Twenty Years and Counting

In December of 2020, the New York Times’ Tim Herrera wrote an article called “The 20 Phrases That Defined 2020”. It included COVID references that quickly became familiar, like “contact tracing”, “remote learning”, and “super-spreader”.

One description most relevant to the ASCFG was—and is—“essential worker”. While this typically applied to highly visible people like medical personnel or grocery store employees, in our case it perfectly describes the one person most vital to the seamless and continued success of this organization—Operations Director Linda Twining.

This year marks her 20th with the ASCFG, and although it’s commonly said that “No one is irreplaceable.” Linda is irreplaceable. Strike that—she could be replaced, by hiring a bookkeeper; a payroll supervisor; an office manager; a graphic artist; a membership and renewal processing supervisor; a website(s) creator and administrator; a technology overseer; a hiring and training monitor; a promotions and advertising director; and a professional meeting planner.
I could go on—her formal job description is four pages long—but you get the picture.

I have been fortunate to work with Linda as a trusted colleague as we shared conference take-out dinners in hotel luggage closets; met the challenges and enjoyed the bounty of rotating Boards of Directors; and moved the ASCFG forward in an office space the size of one and a half trade show booths. It’s clear that I could not perform my job without her.

Every year she works harder than the year before, and every year the ASCFG is better for her professionalism, commitment, and relentless good cheer.

Each member has benefited from Linda’s dedication to the organization. Please join me in congratulating—and thanking—her for these twenty years. She’s at [email protected]

You’ll brighten her day—and yours.

Judy Laushman

ASCFG Executive Director

Contact her at [email protected]