As I sit down to write this I’m realizing that my winter is pretty much over and it’s now time to get going on all things summer. The conferences are done for now, my uncompleted winter to-do list is getting buried once again under the spring to-do list, and my greenhouse is filling up with thousands of starts just waiting to be planted out.

I’ve just returned this week from yet another great ASCFG conference and I’m feeling inspired to get this year’s growing season off to a great start. It was so exciting to hear from experts at the other end of the flower industry. So much work goes into developing the cultivars that we all take for granted. I’m now feeling a special connection to some of those working tirelessly to bring us such beauty and I’ll know who to contact when I’m looking for a special trait or color in my favorite cut flower!

It was also super interesting to hear Bailey Hale talk about flowers sourced from around the world. So much breeding and developing work is done overseas and I think as professional growers it’s really important for us to see what quality many of our customers work with on a daily basis. These flowers being shipped in are truly beautiful and were a good benchmark for what we are all producing. You may be able to sell slightly inferior product a time or two but superior quality is what will keep your customers coming back for more!

In early February my husband and I also had the pleasure of getting together with 35 local flower enthusiasts at our Farmer/Florist gathering in Lincoln, Nebraska. There’s just nothing quite like sitting down and talking with others who have a love for all things flower related. We all have so much to learn from each other.

For a little bit of fun this issue here are a few photos for a quick little throwback to our early days.

I hope you all have the best growing season ever!

Jamie Rohda

Harvest Home

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