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De Goede Bulb Farms

Eucomis ‘Meguru’
Selected for its strong stems and pure color. Flowers open creamy white, then as flowers age they turn green with a dark center in the florets. This variety will not fade when grown under high temperature, as is the case with pink and purple selections. Expect to pick 18-24” flowers with 2” green top bracts. Flowers stalks are green.

Eucomis ‘Tugela Gem’
This is a true gem of a flower with very strong flower stems and a rich gradient of flower colors on the same stem. We prefer to pick flowers when they are fully open to have rich color and strong stems. This variety can be grown outdoors even in wind-prone areas. Expect to pick 18-24” flowers with 3” light bronze top bracts. Flower stalks are deep bronze.

Eucomis ‘Tugela Jewel’
From thousands of seedling this is the first time we have seen a flower color with so much red pigment. The flowers open light pink then deepen with age to a rich rosy red. This is a truly unique color combination. We prefer to pick this flower late to get the richer colors and good stem strength. Expect to pick 18-24” flowers with 3” reddish bronze top bracts. Flower stalks are reddish purple.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Orlaya ‘White Finch’
2½ – 3½” pure white flowers with an intricate, lacy pattern. Full, well-branched plants with strong, upright stems are easy to grow. The clusters of star-shaped, green seed pods also make a unique bouquet addition. Long bloom time—summer to fall.

Basil ‘Aromatto’
The tallest cut flower basil in our trials, ‘Aromatto’ has sturdy, purple stems, dark purple flower bracts, and purple-green bicolor foliage. Use as a filler or accent flower. Foliage has serrated edges that are varying shades of purple to green. Organic seed.

Yarrow Colorado Mix
Classic mix, now available as organic seed. Great combination of desert canyon colors. 2-4”, flat-topped flower heads in shades of red, rust, beige, rose, yellow, apricot, and white on 24” stems. Compact, upright habit.

Celosia ‘Red Flame’
Vibrant, dark red flowers with burgundy stems and foliage. Long, up to 31”, multiple stems support long-blooming, 2-4” flowers. Organic seed.

Celosia ‘Eternity Improved’
Vibrant color was a clear standout in our trials. Prolific, 3-5” long spiked, scarlet plumes on 14-26” stems. Radiant color holds well as both a fresh or dried cut. Long-blooming with multiple stems. Pairs well with ‘Sylphid’ celosia.

Rudbeckia ‘Cherokee Sunset’
Large double flowers in a mix of rich, sought-after colors. 4-5” blooms of orange, yellow, bronze, and brown are produced all summer long. Productive, heat- tolerant, and low-maintenance cut flower. AAS winner.

Rudbeckia ‘Chim Chiminee’
Whimsical blooms shaped like the broom of a chimney sweep’s brush in a range of rich colors. The world’s first quilled rudbeckia is heat tolerant and the multi-branching plants are excellent for cutting. Four- to six-inch blooms in shades of yellow, brown, and gold.


Amaranthus ‘Pony Tails’
Long, pendulous tassels of pearly red sway gently in summer breezes. Exotic flower ropes are perfect for adding interest to cut arrangements fresh or dried. Ideal as a field-grown specialty cut flower. Mature height approximately 36”.

Flowering Cabbage ‘Surga no Hatsuhi’
Its tall, upright habit and compact flower head make it a nice addition to cut flower bouquets. Central light pink zone deepens to rose under cooler temperatures. Bright, creamy ring around the center is surrounded by dark green leaves. Growers can determine flower size by adjusting plant spacing. Mature height approximately 28-32”. (Note: late, heavy feeding may dull foliage color).

Campanula Champion Pro Series
High-yielding series producing slightly smaller flower heads than ‘Champion’ but more blooms per stem for better color impact. Its smaller-sized flowers, firmer flower petals and thinner, flexible stems weigh less, making for easier transport.  Valuable filler material that is striking when combined with other mixed arrangements or stunning as a single bouquet.  Mature height approximately 24-36”.  Colors include Deep Blue, Lavender, Light Pink, Pink, White and Mix.

Cosmos Fizzy Series
Large, semi-double flowers are centered with yellow around ruffled petals. Tall plants with fine, ferny foliage bloom throughout the summer and make an ideal addition for cut flower work. Mature height approximately 36”. Colors include ‘Rose Picotee’ (white with a deep rose edge) and Formula Mix (includes Pink, Deep Rose Pink, Rose Picotee, and White.

Delphinium Energy Series
Unique spray-type habit with large, well-opened flowers. Plants are very uniform in both growth habit and color. Very little stem breakage. Classy colors for  specialty cut flower work. Plant height is approximately 30” from fall sowing and 16” from spring sowing.  Colors include Blue, dark blue with no hint of reddish undertones; Pink, light clear pink with no hint of bluish undertones; Mix, blue and pink.

Delphinium Fashion Series
Plants display excellent branching while maintaing a balanced shape for cut flower arrangements. Performs well as a spring crop from fall plantings. Plant height approximately 30” from fall sowing and 20” from spring sowing. Fashionable colors include Blue, dark pure blue; Lavender, clear lavender; Marina, mid-blue flowers without reddish tinge; Sky, clear sky blue; Mix includes all ‘Fashion’ colors.

Delphinium  ‘Totty Tall Sky’
Pale, sky blue flowers make a great filler for tying other blues together in arrangements.  Stems are extra long and strong. Plant height is approximately 32” from fall sowing and 24” from spring sowing.

Sweet William Sangora Mixture
Very floriferous plants in a wide color range of lacy flowers, many with intricate markings.  Excellent choice for cut flower work. Blooms in spring after overwintering. Mature height approximately 20 inches.

Lisianthus ‘Croma Lavender (IV)’
Elegant, highly double rose-form flowers of glowing lavender are a nice complement to a wide range of colors. Produces many flowers per stem. The thick petals and sturdy stems  make it easy to handle and transport. Outstanding quality for professional cut flower growers. Mature height approximately 40 inches.

Lisianthus ‘Falda Salmon (II)
Gorgeous, uniquely fringed, single salmon flowers. Great choice for making voluminous cut flower bouquets. Thick petals and sturdy stems make for easy shipping. Mature height approximately 40 inches.

Lisianthus Soiree Series
Early to medium type displaying large, (3″) fully double flowers with fringed petals. The long and strong stems offer a high percentage of undamaged buds and shoots. Saves labor and adapts to a wide range of crop regimes. Professional cut flower for shipping, greenhouse and open culture for local market. Plant height approximately 32” from fall sowing and 24” from spring sowing.  Colors include Pink Flash, elegant pink-flashed pattern; White, pure white.

Sweet pea Spencer Ripple Mix
Unique blend of  striped, mottled, veined and flecked  bicolored petals. Ruffled blooms are very fragrant. Great novelty cut flower for production of mixed bouquets. Vines to six feet.

Stock ‘Venus Pink’
This spray-type stock is an excellent cut flower with strong, straight stems and small leaves. Its full blooming, dense spikes of deep pink flowers are fragrant and make an excellent choice in flower arrangements and single bouquets. Doubles are selectable on cotyledonary leaf. Mature height approximately 30 inches.

Poppy ‘Bridal Silk’
Glistening, pure white petals are accented with yellow anthers at center. First separate color selection in field-grown poppies. Perfect for a direct-sown, field-grown cut. The silky petals  are a welcomed color choice for all—white or mixed bouquets. Mature height approximately 20 inches.

Poppy ‘Falling in Love’
Semi-double and fully double blooms in many shades of red, salmon, pink, coral and white in bicolors and picotees. Very floriferous producing three-inch silky blooms. Can be field grown for a cheery addition to cut flower bouquets. Mature height approximately 30 inches.

Marigold ‘Garland Orange’
Garland-type marigold used to make garlands and for many ceremonies and festivals. It delivers continuous flowering for big crops of large (4”) deep orange blooms with fluted petals. Long stems are strong and somewhat flexible, bending outward at an angle from central stems. Easy to grow and adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions.  Appproximate plant height is 28-24” under short days and 48-60” under long days.

Venidium fastuosum (Cape daisy) ‘Orange Prince’
A longstanding variety with silky foliage and large, bright orange flowers with black central rings. Tolerates heat and drought making it useful as a cheery summer cut flower. Mature height is approximately 32 inches.

Calla ‘Santa’
A classic bridal cut flower. First time in commerce from seed, offering a clean, disease-free start. Flowers of the purest soft white are shaped like a spouted vase with a single golden anther inside. Long-lasting petals have a thick waxy texture. Glistening, dark green foliage and sturdy stems. Mature height as a cut flower is approximately 24 inches.

Zinnia ‘Pop Art Golden and Red’
A novel, long-lasting cut flower variety. Large, golden yellow blooms are carried on tall stems and are flecked and splashed with bright red markings. Each medium-sized, double bloom is completely unique.  Mature height is approximately 24 inches.


ALCEA Rosea-Hybr. Spotlight Series ’Radiant Rose’
Though, we think we’ve got the latest and the best breeding with the Spotlight Series, we can’t claim to have been there first with our affection for hollyhocks. (The Neanderthals beat us to that. Excavations in Iraq uncovered remains of hollyhocks that were 60,000 years old.) The saucer shaped, radiant pink blooms of ’Radiant Rose’ join the distinguished company of other single colors, among the Spotlight Series, ’Mars Magic’ in red, ’Polarstar’ white, ’Sunshine’ yellow and ’Blacknight’ purple-black. The Spotlight-Series is perennial (not biennial) and will flower during the first season when sown early. Hyper-cleaned JET® rubbed seed improves germination and allows for successful machine sowing.

Salvia pratensis Ballet Series ‘Sky Dance’
The Seven Sages of the 6th century B.C., also known as the Wise Men of Greece, were known for their sage advice. The easy-to-grow, first year flowering meadow clary sage, Salvia pratensis ‘Sky Dance’ is a wise, perennial seed choice. Medium green, wrinkled, oblong-shaped and aromatic leaves produce packed basal rosettes, but that’s not the only buzz. Tones of pale blue-purple seem to ebb and flow through the distinctively hooded flowers from June to August, and continue for up to two months. A late summer to early fall bloom is possible. The softly light blue ‘Sky Dance’ completes the Ballet Series including ‘Rose Rhapsody’, pale pink shades; ‘Swan Lake’, pure white, ‘Sweet Esmeralda’, intensive dark pink; and ‘Twilight Serenade’, blue-violet.

Vernonia noveboracensis ‘White Lightning’
Jelitto welcomes Vernonia ’White Lightning’, a distinct ironweed like no other, with showy clusters of fluffy, pure white blossoms, and consistently grown from seed. Gardeners know the durable New York ironweed and appreciate the towering species for its purple blooms, in late summer and early fall. ’White Lightning’ is the first pure white flowering form among all regularly purple flowering Vernonia species. Native in the United States from New Hampshire to Alabama, the insect and disease resistant species, a great source of bee nectar, is widely adaptable, even in moist soils. The tan to rusty colored seed heads in the middle of autumn are a bonus of ’White Lightning’.

Delphinium ‘Cobalt Dreams’
The Delphinium is one of three new additions to our New Millennium collection. Semi-double blooming plants stand at about 48 inches tall, and bloom June to September depending on where you are growing them.


Sunflower ‘Vincent’
Daylength neutral, better length under short days, more flexibility in programming. Round, overlapping petals form sturdy flower heads that hold up better during transport. An extra ring of petals provides a more attractive, upward-facing flowers. Deep orange color with a green heart.

Lisianthus ‘Mariachi Yellow’, ‘Mariachi Blue’
Extra double, large, camellia-like flowers, two inches in diameter. Thick petals for long-lasting shelf life and easy transportation. Group 2/standard quadruple flower ideal for winter sowing and summer harvest. Plant height is 30-38 inches. ‘Mariachi Blue’ is a vivid blue and a consumer favorite. ‘Yellow’ is a soft buttery yellow which combines well with blue, pink, white, and red flowers.

Aster ‘Bonita’
Pompon type; flower centers completely fill in. Two-inch flower size, similar to ‘Matsumoto’. Flowers are held at a perfect angle for maximum impact. Fusarium resistance similar to Matsumoto, one week longer crop time.

American Takii

Lisianthus ‘Arena III Blue Picotee’
A new color to the Arena series, ‘Blue Picotee’ has good stem length and branching. The picotee edge may become smaller under high heat conditions. The Arena series is less sensitive to short stem length under long-day conditions, is less sensitive to rosetting in plug cultivation, and has very double flowers on strong stems. The colors that make up the series are classified by group, with group I being the earliest to flower, group IV the latest.

Lisianthus ‘Super Magic Pink’
Early flowering, ‘Super Magic Pink’ has bright pink petals that make extra large, double flowers. Pink joins the other 5 colors in the Super Magic series. The series features a top flowering habit with large flowers and high quality stems.

Snapdragon Legend Series
This new series is a Group I-II snapdragon. Legend is ideal for extra-early winter production. Its desirable features include strong stems, dense flower spikes and strong petals. Stem length is 36 to 52 inches/91-132 cm, depending on time of year.

Sunflower ‘Limoncello Summer’
An addition to the outstanding Sunrich series, ‘Limoncello’ has unique bicolor petals that are orange close to the disk and lighten to lemon at the petal tips. The color contrast may differ depending on climate conditions. ‘Sunrich Limoncello’ has a dark disk and is similar in growth habit to ‘Sunrich Orange Summer’.

Sunflower ‘Premier Orange’
With excellent uniformity and vase life, Orange joins Lemon and Light Yellow in the Premier series. Extra early, the series offers a very short crop time of approximately 45 to 50 days to flower from sowing under long-day conditions.

King’s Mums

‘Anastasia Dark Green’
Blooms first week of October. This large deep green spider retains its green color throughout the season without additional shading. With strong straight stems and durable blooms, it works well in arrangements and will be an asset to the show table.  May be grown as a disbud or a spray.  Tall.

‘Feeling Green’
Blooms toward the end of October. A glowing green pompon that gradually fades to a beautiful mint color as it develops into a ball. It is a vigorous grower with many blooms and long laterals making it desirable as a cut flower or fine NCS terminal sprays. Grow as a spray. Tall.

Blooms first week of November. This exotic-looking mum is a unique cut flower with long laterals. It features stunning ribbon-like dark purple petals edged in white with a lime-green center. It performs well either as a disbud or spray for design work. Tall.

Blooms toward the end of October. ‘Saffina’ is a stunning, vibrant quill with a radiant green center. The petals are a fiery orange with yellow tips. It is best grown as a disbud, but is still useful in bouquets and floral arrangements even if it is not disbudded. Tall.

‘Savanna Charlton’
Blooms toward the end of September. This large, light pink, early-blooming disbud will especially delight northern growers who worry about an early frost. It is a fine example of an exhibition type bloom for show or garden display. Best grown as a disbud. Medium height.

‘One Scoop’
A delightful anemone which will make a wonderful, showy addition to your garden or to the show table. It also will work nicely for bouquet work. It can be disbudded for larger flowers or will have multiple blooms per stem for cut flower growers. ‘One Scoop’, which looks like a scoop of ice cream in the middle of a bowl, was graciously made available for our catalog by the breeder, Tony Dorman. Medium height.

Plants Nouveau

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Hokomano’ Everlasting® Noblesse PPAF
Hydrangea Everlasting Noblesse is one of the newest selections from this amazing line of great performers. Crisp, celery green flowers are brightened by white centers with complementary purple eyes. As blooms mature, the white is not as prominent, turning a more saturated green. A strong grower, with remarkable flower power, Noblesse is a lovely choice for a garden setting, while doubling as the perfect cut flower for weddings and other important events.

Echinacea Conefections™ ‘Honeydew’ PPAF
Honeydew is a surprisingly refreshing new color in double coneflowers.  It really stays green and provides a much-needed hip and comforting color to the bright summer garden color palette.  This is one heck of a well-branched plant with super thick, amazingly strong, straight stems in the trials and for that reason, it will makes a lovely cut flower.  The 3” wide blooms make quite a statement in any arrangement.

Callicarpa Magical® Purple PPAF
Clusters of violet-purple fruits adorn each strong, upright stem of this new beautyberry.  The amazing number of fruits in each cluster makes for a strong accent to late summer and fall florals. Plants are super easy to grow and the fruits are larger than Callicarpa dichotoma.

Callicarpa Magical® White PPAF
The numerous, long-lasting pure white fruits of this new beautyberry selection will blend perfectly with late summer golds and purples and the jewel tones of autumn flowers. The strong stems stand upright and do not flop, even though the stems are clothed in massive clusters of fruits. The fruits on this new selection do not gray or fade.

Symphoricarpos doornsbosii
Magical® Melody PPAF
Blueberry-sized, pearly pink fruits on long, well-branched stems make this the perfect cut fruit for late August weddings. Melody is white blushed with pink and will become more pink as the nights get cooler in early fall. Not many fruits come in blushing pink, so if your blushing bride isn’t so pink, but wants a hint of color, this snowberry may be the perfect fit.

Eryngium Magical® Purple Falls PPAF
Huge clusters of rounded, steely-purple, thistlelike blooms cover each stem of this newly bred cut variety. Multiple clusters allow for tall, layered looks or you can divide the stem into smaller pieces for individual rounded clusters for small tabletop arrangements.  Mix these with burgundy, orange and lime green for the perfect fall combo.

Eryngium Magical® Blue Falls PPAF
Each stem is a bouquet with this steel-blue sea holly. The flowers are traditional in shape, but with a nearly iridescent blue collar (bracts) surrounding each bright blue globe. Bracts are softer than normal, so there’s no worry of someone poking herself, which can be a problem with other sea hollies. Pair Blue Falls with creams, pinks and lime green for all summer color or jewel tones for a fall event.

Rose Magical ® Bullet PPAF
Medium sized and numerous, these fire engine red rose hips will add sprays of color to any arrangement.  Each stem has hundreds of long-lasting hips, providing weeks of color for the consumer.  The bright red color of this new rose hip selection will complement both fall and winter bouquets.

Rose Magical® Pearls PPAF
Super shiny orange-red hips are held strongly in sprays containing hundreds of fruits per stem. The small, pearl sized fruits are perfect for fall arrangements and winter weddings. The branches of this robust plant are sturdy and will hold the fruits upright, even though they are loaded from top to bottom.

Rose Magical® Gold PPAF
Perfectly hued for fall bouquets, these small golden orange hips are plentiful and strong.  Each stem is a spray of hundreds of fruits and the sturdy branches hold the fruits upright, providing depth and dimension to floral art. Mix ‘Magical Gold’ with purples, burgundies and other jewel tone-colored flowers and foliage for a stunning display.