Moving Ahead Through 2019

As other contributors have noted in this issue, the ASCFG Board of Directors met in February, leaving Denver with multi-page lists of new projects and potential changes to existing member services.

The first and most obvious is a new design for the ASCFG web site. Many hours were devoted to this change; we hope this platform provides a more appealing portal to members, potential members, and those looking to purchase our locally-grown specialty cut flowers.

Planning grower meetings, including speaker sessions, farm tours, and trade and floral design shows far enough in advance for efficient production and marketing is always challenging; the Board has taken steps to confirm dates and locations sooner than in the past.

Other potential programs are in the works. All these projects will depend on the active participation of every ASCFG member, if they are to work as designed. Please take small steps to help: update your membership information when you renew, be sure your listing at is current, and continue to promote the ASCFG whenever and wherever you can. One of the simplest ways to do this is to share the ASCFG’s short film “Local Flowers, Local Farmers”. It’s easily accessible at YouTube. We’re pretty proud of it.

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