Volume 28 Number 4 Fall 2016

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From the President  If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there.
Dave Dowling

A Call to Action
Josie Crowson

Grower Profile  Julio Freitas, The Flower Hat
Jodi Helmer

IPM Update  Dahlias: Beauties Filled with Beasts
Stanton Gill

Small Things Considered  “Change is Good . . . You Go First”
Gay Smith

Cornell-copia  Pinching Sunflowers Produces More Stems—What About Profits?
Chris Wien

Culture Profile  Hypericum androsaemum

Tobacco Rattle Virus Affects Peonies
Andrea R. Garfinkel and Gary A. Chastagner

Cultural and Fungicide Control Options to Manage Botrytis
Joanne Lutz

Where Do You Buy Your Flowers?

Regional Reports
Diana Doll
Lisa Ziegler
Tanis Clifton
North and Central
Mimo Davis Duschack
South and Central 
Rita Anders
West and Northwest
Lennie Larkin


From the Director
Judy Laushman