What is inspiration? Is it anything more than someone or something that evokes an existing passion or direction that is within yourself?

What is creativity? Is it anything more than a substrate that allows the uniqueness of yourself to be expressed?

What is success? Is it anything more than finding the correct balance of effective work time and time to do fun non-work things?

Inspiration… Creativity… Success…  It is all within you. It may seem dusty, or rusty, or on-again/off-again.  But it is there nonetheless, and it is very important to evoke.

We have designed the Growers’ School in Rhode Island to be just that sort of springboard for you, and your business. Inspiring and focused, as well as practical and chock full of tried and true techniques and varieties that will make fantastic souvenirs. 

Ten (of one hundred) reasons to sign up NOW for the Rhode Island Growers’ School:
1. You’ve had a great year and you want it to happen again.
2. You’ve had a lousy year and you don’t want that to happen again.
3. You need a new technique that will save you time and   increase your profits.
4. You need some help organizing your thoughts as to where your business is headed.
5. You’ve never been to an ASCFG conference or meeting or Growers’ School before.
6. You have been to an ASCFG conference or meeting or Growers’ School before and know how great they are.
7. You want to learn from some of the best growers.
8. You want to hang out with some of the most fun people.
9. You haven’t done any professional development in years   (it’s a business expense, by the way!)
10. You want to thank Joe Schmitt in person for everything you
 have learned from him on the Bulletin Board.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
  — Albert Schweitzer

See you in November! 

Missy Bahret

Old Friends Farm

Missy Bahret Old Friends Farm Amherst, Massachusetts
[email protected]