A new year is always such an exciting thing. Possibilities, opportunities, promises of what’s to come. I’ve always been a glass-half-full kind of person. 2013 brings exciting new things for the ASCFG, with the main one being a change in format for our conferences. Instead of the usual Regional Meetings in spring and National Conference in fall, we are trying smaller events in lieu of both. Each mini-conference has a different “personality” so far and should provide a larger range of dates, locations and topics to choose from than one large conference would. The shorter time frame of each allows us to learn new things and interact with other growers with less time away from the farm. I am excited about the possibility of getting to go to many meetings, hear speakers on a wide range of topics, and spread this out throughout the year. These “refreshers” should prove to be just the recharge I need in both spring and fall!

In the meantime, the planning, lists, spreadsheets and catalogs are in full effect here. Six months ago, we moved to a new house. After relocating and downsizing my farm, I am now taking on my new yard. A little over an acre of full-to-partial shade and I am in heaven! Having moved from the land-of-no-trees (our old house was built in the middle of a former soybean field), these huge oak and pine trees are not only beautiful, but are providing me with a whole new playground. I am trying every type of fern I can get my hands on and hellebores will cover a sloping hill by the time I’m finished. Every type of hydrangea has been added throughout the landscape beds and every perennial that I’ve never been able to grow in hot sun is on my list! I hope you are as excited as ever about your lists and spreadsheets this year, and I hope to see you all at one (or more!) of our meetings.

Becky Devlin

Roost Flowers & Design

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