Volume 24 Number 2 Spring 2012

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From the President
Polly Hutchison

Cornell-copia – Evaluation of Field-grown Cut Chrysanthemum Flowers
Mark Bridgen

Janet’s Gems – Coral Bells
Janet Foss

Back to Business – Ten Things You Should Know About Farm Taxes
Joseph Finora Jr.

Small Things Considered – The Advent of the “Craft” Grower
Gay Smith

IPM Update – Scale Insects of Woody Plants
Stanton Gill

Research Updates
Using 1-MCP Nanosponges to Control Botrytis
Reusing Peat in Crate-grown Lilies
Anther Responsible for Flower Bud Abscission in Asiatic Lily
Megan Bame

Grower Profile – Marion Baker, Duchess of Gloucester Flowers  Goucester, Virginia
Megan Bame

Postharvest Treatment of Gardenia
Iftikhar Ahmad, Alicain S. Carlson and John M. Dole

Regional Reports
Northeast  Missy Bahret
Mid-Atlantic  Becky Devlin
Southeast  Charles Hendrick
Midwest  Kent Miles
South-Central  Rita Anders
Northwest  Diane Szukovathy
West  Christof Bernau


From the Director
Judy Laushman