Volume 21 Number 4 Fall 2009

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From the President
Dave Dowling

Culture Profile  Consider New Stock Options
John Dole

Small Things Considered  The Essentials to Flower Longevity: Best Practices and Good Genetics
Gay Smith

IPM Update  Trap Plants: Can You Hear Them Sucking In the Insects?
Stanton Gill

Cornell-copia  The Importance of Timely Transplanting
Chris Wien

Grower Profile Dorothy Heath Morris, Blooms to Your Door
Megan Bame

Grower Grant Updates
Evaluating Ornamental Plants as Cut Flowers
Larry Johnson
Exploring Low-Tech Possibilities for Heating Hoophouses with Compost
Diane Szukovathy
Use of Gibberellic Acid for Extending Stem Length,
Increasing Stem Count and Cold Substitution in Various Cut Flower Crops
Becky Devlin

Regional Reports
Polly Hutchison
Andrea Gagnon
Quinton Tschetter
South and Central
Josie Crowson
Brenda Smith
Jeriann Sabin


From the Director
Judy M. Laushman

2009 National Conference Photos