Hello folks! Writing from misty, muddy Rhode Island here, with ten inches of rain the last two weeks. We lost a little to drowning, but largely the few drying days in between kept us just okay. Extreme weather is a great argument for building your organic matter, that’s for sure. I hope your fields are okay as well, no matter what 2013 brings.

No matter the weather, this time of year brings change. Spring crops slide away, but it seems every week brings on a new perennial or three and the summer annuals are showing their sweet heads. Man, I love flower farming! This has been a great but especially crazy year for us, so here’s a glimpse at our week, just for fun. These are in somewhat random order:

Scrubbed workroom counters and set up hard goods for six weddings.

Met with mother of bride and bride. Repeat.

Delivered a wedding with 73 quart mason jars (and more bottles for cocktail tables), then off to deliver the sparkly white city wedding in the midst of a huge Pride parade.

Cocktail. Repeat.

Harvested everything humanly possible before 4 inches of rain.

Tried to find things in the overpacked cooler.

Set up succulent planters, terrariums and favors for this week.
Planted seeds. Repeat.

Met with Jill Rizzo of the new The Flower Recipe Book about a leading a design class here in August  (if you want to know more, email me).

Wrote bridal proposal. Repeat.

Stared at my impossibly pretty passion flowers opening on the vine, mouth slightly agape.

Made a boutonniere for the grandpa who won’t  make it to his granddaughter’s wedding next week
because he passed away this week.

Harvested everything humanly possible for the weekend farmers’ markets.

Set up the coffee vendor for this November’s ASCFG meeting here in Lil’ Rhody.

Weeded. Repeat.

I left out cleaning and cooking and vehicle repairs and chores and all the fun things that never quite make it on to or off of the “to do” list. How do we do all these sorts of things in June? Because we have the best jobs in the world. Flowers rule.

Plan your trip to Wooster Ohio or Saunderstown, Rhode Island now, before you get too tired.