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PanAmerican Seed and BloomStudios Cut Flowers

Can Can Carmine Rose Lisianthus
Color Code: 7433c - 215c
BCF, BloomStudios, PAS Kieft 2023
Vase, Seed
07.26.21 Elburn, Mark Widhalm
Job: 307400 Ref#
Mathilda Antique Rose Matthiola
Color Code: 243c
BCF 2023, BloomStudios, PAS KIEFT, #R3891T
Bloom, Seed
05.01.21 Elburn, Mark Widhalm
Job: 21247101

Lisianthus Can Can Carmine Rose
A later-flowering, spray-type lisianthus with a highly filled flower in a deep, rich carmine rose color. Flowers open on top of each stem within a short window, giving a bouquet effect to every stem. Excellent as a focus in grower bunches or to produce volume in your design. New for 2023

Matthiola Mathilda™ Antique Rose

Bred for specific seasonal performance, Mathilda is a spring flowering, Group 2 stock with the most uniform habit and timing in greenhouse production. With its upgraded, programmable production, you’ll get higher yield per square foot and fewer losses. Antique Rose brings a new, highly desirable, designer color to the series. New for 2023.

American Takii

Callistephus ‘Optimo Deep Purple’
Strong fusarium tolerance, large flowers have glossy petals, blooms in 120 to 130 days from sowing, spray type with a height of 37-39 inches/8-9 centimeters, less susceptibility to botrytis

Callistephus Optimo
‘Alpha Light Purple’
Gorgeous mum-shaped flowers are 3.5 to 4 inches/9 to 10 centimeters, and unlike any other aster, strong fusarium tolerance, ready to harvest 120 to 130 days from sowing, spray type with a height of 37-39 inches/8-9 centimeters.

Callistephus ‘Optimo Red’
Bright red, glossy petals form large (3 inch/8 centimeter) flowers, strong fusarium tolerance, blooms in 120 to 130 days from sowing, spray type with a height of 37-39 inches/8-9 centimeters, less susceptibility to botrytis.

Lisianthus ‘F1 Corelli Sugoi I
Light Lavender’
Light Lavender’s petals have the characteristic fringed petals of the Corelli Sugoi series which produces a stable number of petals even under high temperature conditions. Long vase life. Light Lavender is a Type I (Types are categorized as I through IV with I being the earliest to flower and IV the latest).

Lisianthus ‘F1 Corelli Sugoi II White’
A high number of heavily fringed petals form a large, stunning, well-shaped flower, hard stems on standard height plants with good branching. White is a Type II (Types are categorized as I through IV with I being the earliest to flower and IV the latest).

Lisianthus ‘F1 Corelli Sugoi II Light Pink’
Delicately colored pink, fringed petals create an ethereal flower. Stem strength and length are standard as is its branching habit, vigorous growth habit. Light Pink is a Type II

Lisianthus ‘F1 Corelli Sugoi III Yellow’
Highly double, strongly colored fringed petals create a lovely flower. Good flowering uniformity with less sensitivity to tip burning. Stem strength and length are standard as is its branching habit. Yellow is a Type III

Lisianthus ‘F1 Corelli Sugoi III Deep Pink’
Thick petals which are heavily fringed fill an excellently shaped flower. Top flowering with an upper branching habit, Deep Pink is a Type III

Spring Meadow Nursery

Hydrangea paniculata PUFFER FISH™
Fluffy white blooms engulf the entire plant, opening and maturing to pure white. As the blooms age, they turn lime green and, for a bit of surprise, a fresh sprig of white flowers emerges from the tip of the panicle. USDA Zone 3-8 (-40°F/-40°C) Height/width 3-5’.

Hydrangea paniculata LITTLE LIME PUNCH®
Similar to Little Lime® hydrangea with emerging lime-green blooms and useful, compact stature, but it differs as the flowers age to pink. New blooms emerge to give you a festive mix of pink, green, white, and punch-red blooms all on the same plant. USDA Zone 3-8, Part sun, Height/width 3-5’.


Hydrangea macrophylla LET’S DANCE SKY VIEW™
Selected for its ability to conserve old wood buds in challenging weather, and its ability to create new flowers that emerge a beautiful light blue with a green eye before maturing to a full sky blue. USDA Zone 4-9 (-30°F/-34.4°C) Height 2-3; width 2-4.

Hydrangea arborescens
Cloud-like tourmaline-green blooms usher in a new day for smooth hydrangeas. Mophead flowers float above the plant on sturdy stems and dark green foliage sets off the lively green of the blooms. USDA Zone 3–9, Height/width 3.5-5.

Focus on foliage with this fast-growing, easy-care Diervilla. Brings bright and lively color to bouquets with new growth that emerges in tones of orange and red then matures to chartreuse. Yellow flowers pepper the plant all summer long, attracting pollinators. USDA Zone 3-8, Height/width 2-3.


Lisianthus ‘Mariachi Light Pink’
Light Pink is an on-trend addition to the Mariachi series with extra-double, large flowers that resemble camellia flowers. The high-quality quadruple flower has a perfect form for mixed or straight bouquets, ideal for winter sowing and early spring to summer harvest. This series produces excellent rose-shaped flower heads with thick petals for long-lasting shelf life and easy transportation.

Stock ‘Quartet Deep Yellow’
Deep Yellow is a new color in the Quartet series. This vibrant stock has strong stems that support a beautiful spray of sweetly-scented flowers. It’s ideally suited for bouquets and can also be used as a spring bedding plant in some markets.

Lisianthus ‘Voyage 2 First Love’
First Love is part of this beautiful lisianthus series with large, double flowers abundantly filled with lightly-fringed petals. Flower centers turn light pink, making this delicate color irresistible.

Lisianthus ‘Rosanne 2 Clear Green’
Rosanne 2 is a standard double lisianthus with extremely strong flowers. This series has an excellent vase life with thick petals that reduce botrytis issues during transportation.

Onings America Flowerbulbs

Ranunculus Cloni™ Success Confetto®
This is a very productive light pink ranunculus, close to Hanoi and Lady. While Hanoi can be almost white in low light conditions, Confetto will produce a similar color. Very long vase life. And, as with all Cloni® ranunculus, all flowers have the same shape and color.

Ranunculus Elegance™ La Dolce Vita®
Perfect for smaller growers who want all the romantic, pastel ranunculus. Dolce Vita is a variety that produces great flowers, but the variety is not very homogeneous; in other words; it produces different shades of colors, crop ivory white to salmon. It was on Biancheri’s list to be discontinued, but because of the gorgeous shades, kept in production for Onings America. Picture courtesy of Full Keel Farm.

Ranunculus Cloni™ Moderna®
Several new interspecific Cloni™ ranunculus will be introduced by Onings and Biancheri Creazioni in the fall of 2023. First selections have been made and the trials have been spectacular. Besides different type/shapes of flowers, crossings made with regular “Asiatic” ranunculus have shown that this new line is less prone to diseases and can handle warmer spring temperatures much easier.

Ranunculus Cloni™ Moderna® Spider
Love it or hate it, this is one of the many interspecific Cloni™ ranunculus that will be introduced by Onings America/Biancheri Creazioni in the fall of 2023. Very unique shape, resistant to diseases and grows well in warmer climates.

Tulip Jean Pierre®
Tall, single late tulip. Gorgeous and unique velvet red to dark cyclamen color. Large flowers, strong stems with excellent vase life. Named after Mr. and Mrs. Onings.

Narcissus Sweet Paradise®
This is a very heavy double narcissus. Color is close to that of Replete—crème white with light peach center petals. Stems are heavier, flowers fuller, which makes it a better cut flower.

Freesia Strawberry Swirl®
New variety, with very limited supply to test the market. Coloring is very unique. Very nice, but not too heavily scented. Large single flowers. Limited availability in fall 2022.

Lily Double-flowering Belvedere®
A gorgeous, double-flowering, ivory/white LxA hybrid pollen-free lily. No scent, easy, and fast growing, just like any other LxA Hybrid lily. Several other colors will be introduced of crop 2022, available spring 2023. Because of a very limited supply, this variety has been added to our American Classic LxA lily mix along with other double/pollen-free lilies.

Anemone Levante®
Double blooming cut anemone. Available in standard colors like Bianco, Rosso but also in very unique rustic and antique colors. As regular anemone, these bloom in winter and spring along with ranunculus and other spring flowers. Introduction fall 2023.

Walters Gardens

Agastache MEANT TO BEE™ ‘Queen Nectarine’
Members of the MEANT TO BEE™ Collection were selected for their large, full habits, significant landscape presence, and hardiness. Soft peach flowers are held on the mauve calyxes of ‘Queen Nectarine’. Best performance comes in full sun with well-drained soils. From Proven Winners® Perennials.

Echinacea COLOR CODED® ‘One in a Melon’
Melon-colored flowers and matching melon cones. At 5-5½ inches wide these are among the largest flowers in the collection. Petals are held horizontally and overlap for maximum display. The cantaloupe flower color is lighter than ‘Orange You Awesome’ and not a true yellow like ‘Yellow My Darling’. From Proven Winners® Perennials.

Echinacea DOUBLE CODED™ ‘Raspberry Beret’
A complementing series of fully double coneflowers to the single-flowered COLOR CODED® collection. Varieties in this series have prolific floral production seated atop dense rosettes of foliage. ‘Raspberry Beret’ has fully double intense raspberry pink flowers, 4” wide, with ray petals to match. From Proven Winners® Perennials

Allium ‘Bubble Bath’
Soft lavender flower clusters are held on strong stems above a mound of glaucous blue green foliage. Compared with the bulb-type varieties like ‘Globemaster’, this type of allium will have smaller, more numerous flower clusters, bloom in summer instead of spring, and have foliage that stays attractive through fall.

Astilbe ‘Dark Side of the Moon’
Rich deep chocolate burgundy leaves form an incredibly attractive mound of foliage. Dark stems hold raspberry buds that burst forth with rosy purple flowers. This performs best both for growing and flowering in full sun in the north with adequate moisture, but also grows in shade. From Proven Winners® Perennials.

Perovskia ‘Prime Time’
An upgrade to ‘Rocketman’, with earlier bloom and denser flower spikes. Dusky purple calyxes hold blue flowers. The calyxes remain colorful well into fall, giving the plant the impression it is still in bloom after flowering has ended. The upright habit is made of slightly dissected oval leaves for a very full appearance.

Monarda UPSCALE™ ‘Red Velvet’
Taller than most other new introductions on the market, the UPSCALE™ collection averages 2-2 ½’ tall and wide with flowering performance that covers the top half of the plant. ‘Red Velvet’ has large cherry red flowers. Newly emerging foliage has a bronze cast. From Proven Winners® Perennials.

Panicum PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Niagara Falls’
‘Niagara Falls’ is excellent for filling space in the landscape. This native ornamental grass that appears like a miscanthus in the landscape with arching foliage, but adds the powder blue color characteristic of switch grass. In fall, sprays of cream seed heads pack the top of the plant. From Proven Winners® Perennials.

Veronica MAGIC SHOW® ‘Ever After’
‘Ever After’ is among the longest blooming veronicas now available. ‘Ever After’ has lavender blue flower spikes that reach nearly a foot in length, with each spike showing color for many weeks. In peak, flowers cover the top two thirds of the plant. From Proven Winners® Perennials.

Phlox LUMINARY™ ‘Sunset Coral’
Just like the pink and orange hues that light up the sky during a sunset, ‘Sunset Coral’ lights up the landscape. Coral pink flowers have an orange tinge; the orange color is especially noticeable when compared with true pink Phlox paniculata varieties. From Proven Winners® Perennials.


Dahlia ‘Karma Blue Lagoon’
We now offer ‘Blue Lagoon’ in our assortment. Productive flowering plants with bright purple-blue hued flowers. This color brightens up a bouquet or flower display instantly. Moderate sized, decorative-type flowers. Available as unrooted cuttings or liners from your preferred broker.

Dahlia ‘Karma Amora Bright Scarlet’
‘Amora Bright Scarlet’ is a classic, vibrant scarlet-red decorative-type flower. Available as unrooted cuttings or liners from your preferred broker.

Cotyledon orbiculata
Our Cotyledon varieties range from clumping spreading habits to more upright branching plants, all with sculptural thick, fleshy leaves.

Echeveria Devotion®
The most recognized succulent on the market, Devotion is loved for its rosette-shaped plant habit with unique deep red coloring. Velvety-smooth leaves with burgundy red tips that intensify under high light and cool night temperatures. Also check out our Red Velvet® echeveria!

Crassula perforata ‘Variegata’
The Crassula family is a diverse range of species with a variety of habits and colors. With an assorted collection to choose from, crassulas work perfectly to add texture to arrangements. We love the variegated foliage on ‘Variegata’.

Echeveria hybrida ‘Perle von Nurnberg’
The most popular succulents on the market, echeverias offer beautiful symmetrical rosettes in a range of unique foliage colors. Easy to care for and drought resistant. ‘Perle von Nurnberg’ offers beautiful purple-pink foliage.

Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’
Graptosedums are colorful and fast-growing hybrids of Graptopetalum and Sedum species. High light conditions will accentuate the bright golden to red foliage on upright, stemmed rosette habits.


Sedeveria hybrida ‘Jet Beads’
An interesting cross between Sedum and Echeveria, these eye-catching succulents form small, dark colored, fleshy leaves on short, spreading stems.

Sedum adolphii ‘Fire Storm’
Our Sedum varieties range from plants with upright, fleshy leaves to thread-leaf ground covers for a multitude of applications. We love ‘Fire Storm’ for its vibrant yellow-orange foliage.

Farmer Bailey

Helleborus x glandorfensis HGC® ICE N’ ROSES® MERLOT
In contrast to the more available orientalis types, these highly selected hybrid strains approach 24” in height with ease. Merlot is a rich, warm color that will perform well in sun or shade, with a preference for shade in hot summer locales.

Helleborus x glandorfensis HGC® ICE N’ ROSES® WHITE
I love hellebores, and I especially love that we can finally offer you the Helleborus Gold Collection® from Heuger Hellebores of Germany. They are tall, sturdy, and incomparably vigorous. This pure white will start to flower in midwinter and gradually fade to green as spring progresses.

Helleborus x glandorfensis HGC® ICE N’ ROSES® RED
The Helleborus Gold Collection® bulks up quickly, producing several usable stems in their first year and 10-15 stems by their second spring, with even more in successive seasons. This clear red is a dramatic companion to tulips and other spring flowers.

Helleborus x glandorfensis HGC® ICE N’ ROSES® ROSE
Like the others in the series, Rose produces flowers continuously for many weeks, offering a steady supply of cutting material. The best vase life comes from mature flowers that are starting to shed their stamens.

Helleborus x iburgensis HGC® ICE N’ ROSES® ROSETTA
Rosetta is part of the newest wave of ICE N’ ROSES® cultivars, mixing in more heat-tolerant Mediterranean species. Never fear, they are fully cold hardy as well.

Helleborus x iburgensis HGC® ICE N’ ROSES® CARLOTTA
Carlotta has a charming rose picotee with delicate spots, and has outward facing flowers like the rest of the series.

Limonium sinuatum ‘Lucia Pink’
This strain is produced via tissue culture methods to maintain its superior qualities. TC strains have larger flowers, taller and thicker stems, and produce 30-50 stems per plant when well grown. Its delicate blush pink mixes harmoniously in fresh or dried designs.

Veronica longifolia SKYLER™ SPLASH Pink
Ever since we helped to introduce the SKYLER™ series to the US several years ago I have been wishing for even more varieties. At last they are here! The Splash series branches before flowering, producing a spray of several smaller spires rather than one terminal inflorescence. Designers and bouquet makers will love it. Also available in white and blue.

Limonium sinuatum ‘Statice Dino Violet’
Dino Violet is a deep vibrant violet purple that will add a real punch to those early summer bouquets. Statice needs good drainage and a couple weeks below 45F to initiate buds, and then it will flower much of the summer with remarkable productivity.

Ball Seed

Lisianthus ‘Celeb 2 Salmon Pink’
Bred by Sumika, the Celeb 2 series includes huge double blooms, a large flower size, and now a strong fringed Salmon Pink color. New for 2023.

Aster ‘Optimo Deep Purple’
This is a new variety of aster bred by Takii that has large flowers and a high number of petals with a strong and vibrant color. Optimo Deep Purple produces vigorous plants with apical flowering and less basal budding. New for 2023.

Dahlia ‘Café Au Lait Supreme’
A pure white version of Café au Lait with large flowers 10 inches in diameter. The plants have strong stems and longer-lasting flowers than many of the other large whites. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs. New for 2023.

Dahlia ‘Autumn Pumpkin’
Medium-sized dahlia ‘Autumn Pumpkin ‘shows off golden flowers with red brush-marked tips. It is a decorative dahlia type for seasonal color design. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs.

Dahlia ‘Café Au Lait Twist’
Also new is this beautiful peach-and-pink flower version of Café au Lait. It has large flowers 10 inches in diameter. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs. New for 2023.

Dahlia ‘Bocherell’
This dahlia has blooms in iridescent peach with slightly soft yellow centers. They’re decorative type dahlias with flowers 4 inches in diameter. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs.

Dahlia ‘Sweet Sanne’
Sweet ‘Sanne’ has medium-sized, attractive, apricot-salmon flowers. These are very good decorative type cut flowers with 5-inch diameters. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs. New for 2023.

Kale ‘Crane Ruffle F1 Bicolor’
Here is a new fringed leaf type in the Crane series bred by Takii. It features a vigorous plant habit, so growers can easily secure the plant height and stem length. The Bicolor is slightly shorter than the others. New for 2023.

Lily ‘Lucky Angel’
Part of a brand new series of double lilies, ‘Lucky Angel’ has very fat, large buds that open all the way up the stem, even after cutting. Stems grow to 36 inches tall. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs.

Lily ‘Liber Touch’
An exciting new series of pollen-free Oriental lily with large, bright pink flowers and a small white heart. Stems grow up to 40 inches tall. Bred by Ednie Flower Bulbs.

InFlora Cut Flowers

Dahlia Karma Cabernet
Richly colored Karma Cabernet adds another variety in this clean & reliable series from Syngenta Flowers. These virus-indexed cuttings ensure your crop starts clean and you worry less about what can turn up from saved tubers. Cuttings and liners produce quality flowers with a similar crop time, but often more economically than tubers.

Lisianthus Corelli 3 Lavender
Corelli 3 Lavender is a big leap forward in lavender lisianthus. It has longer stem length, better flowering time, richer lavender color, and less sensitivity to botrytis which can be a problem in the lavender color group. The Corelli series is well known for very large,
double, fringed flowers that wow in bouquets; bred by Takii.

Lisianthus Mariachi Light Pink
Mariachi® is an industry standard from Sakata for extra-double, large flowers that are reliable and suitable for field, tunnel or greenhouse production. This new Light Pink brings a clean, rich pastel pink option into this well-known series. Mariachi is group 2 and suitable for early spring to early summer harvest depending on your conditions.

Lisianthus Rosanne 2 Clear Green
Rosanne 2 Clear Green has extremely durable flowers that hold up well post-harvest. The bright green color is a new trendy classic. This new variety from Sakata brings the popular green color and flower form into the Group 2 timing which extends the opportunities for growers to effectively produce quality stems.

Lisianthus Voyage 3 Champagne
Voyage Champagne starts a new Group 3 series from Sakata with fully double, large, ruffled flowers. Consumers love this pastel color as it looks great with just about anything in a bouquet. Having this color and flower form available now in the critical Group 3 for late spring/summer production is an important option for all growers.

Matricaria ‘Campagne Improved’
‘Campagne Improved’ is a beautiful single-flowered Matricaria (feverfew) with a golden yellow center surrounded by brilliant white petals. The stems have good branching, very rich flowering, and beautifully contrasting, dark green leaves of excellent quality. The first new breeding in many years for this type of flower, bred by Evanthia.

Scabiosa ‘Focal Scoop® White Improved’
‘Focal Scoop White Improved’ brings stronger stems, larger flowers, and more uniformity over the original. Focal Scoop is market leading series from Danziger with the largest flower size (3 inches in diameter+), on long, sturdy stems. Great as a focal flower or filler in bouquets.

Sunflower ‘Maximo’TM
Maximo is the newest introduction from Danziger and Agridera’s collaboration with several new and unique varieties. Selected for extremely uniform production and large, consistent flowers, the color is a beautiful golden yellow with dark center. We’ve been very impressed with the performance of this variety in grower trials, and postharvest performance and vase life exceeded our expectations.

Snapdragon ‘Orleans White Improved’
‘Orleans White Improved’ (Group 4) excels in uniformity and produces a high
quantity of saleable stems. Evanthia selected this improvement over the original variety, and it’s great if you are looking for a new option in summer production. The whole Orleans series performs well under the higher temperatures and light intensity in summer months.

Veronica Skyler SplashTM Blue
Skyler SplashTM varieties are the first “Spray Type” Veronica. Each stem can have more than 4 flower spikes at a time which generates volume to fill bouquets. Three varieties are being introduced by Danziger: a nice rich Pink, deep Blue, and clean White. Long vase life of 10-14 days can be expected.