Our Natural Resources

How many times have you attended a class or conference session on marketing whose take-home message was “Tell your story.”? Whether yours is a version of “I always dreamed of starting my own flower farm.” or “I’m continuing my family’s floral company.” everyone has a unique story behind the evolution of his or her business.

Most everyone loves to hear stories of how businesses get started, and a business that grows cut flowers—who could resist?

Some growers have virtually captive audiences for these stories: farmers’ market customers, retail florist buyers, even members of wedding parties are interested to learn how cut flower farms got started, and how they’re maintained.

The neat thing about sharing your story is that you have the opportunity to not only explain your own journey, but also to share a little about the emotional benefits of flowers and plants in humans’ lives; the difference between your fresh and fragrant flowers, grown a few miles down the road, and commodity flowers, brought in from thousands of miles away; and, to those who seem to have a little more interest than others, that an organization exists to inform and unite growers just like yourself.

Every year the ASCFG welcomes several new members directed to us by current members. No matter the size of our web presence or the number of conference brochures we print and mail, our best resource for sharing the organization’s message is you. It’s gratifying to read “I was talking to one of your members about flower growing and she said the first thing I should do is join the Association.”

The passion all flower growers share for their profession, and that our members seem to share for their organization is infectious. Thank you for sharing this benevolent affliction, and the story of how you contracted it. Let them discover for themselves that once you’ve got it, there’s no cure.