I am still reflecting on the National Conference as I write this, but it’s already time to think about plans for the upcoming season as well as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting. The Conference was jam-packed with great information as well as great growers from all over the country. It was especially nice to connect with others who share the same passion    (and the same obstacles) for growing cut flowers.

In looking forward, what I really want to know now is: what do you want to know, learn, do? What would help you the most in being more successful as a cut flower grower? I had many ideas during the Conference (and my drive home!) that I see a possible need for. For example, the concept of combining orders so that those of us that order some items in small quantities can pool our orders together and take advantage of large order discounts, or offset high minimums, or maybe just try a little of something new. Perhaps this could be part of our Regional Meeting. Another thought was to have a series of panel discussions throughout the day, in which several growers discuss and answer questions on 3-4 pressing issues we all face, or want to know more about.

Then there is the question of when and where to have it… where do our Mid-Atlantic folks want to go and during what month? I am really hoping to do something out-of-the-box this year. So, here’s what I am asking:
What are your most pressing concerns as a cut flower grower?
What are your biggest day-to-day   challenges?
What new (or new to you) cut flower do you want to start growing or grow better?
What skills or procedures would you like to learn?
Do you have any interest in pooling orders for seed, plugs, plants or even supplies? If so, what?
Where and when would be ideal for you to attend a Regional Meeting?
Do you have any out-of-the-box ideas to share for a Regional Meeting?

I am asking any and all of you (whether you are in the Mid-Atlantic Region or not) to shoot me an email and give me your feedback and input. Give me a shout at [email protected] as soon as possible…I look forward to hearing from you all!

Becky Devlin

Roost Flowers & Design

Becky Devlin Roost Flowers & Design [email protected]