Volume 18 Number 2 Spring 2006

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Letter from the President
Dave Dowling

Florists’ Botanicals – More than Just “Greens” 
Robert H. Stamps

Culture Profile Gomphocarpus physocarpus and Gomphocarpus fruticosus 
Lane Greer, Mark Fishbein, and Bob Wollam

Integrated Pest Management Cabbage stems? This is Ornamental?
Stanton Gill

Grower Profile  Climbing out of the Trash Pile Shirley Randon of White Oaks Farm, Folsam, Louisiana and Terri Doyle of Specialty Cut Flowers, Picayune, Mississippi
Megan Bame

Research Updates
Understanding Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Botrytis Suppression in Freesia hybrida
Nitrogen Form and Quantity Affect Postharvest Quality of Ranunculus
Calcium Sulfate Affects Botrytis Severity and Vase Life of Roses
Megan Bame

Flower Power – Beware of Pipsqueak Floral Departments
Ron Pelger

Postharvest Update  News from the PRO Institute
Gay Smith

Regional Reports
Chas Gill
Joseph Caputi
Leah Cook
Vicki Stamback
Pat Zweifel
Suzy Neessen
Brenda Smith


Industry News

Guest Editorial  Flower and Nose Candy
John Friel

Letter from Oberlin
Judy Laushman

Cut Flowers in America  Trends in Domestic production and imports.
Shelley Urban

Back to Basics  Bogged Down? Grow Cut Flowers
Bill Preston and Glenn Dale