The ASCFG Family Continues to Expand with These New Members

Dee Aldrich, The Anna Farm, North Stonington, CT
Dorothy Boles, Lakeside Tree Farm, Ina, IL
Tricia Borneman, Blooming Glen Farm, Perkasie, PA
Meghan Brady, Camden, ME
Flora Brown, Frinkle Pod Farm, Arundel, ME
Kathleen Claar, Lilies and Lavender, Philadelphia, PA
Betany Coffland, Chloris Floral, Petaluma, CA
Margie Cole, Monticello, FL
Susan Currie, Paoli, PA
Jenni Dickenson, Napping Cat Flower Farm, Maryville, TN
Todd Flynn, Ainsworth, NE
Elizabeth Rivera Goldstein, Peace Patch Farm, Port Townsend, WA
Sally Gordon, Dan Vella Flowers, Parma, MI
Leslie Grayson, Royersford, PA
Bailey Hale, Ardelia Farm & Co., Irasburg, VT
Lynda Heise, Brindle Hill Farm, St. Thomas, PA
Grace Hensley, eTilth, Seattle, WA
Sarah Hodges, Toronto, ON
Jane Hudon, Rancho Verde Flowers, Nathrop, CO
Elizabeth Jillson, Cedar Rock Gardens, Gloucester, MA
Bill Johnson, Old Cape Cod Flowers, Stafford Springs, CT
Robin Jordan, Robin’s Flower Pot, Farmington, ME

Anna Keesling, Grayslake, IL
Sandra Lehning, Honeoye Falls, NY
Sarah Lewis, Graysville, TN
Shelley Lovell, Greenville, KY
Nan Matteson, Cincinnati, OH
Kristi Moss Ruggles, Greenup, KY
Gretchen O’Neil, Petals Ink Floral, Austin, TX
Rori Pierpont, New York, NY
Jennifer Pineau, Nature Composed, Rochelle, VA
Adrienne J. Ploss, Hickory Hurst Farm, Mayville, NY
Barbara Pumper, Gullywash Gardens, Belle Plaine, MN
Caryn Rickelman, Chagrin Falls, OH
Rene Rodriguez, Universal Greens, Miami, FL
Erin Scalli, Boston, MA
Rebecca Searfoss, Florence, TX
Tom Seibert, Fred C. Gloeckner & Co., Inc., Marietta, GA
Nichole Skalski, Sebastopol, CA
Robin Van der Schaaf, Flamingo Holland, Inc., Vista, CA
Kelli Walker, Country Bouquets Floral, Mount Vernon, WA
Pressly Williams, Renfrow Farms, Matthews, NC
Kathy Wirtala, Fredericksburg, VA
Joyce R. Young, Joyce’s Jungle, Chatham, MA

Cool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler
Reviewed by Joe Schmitt, Fairfield Flowers
Cool Flowers is the book most of our gardening grandmothers had in them but never got around to writing because…life. What Lisa Ziegler has done in Cool Flowers is to glean those countless bits of gardening wisdom, put them to the test, and serve up the best by the bushel. As extended families scattered generations across the map in recent decades, the link to our grandmothers’ gardens was dissolved. Much of the most interesting, rewarding, and magical aspects of gardening got lost along the way, until all that were left were uninspiring six-packs of dwarfed summer annuals. That’s all fine if what you want to do is line a walkway or underpin a few yews. But most of us want more, much more. We want flowers from early spring to late fall. We want layers and spikes and drifts and clouds of color and texture. We want armloads of blossoms to haul to the house. We want those cottage gardens Miss Marple walks through in St. Mary Mead. We want the grand borders of Downton Abbey… in downtown Akron. Short of having Mr. Carson summon the gardeners from their cottage, I can think of no better way to take the next step toward your dreams than to buy Cool Flowers and spend some long winter evenings in your grandmothers’ garden. It’s a fact-packed short course in advanced ornamental gardening and a reference you’ll utilize for years.

Awards Presented at the 2014 Conference
Two ASCFG members were surprised with well-deserved honors during the banquet at the Delaware conference.
Chris Wien is professor of horticulture at Cornell University. Although cut flowers weren’t his original, or even primary research subjects, he’s known to ASCFG members as the sunflower expert. Chris has contributed to the industry’s cut flower body of knowledge with his research on cut flower daylength, ornamental peppers variety selection, and high tunnel production of several cut flowers species. He is a longtime contributor to The Cut Flower Quarterly, and has participated in the ASCFG’s Cut Flower Seed Trials for several years. Chris’ warm personal touch has made him an effective speaker at several cut flower events through the years. Chris received the Allan M. Armitage Award for Outstanding Leadership, named for one of the co-founders of the ASCFG.

The ASCFG’s Outstanding Service award was presented to Ko Klaver of the Botanical Trading Company, an international horticultural trading company that specializes in the North American market, with a focus on domestically grown plants and bulbs. Ko has served on the ASCFG Board of Directors, co-chaired the 2012 National Conference, and works tirelessly to help connect and inform cut flower growers across the country. His boundless enthusiasm and energy are his trademark. As well as his personalized license plate: Ko Knows.
The ASCFG is grateful for the support of these two floriculture industry leaders, and is proud to honor their contributions.

A Word of Thanks 
To attend any ASCFG Conference always guarantees a great time, but then being presented with the ASCFG Outstanding Service Award was a great honor bestowed on me that I was certainly not expecting. For all these years being involved with ASCFG it has been my focus and determination to teach, coach, and promote the flower-bulb and perennial growing segment of our industry to the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Certainly, the ASCFG is one of the most dynamic and exciting group of flower growers to be a part of. Seeing young ones coming in and our more seasoned growers sharing the knowledge on how to become better cut-flower growers is always gratifying.
I personally want to give thanks to a few folks. First of all, my wife Donna and our four boys, who always stand by me while I am out on travels or working from home, developing crazy ideas like the Lilytopia event from a few years ago; never complaining rather always supportive of my work. Secondly to my mentor, coach, and colleague Ben Kneppers, who hired me on as one of his new young sales reps 25 years ago at Plants International, and has taken the time and effort to help me to become the person who I am in our industry today. A thank you to Dave Dowling for his kind words of introduction at the awards banquet. My thanks go out to the ASCFG board, and Judy and Linda for the honor. I’m looking forward to many more years together in supplying quality specialty cut flowers.
Regards, Ko Klaver