Volume 26 Number 3 Summer 2014

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From the President – Lessons Learned at Phil’s Bar-B-Que
Frank Arnosky

Local Flowers – A National Perspective
Gay Smith

Grower Profile – Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers
Megan Bame

Research Updates
Narcissus Vase Life Improved with Essential Oil Preservative
Factors Influencing Opening of Cut Iris
Cut Flower Potential of Ptilotus nobilis
Megan Bame

Cornell-copia – Overwintering Snapdragons in the High Tunnel
Chris Wien

Natural Ventilation in Greenhouses
John W. Bartok, Jr.

Found Money
Dan Kuipers

Regional Reports
Northeast  Diana Doll
Mid-Atlantic  Jennie Love
Southeast  Tanis Clifton
North and Central  Kent Miles
South and Central  Rita Anders
West and Northwest  Paula Rice

What’s New with the ASCFG?

From the Director – Our Natural Resources
Judy M. Laushman