Volume 24 Number 4 Fall 2012

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From the President
Polly Hutchison

Saving the Temptress Poppy
Bob Wollam

Cornell-copia – Sunflower Pollination Does Not Influence Vase Life
Chris Wien

Janet’s Gems – The Best-Laid Plans
Janet Foss

Back to Business – Marketing the Power of Flowers to College Students
Heiner Leath

Small Things Considered – The Sun is Our Income
Gay Smith

IPM Update – Still Raising a Stink Over the BMSB
Stanton Gill

Research Updates
Short-day Treatments Under Long-day Conditions for ‘Sunrich Orange’ Sunflower
Longer Vase Life with Lily with Hydrogen Peroxide
Light Quality and Flowering gysophila paniculata
Megan Bame

Grower Profile –  Betsy Webster, Mount Ulla Gardens
Megan Bame

Developing Hydrangea with Yellow Blooms by Chemical Manipulation
Henry C. Schreiber, Corinne M. Lariviere, and Ruthann P. Hodges

Regional Reports
Northeast  Missy Bahret
Mid-Atlantic  Becky Devlin
Southeast  Charles Hendrick
Midwest  Kent Miles
South-Central  Rita Anders
Northwest  Diane Szukovathy
West  Christof Bernau


From the Director
Judy Laushman