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American Takii

Lisianthus ‘Corelli Delft Blue’
This new addition to the Corelli series is classified as mid to late flowering. Large flowers are uniquely colored and have relatively thick petals. The Corelli series is available in nine colors.

Lisianthus ‘Croma III Red’
Featuring better top blooming and branching with sturdier stems than ‘Arena Red’. ‘Croma Red’ is a late-flowering variety. The Croma series is comprised of ten colors.

Lisianthus ‘Corelli II Lavender’
Lavender has strong petals that have a lovely fringed edge. A mid- to late-flowering variety, a deeper lavender color may happen under cooler conditions.

Lisianthus ‘Jolly III Pink’
‘Jolly Pink’ produces an abundance of blooms and has a very vigorous plant habit. It has strong petals and stems. It is a late-flowering variety.


Tulip ‘French Blend Rose’
This is a stunning blend of large, florist-grade tulips in shades of pink, rose and apricot. Plant these, and next spring you and your clients, friends or neighbors will know the simple pleasure of having a bouquet of home-grown tulips. Often planted for cutting but just as valuable in the landscape.

Tulip Parrot Blend
Parrot tulips make terrific cut flowers. Sensational in the garden, too. Three parrot tulips in apricot, orange, and red. They make interesting and unusual cut flowers. They are also effective in beds and borders.

Daffodil ‘Evan Scent’
This is a blend of four jonquil varieties that complement each other nicely and smell great. The flowers are relatively small, but they are often borne 2-3 per stem.

Tulip ‘Menton’
‘Menton’ is a rich pink with orange highlights that give it a hint of warmth. It looks beautiful on its own and combines easily with any of the other French tulips. Great for cutting, too. Rich pink flowers with orange highlights open on tall stems.

Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. and Ednie Flower Bulb

Calendula officinalis ‘Genesis Maayan’
Dark orange, 2-2 ”double flowers on stems 18-20 inches long. Good vase life. No pinch. Crop time 50-55 days. Height 25 inches, spread 10 inches.

Nigella hispanica ‘African Bride White’
Large, pure white flowers with almost black contrasting pods. Height 3 feet.

‘Delft Blue’

Flowers resemble Delft blue porcelain with blue splashes all over. Height 2½-3 feet.

‘Midnight Dark Blue’
 (not pictured)
Velvety dark blue flowers on deep purple pods. Height 3 feet.

Stock Anytime Series
‘Deep Purple’ (not pictured), ‘Hot Pink’(not pictured),, ‘Lavender’, ‘Red’ (not pictured), ‘White’, ‘Yellow’
Excellent cut flower series which extends the growing season, taking warmer and cooler temperatures. Height 3 feet. About 55% of seeds will be double flowered. Seedlings of what will be single-flowered plants may be selected out to yield nearly all double-flowered plants.

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Apricot Lemonade’
First early-flowering apricot cosmos. Erect, bushy plants. Height 20-28 inches, spread 14 inches.

Helianthus annuus ‘Marley’
Exciting new bicolor, with a unique color combination. Single stem, pollenless, F1 hybrid, with dark disc. A spring, summer, and fall bloomer. Matures 55-65 days. Height 3-5 feet.

Dahlia ‘Fabienne’
Pink, 4½” flowers produced on 40” plants. Bright, ball-shaped flowers are a great addition to summertime market bouquets.

Dahlia ‘Clearview Debbie’
New decorative dahlia variety producing upward-facing white flowers with each petal outlined in soft lavender. 4½” diameter flowers are produced on plants that grow 44” tall.

Dahlia ‘Peaches’
This long-awaited variety has taken over three years of production in Holland to produce the quantity of tubers needed to supply the anticipated demand. The 40” tall plants produce 4½” blooms that may vary slightly from flower to flower. There is no mistaking, this is the peach that customers want. Available exclusively from Ednie/Gloeckner.

Dahlia ‘French Cancan’
A decorative dahlia with flower petals that are soft mango on the upper side, with raspberry on the reverse. As the buds begin to open, the flower center shows the raspberry color. Large 5½” flowers are produced on 40” plants.

Lilium ‘Empress’
This beautiful new double lily introduction performs excellently as a cut flower. Each flower bud will open even till the last bud. Exclusively available through Ednie/Gloeckner.

Lilium ‘Domasco’
This new introduction combines a pure white flower with a slight red brushed line in the middle of the petals. This lily makes very strong plants and does well in outdoor and summer production.

Lilium ‘Hocus Pocus’
This new variety combines three colors on mostly upward-facing flowers. This lily makes very strong plants and does well in outdoor and summe

Lilium ‘Chameleon’
This is a unique new introduction! As the name suggests this lily changes colors: it starts out pure white and turns to pink in 5 different stages! Exclusively available through Ednie/Gloeckner.

Lilium ‘Special News’
This introduction has large flowers with many speckles, and makes a great replacement for ‘Starfighter’ or ‘La Mancha’. This lily makes very strong plants and does well in outdoor and summer production.

Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop’
Almost double the size of the original Scoop scabiosa, ‘Focal Scoop’ is available in seven colors: ‘Hot Pink’, ‘Bicolor Pink’, ‘Dark Purple’, ‘Lilac’, ‘Lavender’, ‘White’ (not pictured), ’Purple Lace’.

Lilium ‘Tourega’
Do you have customers that like Orientals but don’t like the smell? Here is your answer: a pure white Oriental, which has no fragrance!

Craspedia ‘Paintball Globe’
(not pictured), ‘Pop’ (not pictured), and ‘Jumbo’. Three sizes of craspedia, to meet your every need. Flowers dry easily, with stiff stems. Flower heads can be tinted allowing its use in floral work in all color palettes.

Flamingo Holland

Freesia ‘Essence’
If you are looking for the perfect white addition to your cut flower program look no further than ‘Essence’. This stunning new variety has won several awards for its vase performance. With pure white double blooms, ‘Essence’ provides a classic fragrance and elegant cut flower. Height is 18-24”; growing time is approximately 16-17 weeks.

Lilium OT ‘Touchstone’
This beautiful lily has fragrant violet-red/pink flowers and blooms naturally in July and August. With a mature height of 50-55” this plant will be a terrific addition to a bouquet. Lots and lots of blooms! Growing time is approximately 105-115 days.

Freesia ‘Marseille’
‘Marseille’ is a gorgeous cut flower freesia. With its unique double bloom and strong stems, it is a perfect choice for a bouquet. This variety is a winner of the prestigious Goemans Trophy due to its improved fragrance, production, weight, and length over current varieties on the market. ‘Marseille’ produces beautiful, delightfully scented golden-yellow flowers.
Growing time is approximately 16-17 weeks.

Roselily ‘Anouska’
Sure to be a hit is the new Roselily Anouska. With its gorgeous pink and white blooms it is stunning! It is a pollen-free Oriental with large double flower blooms that can easily reach up to 4”. Anouska has a mature height of 28-32”. Growing time is about 100-110 days.

Spring Meadow Nursery 

Forsythia koreana Flying Machine™
Flying Machine® is a very special forsythia with enormous flowers of deep, true golden-yellow that fall from the branches intact, resulting in a doubly dramatic display—the first when it blooms, the second when its fallen blossoms carpet the ground. This large forsythia is ideal for cut stems in spring bouquets. Stems can be forced for early bloom. Flying Machine® forsythia will grow to 5-8’ tall and wide and is hardy in USDA zones 6-8. Deer resistant and shade tolerant.

Syringa Scentara Pura®
A standout in field and container trials, this well-branched, semi-dwarf, compact lilac blooms heavily each spring. The flower buds emerge a mulberry-violet and open to clear jacaranda purple, heavenly scented and perfect for spring bouquets. Developed from low-chill bloodlines for improved warm climate performance and resistant to powdery mildew. Scentara Pura® lilac is extra hardy down to USDA Zone 2, heat tolerant to AHS 8, will reach height/widths of 4 to 6’.

Coprosma repens Wax Wings™ Series
Enjoy color all year long with super glossy Wax Wings™ mirror bush. This New Zealand native is ideal as a colorful foliage addition to any bouquet. The series includes Wax Wings™ Lime, Gold, and Orange, all boasting vibrant foliage, each leaf a swirl of color. Though quite tender, this vigorous shrub makes a nice choice for seasonal color in cold climates and can be brought indoors in winter. Shiny “mirror” like leaves have gorgeous, rich color. 1-3’ tall and 3’ wide, USDA zone 9, AHS 11, deer resistant.


Centaurea cyanus Jazzy Mix
36” spreading 8”. Highly contrasting bright mix of Blue, Lilac, Red, and White. Crested semi-double flowers, many bicolors created by both the central crest and others with contrasting petal edges. Good, easy crop for field-grown cut flower. Produces a ready-made mix for bouquets.

Sunflower ‘Soleil Lemon’
24” spreading 12”, pollen-free branching type. Lovely soft lemon yellow petals surround a green-gold center. Four-inch diameter. Petals are very numerous and overlap in 3-4 layers. Bushy knee-high plants produce numerous flowers in canopy. Very early with a long bloom season.

Flowering cabbage ‘Dream’
About 28” tall in an upright habit with nicely overlapping, compact, round leaves. Center colors very early and remains stable. Suitable as cut flower or bedding plant. Good heat and disease tolerance. Colors: Carmine, Red, White.

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Yellow Garden’
Grows 3 to 4 feet tall with vivid lemon-yellow petals with golden center and a cream yellow band at the base of the petals. January or early February sowings bloom in May. Later sowings bloom in 80-90 days. Good subject for direct-sown field-grown cut flowers or high tunnel for spring crops.

Lilium x formolongo ‘Vega’
Pure white Easter lilies, 3 to 4 feet, seed raised, with F1 hybrid uniformity and vigor. Larger and more numerous flowers, longer stems. Lovely fragrance. Bred for easy handling, short leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers with delayed widening after harvest. For professional cut flower production.

Zinnia Magna Series
36” spreading 12”; Large Dahlia-flowered full double blooms. Rich color range includes special bright green and a deep ruby red. For tall borders and specialty cutflowers in field or high tunnel.

Panicum violaceum ‘Green Drops’
Grows to three feet, a handsome annual grass. Produces large pendulous heads of green seeds which turn reddish purple in fall. Easy growing. For back of the border, large containers, field grown cut flowers, fresh green or dried red.

Lisianthus ‘Queen of Night’
Group 3-4; medium large flower type on 40” stems. Stunning deepest purple flowers with black center and extra thick petals. Makes very little pollen, so long-lasting petals stay clean and tidy. Good for late culture, autumn market.

Pennisetum messiacum
‘Red Bunny Tails’
Bright red spikes with white tips atop numerous, three-foot, stiff stems rising above dense foliar clump. Dries to straw color. Striking landscape plant and worth trying as a specialty cut.

Marigold ‘Coco’
24” at looser spacing, 36” at tight spacing; large vibrant flowers and strong stems. Uniform for earliness, stem length, and full doubleness. Can be grown at tight spacing especially when disbudded. ‘Coco Orange’ is very deep and intense. Crop in 12-15 weeks from sowing. Bred for professional cut flower growers, high tunnel or field grown. Colors: Deep Orange, Gold, Mix, Yellow.

Zabo Plant

Roselily Angela®
A gorgeous pure white. It has a good bud count, and by using a 16-18 size bulb you will have at least 3+ flowers per stem. Nice and tall and takes about 110 days.

Roselily Natalia®
This variety could be described as the double-flowering Sorbonne type. It has that same pink color. Our own Zabo Plant trial greenhouses confirmed that this one is on the right track. One challenge is this variety has a little more side-facing flowers.

Roselily Elena®
The deepest pink variety in the Roselily lineup. It has a great bud count, and by using 14-16 you will produce least 3 flowers per stem. A predictable producer.

Roselily Patricia®
“Elegance at its finest!” is the best description for this new Oriental variety, especially because of its puffy, shiny pink flower buds. All the buds will be staged just right on the main stem which makes it a wonderful presentation of flowers. Size 14-16 will already give you a secured average of 3 blooms. A must-try for you.

Roselily Kendra®
One of the best potential new light pinks in the Roselily® series. It has a very nice blush pink color, shows already in the budding stage. We advise you to go for a 14-16 to have a perfect balance in bud count and volume. Takes 15 weeks to grow.

Roselily Viola®
Viola is one of the nicest full pink varieties in the Roselily series. Especially in the supermarket business this variety is a winner. The consumers like this flower very much because it presents very well. The color is close to a deep gloss pink look. Definitely worth while your trying out.

William Dam Seeds

Flowering kale ‘Flare White’ and ‘Flare Rose’
Add some variation to your fall kale offerings with this open-form variety. The Flares complement our current selection of round and feather types. ‘Flare White’ is a true white with no pink centre. Both can be used green until low temperatures add colour definition.

Poppy ‘Amazing Grey’
This has been in our trials for several years, but we’ve been waiting for seed availability. The smoky blue and purple colours are incredible! As with any Papaver rhoeas, this is a short-term cut flower that needs extra handling to keep it in good condition.

Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’
Looking for a filler like Verbena bonariensis without the shattering petals? Try ‘Fireworks’, which like other gomphrenas also dries beautifully, holding its purple colour.

Scabiosa QIS (Quality In Seed) Series
These new colours of ‘Purple Black’ (dark burgundy flowers with black buds) and ‘Salmon Pink’ (mid-pink) blend beautifully in bouquets of all sizes. The plants are healthy with many long, straight stems over a long picking period.

Onings Holland

Leucojum snowflakes
Although officially in the amaryllis family, growing habit is very similar to daffodils. This tall and strong Leucojum may look like a lily of the valley, but on steroids. This tall and productive variety with lots of white and green bell-shaped flowers is grown by W.F. Leenen. Not scented, but great as a cut flower that blooms along with your late-flowering tulips and fancy daffodils.

Fancy Daffodil Tazetta Whistler®
From all the new Fancy Daffodils we introduced this year, this tazetta narcissus received the most positive response from our customers. The color, scent, and presentation were well received, and is just a little different than most other tazettas. Production is fantastic with good height and performance.

Ranunculus CLONI™
Success PIN416®
Queen of all the Italian ranunculus is CLONI™ Success Hanoi®. What can be better than a perfect ranunculus?! Biancheri Creazioni (Sanremo, Italy) is constantly working to improve their variety mix. This is the first year that Onings Holland will have some of the improved CLONI™ varieties available for the U.S. and Canada. Success PIN416 and PIN422 are to be considered a “Hanoi improvement”.

Fancy Daffodil Yosemite Valley®
This is a slow-growing daffodil, because it needs time to work on that thick stem and large bloom. Slightly scented, but spectacular in growth, uniformity, and presentation. Stems are tall, very thick, and solid above the bulb, making this a perfect cut flower. Grow this along with ‘Replete’, ‘Squaw Valley’, and ‘Deer Valley’ and you will not go wrong.

Ranunculus CLONI™
Pon Pon Fanny®
Pon Pon ranunculus are large, ruffled and unique-looking Italian ranunculus. Pon Pon is a relatively new article and each year Biancheri Creazioni is introducing improved varieties. Besides the best-known CLONI™ Pon Iglo® (white), Pon Pon Hermione® (soft pink) and Pon Pon Aurora® (purple) and Pon Pon Merlino®, we found that Pon Pon Fanny® (dark pink) is very productive, large and stunning in color and presentation.

Peony Pastel Elegance®
This recently introduced beauty is already making quite a buzz in the peony world. The mid-season hybrid produces gorgeous double flowers in a trendy pastel blush, the perfect color for weddings. Because of the very limited availability, roots are quite expensive.

LA Lily American Classic Mix
Based on a very successful “you-pick farm” program in Europe. Offered as a mix of unique colors, the American Classic LxAmiX has 12 varieties, 400 bulbs per crate. The variety mix has been updated and will include more bicolored and unique varieties, including a pollenless, double-flowering LxA called Sundew®, two-toned Heartstrings®, bicolored American Dream® among other trending varieties. All varieties are strong cut flower varieties, but because of different timing, a single planting will produce flowers over a three-week period. Available year round (U.S. only) and can easily be grown for any major holiday depending your setup. Perfect for small growers needing an assortment of colors. No scent, easy to grow, forcing time 8 to 12 weeks.

Oriental lily King Solomon®
Last year, Onings Holland and G.A. Verdegaal partnered, giving Onings insight to the newer line of Oriental lilies coming on the market from G.A. Verdegaal. Included are some improved ‘Stargazer’ and ‘Starfighter’ lookalikes—King Solomon®, Red Eyes®, Veronique®. Some are grown in Chile and New Zealand, which makes it possible to produce gorgeous Oriental lilies for your Mother’s day customers.

Penning freesia Moonlight®
Also last year, Onings and Penning Freesia agreed to help each other to service the Northern American freesia market. One of the varieties that stood out is Moonlight®. We like to call it ‘Crème Supreme’, with its very large double crème flowers and sweet scent.

Penning Freesia Peachy Queen®
Another knockout is Peachy Queen. This really makes an end to all the boring and dull freesia colors. The name says it all, for for a queen, or a demanding bride. Large flowers, in a trendy peach color with great scent. Great producer and with good availability.

Farmer Bailey

Veronica Skyler™ series
Those of us who have tried this veronica have fallen in love with Skyler™. They’re tall, highly productive, fully hardy perennials, and offer several flushes of bloom each season. Unlike some veronicas they do not require vernalization to bloom. Available in pink, blue and white.

Caryopteris Pagoda™ series
A welcome addition for autumn bloom, this caryopteris establishes very quickly, offering an abundance of stems even in its first season. It is a short-day plant that will bloom in September for most growers. Available in blue and blush for 2020.

Sakata Seed

Lisianthus ‘Echo Purple’

Group 1, standard double flower, spray type. New ‘Echo Purple’ is true from late bud to full flower. Joining the seven other colors in the Echo series, Purple matches perfectly with large flowers and strong, sturdy stems. The perfect addition to the world’s first 100% all double, large-flowered lisianthus for cut flower production.

Lisianthus ‘Rosita 3 Pure White’
Group 1, spray double flower. New ‘Rosita 3 Pure White’ is so white! Bright, clean, and crisp, this new color matches the Rosita 3 series perfectly. Offering strong stems and top flowering with thick petals—you can count on easy transport without disease issues. The complete series offer seven stunning colors for any occasion.