The Floral Heart Project laid COVID-19 memorial tributes in over 100 locations on March 1st

The Floral Heart Project was started in April 2020 by artist Kristina Libby to help people grieve, recognize, and memorialize those we’ve lost to COVID-19. The goal of the project is to bring floral hearts to cities around America and to create living public memorials. Groups like Marked by Covid, along with industry support from 1-800 Flowers and BloomStudios Cut Flowers, helped to grow the project and amplify the efforts.

On March 1st, hundreds of volunteers across the U.S. worked together to place over 100 floral hearts from Maine to California to commemorate a national day of mourning. The laying of hearts included vigils, mayoral proclamations, musical accompaniment, and speeches by families who lost loved ones to COVID.

We thank all the volunteers, but especially the many ASCFG members who decided to get involved including: Jessica Drennon Neese, Mary O’Connor, Elizabeth Sainte, Detra Herrman, Jennifer Fiss, Becca Coleman, Jennifer Wilson, Laura Skidmore, Janice Marks Trent, Lexi Koch, Scott Rusch, Mechel Curtis Wall, and Reid Snyder. My apologies to anyone I inadvertently missed.

Future events will be planned; the ultimate goal is to advocate for a national COVID-19 Memorial Day to mourn those we’ve lost and to help reduce the chance of this happening again.

To learn more about how to get involved, please visit and