As this year drags on, I’ve found myself struggling to maintain. I mean really on the most basic level. With all of the things on my plate, sometimes it seems like maybe it would be nice to just throw the plate at the wall…ya know?With farming, as we’ve discussed before, every year is a new journey, a chance to try new things and solve problems. The challenges of 2020 have added a whole new layer to that journey. Now, instead of just managing crews, planting, selling, maintaining, harvesting, and family, we’ve added the layer of maintaining social distances, crew health, family health, job loss, home-schooling, and all the rest. It’s no small feat and we, as a peer group, can help by reaching out and offering support as we have the capacity

For those of you out there who are just starting your flower journey, how are you doing? Are you finding enough support amongst the chaos? How are sales? What could you use to help your journey take shape?

For our more seasoned growers, how are you? What is stable in your farm this year?  Is it the same as it has been in the past? Do you find yourself longing for normalcy, or thriving in the challenge of the “pivot” (I promise not to use that word again, haha)? How are sales—have they shifted? When you think ahead, are you excited, or in a rut?

I’m asking these questions because I genuinely want to know. I need the connection.  I need to know, on a daily basis, that I’m not alone in the abyss of 2020. And I know that I’m not, but some days it just feels as though there is no way through the blackberry bramble that is this season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kinda, on a weird level, enjoying the uncertainty of things. It’s really allowed us to step back and re-evaluate what we have done in the past, and how we can move forward. We’ve taken a long hard look at our business, from angles I didn’t even know existed, and found new niches and exciting paths forward. It’s exhilarating, and exhausting all in the same breath, and there are days that I feel like quitting, sandwiched right between record sales days. It’s days like these that it’s easy to lose sight of the rewards of the job.

So, I’m working on it, and I would encourage you to take the time to do the same if you aren’t already. I caught myself noticing the beauty around me last week. I know that sounds ridiculous for someone who is literally surrounded by beauty every day, but something about seeing the forest for the trees. We had just gone through 5 days of noxious, hazardous air quality, the result of a series of terrifying wildfires that burned over a million acres here in Oregon.

I was standing, wearing my respirator, in the middle of one of our fields and noticed that I could hear birds, for the first time in days. I looked up and saw the colors against the gray and it made me indescribably happy. Like brought me to tears, happy.Have you ever stood in your field and just been overwhelmed by the exhaustive work that you’ve put in? Do you take the time to pat yourself on the back, or just put your head back down and keep going? Either way, I love it.  This time, this year, this world is overwhelming. It’s exhaustive. It’s oppressive and challenging. Times are tough.  But we are resilient. We’ve got the grit it takes to make good things happen. I hope that you know how good you are and how honored I am to be a part of your peer group. Together, we are bringing beauty in a time of great need, and that, in and of itself, is amazing!