I could be partial, but I think that Nashville was one of our best meetings yet! It was a combination of things, much like a perfect storm. First and foremost the ASCFG office folks, a.k.a Judy Laushman and Linda Twining, have created a well-oiled meeting machine. When I arrived on the scene, Judy had a team of board members welcoming members and getting them checked in and the merchandise tables were manned by, guess who? More board members. This allowed Judy to tend to all the other details that were coming to life and needing attention.

As I went in to find a seat upstairs in the loft section of this venue barn to drop my bags, I stood up above this amazing room and just took it all in. I caught a glimpse of Linda working with the AV people getting her ASCFG video recording devices setup and the slide show projectors ready to roll for the presentations.

Then members started flooding in, doing exactly what I was doing, stopping and looking up and around and then seeking the best seat in the house, because they all seemed that way. I ventured back downstairs just in time for coffee and food to come out. Delicious. I grabbed a cup and watched. The merchandise tables had members trying on sweatshirts checking for the size to order, and the book table was buzzing with members grabbing the last copies on site.


Then they started, the programs. Be sure and watch each one because they were “dead on” as one first-time attendee told me. That perfect storm I mentioned earlier did really happen.

I believe that it takes three ingredients to succeed: people, process, and product. We have such a strong team of folks guiding the ASCFG and they have succeeded in creating processes that allow this organization to grow and thrive. The product part is the icing on the cake, being an educational organization allows us all to continue to learn and expand our horizons with no end in sight. Don’t miss out next time—register early.