridal component. Versatile and easily paired with pinks, purples, white, blues and reds, this new selection will surely please even the most discerning customer.  Huge clusters of long-lasting berries make this an easy addition to any arrangement. Each stem produces 10-12 clusters of fruit.

Zabo Plant

Asiatic Hybrid ‘Antequera’
Talk about new and unique: this is by far the deepest yellow-gold of any of the Asiatics and LA hybrids. It is a must-try as ‘Antequera’ is not just another yellow lily. Several ASCFG members trialed it in 2011 and came back with rave reviews. It has excellent bud count and produces plenty of flowers in the smaller sizes, and it handles the summer heat.

Asiatic Hybrid ‘Tebaldi’
This extremely reliable orange variety also came out of the breeding stable of Vletter den Haan. This seedling was selected about 4-5 years ago as the next best orange hybrid lily. The flower color is very similar to ‘Tresor’ but plants have a much better bud count and finish faster (80 days). It has very good flower bud presentation, great overall balance with flower buds which color up orange before opening. Nice dark and glossy foliage.

Oriental Hybrid ‘Ronaldo’
This is a high-volume producer lily that has nicely-shaped leaves, and large, up-facing flower buds. The stem is very sturdy and not too tall which make this variety very good for winter forcing. ‘Ronaldo’ is a very nice deep pink to red flower. It is worth your trying as it has come through the tests in Holland with high grades.

Oriental Hybrid ‘Pico’

This very nice deep pink, almost red, Oriental lily has great growing characteristics. Many of you might remember this variety from the 2010 Regional Meeting at Longwood Gardens. The flower has a nice cup  shape which stays nice and dainty looking. ‘Pico’ turns a little darker when maturing, but it is an attractive flower for sure. It scored in the top three in the choice awards.

OT Hybrid ‘Candy Club’
‘Candy Club’ is one special bicolor OT that holds it colors well. It has a perfect shape bloom of any lily out there. The bud count is good but they are a bit more side facing. ‘Candy Club’ could be your replacement of that ‘Stargazer’ type variety that your customers are asking for. This is a semi-exclusive variety for Zabo Plant.

Jelitto Seed

Alcea ficifolia ‘Las Vegas’
Jelitto considers hollyhocks one of the most popular, recognizable and easy-to-grow perennials. The decorative fig leaf hollyhock, a hardy Siberian species, is hard to miss. The curvy leaves are very distinctive but ’Las Vegas’ turns heads for a second look. The saucer-shaped parchment-like blossoms shine like the bright colorful lights of Vegas. And there is another payoff. This beauty is a bit shorter than most fig leaf hollyhock strains and the decorative lobed leaves climb all the way up the sturdy stems. Jelitto’s ’Las Vegas’ is longer lived than the typical biennial hollyhocks, and will flower the first year from seed if started early. Also available in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

Clematis integrifolia ‘Blue Ribbons’
‘Blue Ribbons’ is an improved, low-growing seed strain with an abundance of 4.5 cm (1.75”) flowers that are up to 3 times bigger than typical forms. Jelitto’s ‘Blue Ribbons’ remains upright to 40 cm (16”) and doesn’t sprawl like others, though light staking or support of other perennials is still helpful where heavy summer rains or high winds prevail. The nodding, indigo blue flowers, shaped like little parasols, bloom from May through August and are followed by decorative silvery seed heads into early winter. ‘Blue Ribbons’ grows wider and more beautiful every year, and is a wonderful new selection of a long-lived species that deserves wider use.
Lewis longipetala ‘Little Mango’

Lewis longipetala ‘Little Mango’ is an exciting color breakthrough in Jelitto’s successful lewisia series that includes the popular ‘Little Plum’ and ‘Little Peach’. ‘Little Mango’ has an abundance of spring blooms – the color of fleshy mango fruit – on short sturdy stems to 15 cm (6”) with tight rosettes of leathery, lance-shaped leaves. These hybrids re-bloom in the fall (unusual for lewisias), have proved more adaptable to cold, wet winters and are excellent candidates for container production. These beauties do not suffer from rust and leaf crown rot, are first-year flowering and available once again this year in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

Trollius chinensis ‘Morning Sun’
Few perennials rival the elegant globe flower for use in evenly moist soils where summers are not unseasonably hot. ‘Morning Sun’ has very large bowl-shaped yellow-orange blooms and is a more compact version – only half the height – of the popular ‘Yellow Queen’. The prominent nectary-petals are an attractive bonus. ‘Morning Sun’ forms thick, compact clumps with handsome dissected leaves and will flower in early summer. Trollius are beautiful cut flowers too. ‘Morning Sun’, ‘Lemon Supreme’ and ‘New Moon’ are also available in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

Harris Seeds

Sunflower ‘Frilly’
Consider ‘Frilly’ a nice novelty sunflower to help round out your cut flower sales. We were quite taken with its flower form in our trials, with its quilled outer petals and curving inner petals that formed a fine contrasting fringe around the dark pollenless disk. Very attractive on its own or in mixed bouquets, ‘Frilly’ will be a great addition to your cut flower selection! Matures in approximately 60-65 days.

Sunflower ‘Coconut Ice’
‘Coconut Ice’ is a pleasant departure from the standard yellow, orange and gold sunflowers that we’re most accustomed to. It really caught our eye in trials with its wide, creamy white petals that contrast beautifully with the velvety dark brown pollenless disk. This fabulous variety is sure to be hit for both wholesale and retail markets, and will be a nice addition to summer bouquets. Matures in approximately 60-65 days.

American Takii

Snapdragon ‘Chantilly Purple’
The Chantilly series is an open-faced, Group I-II snapdragon, with a longer vase life than other varieties. It is extra early and blooms 110 to 130 days after sowing. An excellent crop for short-day and low-temperature conditions. Stem length is 4 to 4.5 feet/120-140 cm. Purple is the newest addition, bringing the number of colors available in the series to nine.

Callistephus ‘Daylight White Improved’
The Daylight series features vigorous plants that produce a large number of small, single flowers. This spray-type aster is excellent for mixed bouquets. ‘White Improved’ has better stem length, disease resistance and a more vigorous plant than the previous white.

Matthiola ‘Carthago White’
This spectacular stock is a high-double variety that is extra early to flower. Its large blooms on sturdy stems form a full column of brilliant white.


Ageratum ‘Everest Blue’
Outstanding new cut flower offers a unique, true blue color on tall, strong stems. Low-energy crop is suitable for greenhouse and outdoor production. Pinching induces uniform stem and broader plant. Nice addition to mixed bouquets. Height 26 inches, spread 8-10 inches.

Alcea rosea Halo Series (From Thompson & Morgan)
Large 5″ single blooms highlighted with broad contrasting “halo” centers. Spikes fill from top to bottom. Although bred as hollyhock landscape plants, they are definitely worth testing a specialty cut flower for local market. Each color is unique and is sure to brighten any floral arrangement. Colors: apricot, mix, pink, red and white. First year flowering. Height 6 feet.

Celosia Sunday Series
Fragrant, plume-shaped celosia is available for first time as a professional cut flower. Strong stem with long length makes it easy to cut and sell or used in mixed arrangements. They have a short, programmable production time and high yield percentage making them ideal for high-density production. Series are excellent shippers with a long vase life. Height 28-40 inches, spread 5 inches. Colors: bronze, dark pink, orange, red, salmon and wine red. Orange and wine red are a little later to flower.

Lisianthus Mariachi Series
Mariachi has a quadruple flower of proven high quality. The fully double flowers are ideal for mixed or straight bouquets. Optimal plant growth and flower formation during summer make it best suited for field summer production. Colors: blue, carmine, lavender, lime green, pink, pure white and ‘Best Buy’ Mix (GeoSeed’s blended mixture of these best-selling colors).
Marigold Babuda Series
A cut flower marigold that produces 3 to 5” flower heads. Plants feature long stems and strong flower necks. Blooms continuously in the field and is adaptable to a wide range of climates. ‘Deep Gold’ 26-28 inches – short day; 40-48 inches – long day. ‘Gold and Yellow’16-18 inches – short day; 26-28 inches – long day.

Marigold Narai Series
Top quality marigold bred for professional cut flower growers. Fully double 3 to 5” flowers have extra firm petal texture and sturdy necks and stems. Selected for disease tolerance and continuous height yield throughout hot humid growing season. ‘Orange’14-16 inches – short day; 24-26 inches long day. ‘Yellow’ 18-20 inches – short day, 26-28 inches – long day.

Marigold ‘Optiva Orange’
This bright orange marigold has been very successful for cut flower production. It produces large and firm flowers with a long vase life. Flowers con-tinuously in the field and is tolerant to soil-borne diseases such as fusarium. Excellent adaptability to a wide range of climates.Height 26-28 inches – short day, 48-60 inches – long day.
Salvia farinacea ‘Evolution White’
Silvery white panicles are densely packed over vigorous, well-branched plants which thrive in a wide range of climates and exposures. Good half-hardy (Zone 8) subject for summer containers and bedding. Spikes can be cut, dried and used as everlastings in bouquets. Height 16-20 inches, spread 14 inches.

Zinnia ‘Pinca’
Large (up to 6” across), fully double, bright pink cactus flowers. It is free flowering and heat tolerant, making it a choice field-grown cut flower. Height 36 inches, spread 18 inches.


Celosia Sunday Series.
Excellent stem length and strength for professional cut flower production, with a wide range of bright colors. Orange (pictured) is an especially bright and unique color. Film-coated seed. Height is 28-40 inches Comes in six separate colors: bronze, dark pink, orange, red, salmon, and wine red.

Aster Bonita Series (Callistephus chinensis)
Fully double 2-inch pompon flowers, centers color completely. Has similar resistance to fusarium as Sakata’s Matsumoto. Fits easily in program next to Matsumoto: same lighting, crop time one week longer. Flowers remain attractive when aging. Comes in five separate colors and a formula mix: blue, pink, rose, scarlet, white, and mix.

African Marigold Babuda Series.
High adaptability to a wide range of climates. Continuous flowering in the field of firm, well-formed 4-5 inch blooms. Excellent vase life. Height is 2-3 feet. ‘Deep Gold’ (pictured) height to 4 feet. Comes in 3 colors: deep gold, gold, and yellow.

The Freelander® Rose Collection features four unique and different cut flower collections including Antique™, traditional hybrid tea; Pompom™ sprays and Fruitilia® rose hips. All are easy to grow outdoors or in low-tech greenhouses.

The Pompom Collection includes six varieties: ‘Orange Pompom Freelander, ‘Pink Pompom Freelander’, ‘Old Fashioned Pompom Freelander’, ‘Latin Pompom Freelander’, ‘Lemon Pompom Freelander, and ‘Terra Pompom Freelander’. These varieties produce sprays of large, vibrantly colored flowers. Vase life 10-12 days, stem length 12-26”.

The Antique™ Cut Flower Collection includes four varieties: ‘Caramel Antique Freelander, ‘Romantic Antique Freelander’, ‘Spicy Antique Freelander’ and ‘Sweet Antique Freelander’. Flowers are large, multi-stemmed and fragrant. Vase life 8-12 days, stem length 15-24”.

The Traditional Collection includes two varieties: ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘Sunny Magma’. These traditional hybrid tea roses are fragrant and have elegant bud forms. Vase life 12-14 days, stem length 11-20”.

The Fruitilia Collection includes five varieties that produce rose hips in a range of sizes and colors:  ‘Classic Fruitilia’, ‘Big Fruitilia’, ‘Coffee Fruitilia’, ‘Orange Fruitilia’, and ‘Red Fruitilia’. Vase life is 14-28 days, stem length 15-26 inches.