I’ve heard this word in my head countless times this year as I read about people overcoming the multiple challenges 2020 has thrown in their paths. The COVID-19 pandemic’s deaths and business failures; social injustice brought to the forefront; wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters exacerbated by climate change; anxiety as parents worry about children, children worry about parents, and everyone hopes the best for their neighbors—this combination of stressors has not been experienced previously by so many millions.Throughout these months, our members dealt with these obstacles by finding—or creating—new sales outlets, subsidizing their farmers’ market sales with new wholesale accounts, moving from lavish wedding accounts to smaller, more intimate venues. They’re combining forces with other local companies to bring their products to consumers in creative ways. This, often while navigating the new system of home-schooling through Zoom or adding different delivery routes to existing ones.

Inspired by this indefatigability, the ASCFG staff has also adapted to the changes of this new world. We’ve been able to work together, while apart, to bring you three issues of The Cut Flower Quarterly; our social media presence has expanded exponentially; we’ve hosted online sessions like Zoom webinars and Facebook live events (see more on page 74), and we continue to welcome new members from across the country and around the world.

Our goal is to continue to serve you as best as we can, to maintain at least one constant in your lives.

It’s hard to predict what we’ll be talking about in these pages in January of 2021, but can only hope that the world will be a safer, healthier space than it is at the end of 2020.